Top 10 Thanksgiving Proposals

Thanksgiving is a time for all the family to gather to give their appreciation for the fruits of the harvest of the year. It's a day of love and warmth and a time for showing just how much loved ones mean. On the 26th of November this year, tables will fill with turkey and eyes of children will widen with the wonder of the beautiful meal which awaits.
For some however it will be a day they will never forget as they hear those magical words 'will you marry me?' In the past, many couples have become engaged on the historic occasion of Thanksgiving and here are the top 10 proposals to melt the heart.

1. Tears of joy

Being thankful is part of the historic traditions of this special day and this family were no different when they shared their thoughts on the reasons they felt blessed. Whilst everyone else holding hands knew what was to come, Annie had no idea.

2. Carried to her destiny

Twinkling lights and beautiful candles surround Randee as Thomas carries her to a stunning viewpoint. Little does she know that the decorated area had been created just for her and they share some precious, tranquil moments of Thanksgiving together.

3. Love is an open door

Family entertainment is the perfect way to have a great time over Thanksgiving. This couple had obviously rehearsed their lip sync show for quite a while before performing to onlookers. However, what happened in the performance was rather unexpected.

4. Gathering to watch the big film

After a hearty meal, many families settle down to watch a film and Melissa thought that she was going to be spending her evening relaxing amongst those she loved. Little did she know that a unique video was to be played to her rather than the latest blockbuster.

5. Good fortune for a loving couple

Homemade fortune cookies were distributed amongst the family following their meal to find out exactly what life had in store. For one person in particular, the message was particularly personal and gave a strong indication of her future.

6. First Thanksgiving nerves

Hosting their first Thanksgiving as a couple was nerve-racking enough for Chris, but when he stood to thank all those who had joined girlfriend Heather and him for the day, he knew he was going to make a speech that would change his life forever.

7. Much more than a charade

More after dinner games for this family who settled down for some fun with charades. Lauren wasn't sure what boyfriend Steve was going to mime when he started by telling her that she needed to guess four words. A few seconds later though the mime became very obvious.

8. Send in the clowns

New York City celebrates Thanksgiving in style at the annual Macy's parade and in 2008 it was just as amazing as always. Ticker tape flutters down and the marching bands play. Clowns in brightly colored costumes fly by on roller skates, but when one stopped to say hello, she got the surprise of her life.

9. Not just the clowns who have tears of happiness at Macy's Thanksgiving parade

Three years on and further along the parade, just as much of a surprise was about to take place for one special young woman. In love with both her boyfriend and the annual Thanksgiving parade, she didn't think her day could get any better. Even giving up a planned vacation to ensure she was there to see the spectacle, she could not have believed what else could take place.

10. Love at first sight

Charles didn't know many people and Nancy was one of the first people he spoke to when he moved to the area. Love blossomed and Thanksgiving came around – they gathered their families and showed that they had much to be thankful for by celebrating an even more special occasion than usual.
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