Should I Propose Before, During, or After Dinner?

We’ve all seen proposals, either in real life or on a television program, carried out during meals. Maybe the ring is to be found at the bottom of a glass of champagne, maybe it’s adorning a slice of decadent chocolate cake, or maybe the waiter brings it on a silver platter. The question about these sorts of proposals is ‘how should it be done?’
But another important question usually goes unasked—when should you propose? “Should I propose before, during, or after dinner?” You may be asking. The answer is complex; The right time to propose ultimately depends on what you want, what you’re planning, and the circumstances that would benefit you.
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That might mean that the perfect time for you to propose at a meal is at the end, where you can get a waiter to bring out the ring on a platter, with a handwritten ‘Will you marry me’ written in deliciously sweet fondant.
Getting the timing right can be incredibly confusing. You don’t want to propose just as the waiter brings the bill to the table, nor do you want to do it before you’ve even been seated—so when’s the right time to pop that all-important question?
  • Proposing Before the Meal
  • Proposing During the Meal
  • Proposing After the Meal
  • Top Things to Consider for the Perfect Dinner Proposal

Proposing Before the Meal

Proposing before the meal is a rare time to pop the question. Most proposers would prefer to wait, have a glass of wine or two to calm any nerves, enjoy the meal and, ultimately, savor the moment.
Proposal before the meal
However, that’s not to say that you shouldn’t propose before the meal. If the moment feels right, go for it. In fact, some believe that proposing before dinner is the only way to go, as the dinner becomes a celebration. It also means that any pre-proposal nerves won’t be affecting the dinner itself.
However, there are several potential cons to proposing before the meal. For example:
  • You might be more nervous before the meal than after, which could affect your delivery.
  • Your partner may prefer to settle in and get comfortable before being taken aback by such a romantic and loving gesture.
Proposal before the meal
But with the right engagement ring, the right choice of setting, and the right words, you’ll find that proposing before the dinner can be the perfect way to go.

Proposing During the Meal

Sometimes choosing the right time to propose depends on how the evening is progressing, which could mean you end up proposing during the meal itself. However, if you’re at an incredible haute cuisine restaurant, sampling the finest 12-course menu, you might want to hold off until the end of the meal so that you can fully enjoy your experience. Yet, experiencing those kinds of meals is arguably rare. So should you propose during a meal?
Proposal during the meal
Proposing during a meal can offer opportunities for wonderful creativity in how the proposal is carried out. For example, you could ask a waiter to bring out the ring with dessert, or with a bottle of champagne, but try not to plant the ring somewhere where it could get messy—like inside a cake!
The pros of proposing during dinner include:
  • The chance for creativity: Use the menu and the restaurant staff to come up with something truly memorable.
  • The right timing for you: Depending upon your circumstances, proposing during dinner might allow you to avoid the cons of proposing either before or after dinner.
  • Savor the moment: Proposing during the meal gives you time to savor the moment while you’re still at the restaurant, and also provides you more time to take photos. Plus, your loved one will be able to marvel at their gorgeous engagement ring for a longer amount of time.
Proposal during the meal
The cons of proposing during dinner include:
  • A proposal during the meal might interrupt the atmosphere, especially if you’re building up to a big reveal. Under these circumstances, it may be best waiting until the end of the meal.
  • On the off chance the proposal doesn’t go well, it means you have to sit through the rest of the meal.
  • Your proposal might be interrupted by the arrival of another course.

Proposing After the Meal

Proposing after the meal is probably the most common moment for proposals to take place. It means you can build up to the moment, plan everything properly, account for any unexpected changes, and also enjoy the meal you’ve ordered with the person you love.
Proposal after the meal
Proposing at the end of the meal can also be the most intimate, as you’ve had the meal to talk about everything that has led you up to this moment, such as how much you care for your partner, and the reasons you want to spend the rest of your life with them.
You’ve also got to think about the emotions you and your intended will most likely experience. The rush of both emotions and adrenaline can be unprecedented, and those emotions could get in the way of enjoying your meal, which is a potential con for proposing after dinner.
Proposal after the meal
However, proposing at the end of the meal can be ultimately romantic, and it also means you can immediately retire back to your home or another locale to continue the celebrations.

Top Things To Consider for the Perfect Dinner Proposal

If a proposal isn’t carefully planned, you may find that your special moment suffers from the potential chaos of being unprepared. So what else do you need to consider?

The Meal Itself

While proposing during dinner doesn’t always require that you reserve a space at a restaurant (you can always prepare a romantic meal at home), it usually does. But you don’t have to book the most expensive restaurant for your proposal to be the most romantic. In fact, if you want something meaningful, choose a restaurant that means something to you.
Your choice of restaurant can even be low-brow, but make sure that it represents a significant moment in your relationship.

Being the Center of Attention

A proposal in a public space will naturally make both you and your partner the center of attention. Some people love that kind of attention, while others really don’t. If that’s the case, maybe dropping to one knee isn’t the best course of action. It can be just as romantic proposing with the subtle slide of a ring across the table.

Involving Family and Friends

If you’re thinking of involving family and friends, consider the roles they can take. Will they just be invited with no prior knowledge of the proposal, or will they actually be a part of asking the question?
Involving family and friends also depends on the locale, as they’re less likely to join you if you’ve chosen an ultra-expensive restaurant.

Plan Photos or Video

If you want the moment to be recorded, make sure you’ve got someone waiting with a camera ready. This could be a friend or family member you’ve invited, or it could be a waiter you’ve asked for help. This second option could be a little more difficult, as it means sliding either a camera or your phone over to the waiter without being noticed by your partner.

The Ring Itself

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