Top 10 Surprise Wedding Singers

Wedding singers are part of many marriage celebrations. Usually it’s a solo artist or group who entertains the guests from the stage and there’s much dancing by both the happy couple and those who have joined them.
Occasionally however there are wedding singers who are little more unusual – or in some instances, quite a surprise!

1. The arrival of a very cool wedding singer

After tragedy hit the lives of Kya and Matt, they cancelled their wedding plans and were unable to afford to rearrange everything. When invited to talk about their sad situation however they were overwhelmed when they heard that a luxury wedding and celebration had been arranged for them as a surprise. What happened at the reception though was to be even more amazing than they could have dreamed.

2. Make a never know

To make their dream day perfect, Ariel and Ryan posted a video saying they’d love to invite Back Street Boys to their wedding. A representative from the record company arrived to make the announcement that the boys had heard about their kind gesture but were unable to make it. Instead, they sent a personal message to wish them happiness but the couple asked why not every band members name was included...

3. When the wedding singer is none other than the bride

This groom thought he was going to be dancing with his bride to the wonderful tones of their wedding singer. Little did he know that he was to be asked to take center stage to not perform the first dance – but to hear the pure voice of someone very different.

4. She certainly looks wonderful tonight

As the father of the bride stands to give his speech, he gives an emotional and joyous performance which leaves the guests – and daughter Nikki – in tears of love and surprise. A wondrous gesture from a doting parent.

5. Lea Salonga Surprises Bride

At her wedding, the bride's father prepared an unforgettable surprise for his daughter that they will cherish for years to come. Kaitlyn, who has been a die-hard Disney enthusiast since childhood, has a deep fondness for the songs "A Whole New World" from Aladdin and "Reflection" from Mulan. Wanting to make her special day even more memorable, her father arranged for Lea Salonga, the original singing voice behind Jasmine in Aladdin, to perform "A Whole New World" during their Father-Daughter dance! It was an incredibly surreal experience that will be etched in their memories forever!

6. English bride enjoys surprise

Prepare to be astounded as Ronan Keating, a celebrated artist, surprises a bride on her wedding day. This unforgettable moment, filled with shock, joy, and heartwarming melodies, truly transforms the special day into a magical one.

7. A Million Love Songs

Every wedding singer has a repertoire they enjoy performing at marriage celebrations. One very special singer arrived to join the reception of Chelsee and Dean and for the bride it was a particular surprise as it wasn’t who she was expecting to be serenading them.

8. It could be Michael Buble in the room

On their first date, Amanda played some tracks from a mix of songs on a CD she had created to her new beau Michael. When the Leonard Cohen track “I’m Your Man” sung by Michael Buble started she joking said that when they got married he should sing it to her. Little did she know then that love would blossom so much they would wed. At the reception she didn’t realise her husband had something to ‘say’ to her after her speech.

9. Mother of the Bride Shocks Guests with Singing Waiters

Out of the blue, a server orchestrates a dramatic fall near the head table, leaving everyone taken aback. But rest assured, this surprising incident is nothing but a cleverly orchestrated part of the spectacle!

10. When a video becomes real life

Martin and Sharis had already enjoyed the day of their life when they wed in a wondrous setting. Little did they know what was in store for them however when they started to dance to the Maroon 5 track – Sugar and how their own joining together as man and wife would become part of music video history.
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