The Top Ten Engagement Rings Trends for 2022

Just as fashion styles fade and change as time goes on—especially when it comes to wedding fashion—so too do the fashion trends for engagement rings. Every year, new trends come along to wow us if we like them, and turn us onto other things if we don’t. After all, fashion is completely subjective.
Simon G. MR1394 Fabled Diamond Engagement Ring
Simon G. MR1394 Fabled Diamond Engagement Ring
However, there are tastemakers out there (you could be one of them), that help influence the way in which fashion goes. When it comes to engagement rings, some items hold their popularity for just a season, whereas some remain popular across countless years—such as the classic gold engagement ring, which is a timeless classic.
So what are the predicted engagement ring trends for this new year? Here are the top ten engagement ring trends for 2022.

1. Alternative Halo Rings

In all honesty, halo engagement rings have always been popular. Their combination of the impressive central diamond and a ‘halo’ of flanking smaller diamonds will always be a timeless style.
Today, halos are set with increasingly delicate diamond elements, meaning that the chunkier look of the past has trended downwards. The added benefit of this is that more diamonds means more facets for light reflection, which increases the amount of movement and dynamism to the light performance. The result is a more scintillating engagement ring.
Verragio Renaissance 903CU6 Diamond Engagement Ring
Verragio Renaissance 903CU6 Diamond Engagement Ring
The Platinum Verragio Renaissance 903CU6 Diamond Halo Engagement Ring is a delightfully intricate example of a halo engagement ring.
Similarly, another trend we will see that involves halo settings is the increasing popularity of the hidden halo setting. In contrast to the style you can see above, hidden halos sit below the central diamond, rather than around it, like a little sparkling surprise gift you only notice at the last minute. They’re the perfect choice for those who love understated complexity and intense craftsmanship.

2. Vintage Engagement Rings

What have you been watching on Netflix recently? We’ve noticed an obsession with all things old European and British. Films such as Spencer and The Duchess, and shows such as the Crown, Bridgerton, and Downton Abbey have been on the hearts and minds of many. And with popular shows like these, we are seeing a return to more vintage styles of engagement ring.
These intricate, regal, and romantic designs are fast becoming popular again after a number of years of interest in all things minimal. This means designs that feature multiple diamonds, high levels of detail, and other stones such as rubies and sapphires might be adorning more and more fingers in 2022.
Verragio INS-7074R Braided 3 Stone Engagement Ring
Verragio INS-7074R Braided 3 Stone Engagement Ring
Verragio are known for their intimately regal designs, the kind you would expect adorning the hands of royalty. This 18k White Gold Verragio Braided 3 Stone Engagement Ring is no different.

3. Oval Engagement Rings

With the prominence of round diamonds as the most popular cut of diamond, it can be rare to see other cuts trending upwards. However, oval engagement rings are now experiencing that kind of prominence.
Oval-shaped diamonds are one of the more unusual shapes that can grace the market. They have a graceful and royal feel to them, and have recently been the go-to choices of well-known celebrities such as Kourtney Kardashian.
A. Jaffe MES867 Seasons of Love Diamond Engagement Ring
A. Jaffe MES867 Seasons of Love Diamond Engagement Ring
The 18k White Gold A. Jaffe Seasons of Love Diamond Engagement Ring features a splendid oval diamond and a tightly twisted diamond shank which marries modern design ideas with classic sensibilities.
These types of engagement rings are brilliant at creating that high-impact look and dazzle that you want, so that all eyes will be drawn to the wearer’s finger. They’re also a little different than the conventional choice of round diamonds for engagement rings, meaning they will stand out in a crowd.
For something truly sensational, we’d recommend pairing an oval diamond with a white gold or platinum setting, which really helps the stone shine, providing the look of a floating central diamond.

4. Solitaire Engagement Rings

Solitaire rings are so named because they feature one central diamond. You may think that this isn’t as impressive as other rings that can include halo or pave settings, however, that’s not always true. Solitaire rings allow the main diamond to be the true center of attention. If it’s a high-quality diamond, the ring needs nothing more to be as stunning as the rest.
Solitaire rings are actually hugely popular and regularly appear on trends for current or new years. It’s the kind of design that never really ages, being simple, strong, and effortless. The central sparkling diamond truly takes center stage.
Verragio Renaissance 939R7 Solitaire Engagement Ring
Verragio Renaissance 939R7 Solitaire Engagement Ring
Verragio are well known for their skill at designing impressive solitaire engagement rings. This 14k Yellow Gold Verragio Renaissance Solitaire Engagement Ring is no exception.

5. Diamonds With Vibrant Colors

This year, no longer is the focus solely saved for high-quality diamonds. We’re seeing more and more vibrantly-colored accent gemstones coming to the forefront of consumer trends. And there’s no one reason for this trend.
More and more people are looking to be a little more unique with their stone choice, mainly due to an increased interest in presenting a unique fashion choice that means something to the wearer. These gems are unique, brightly colored, and have a playfulness to them that diamonds alone sometimes lack. After all, an engagement is a thing of celebration, a celebration of love and beauty.
Verragio Parisian DL-124P Shared-Prong Princess and Sapphire 3 Stone Engagement Ring
Verragio Parisian DL-124P Princess and Sapphire 3 Stone Engagement Ring
The Platinum Verragio Parisian Shared-Prong Princess and Sapphire 3 Stone Engagement Ring with Rose Gold Wraps is a beautiful example of how colored gemstones can be matched with white diamonds.
In the past, diamonds were the most popular choice for many due to their clarity and sparkle, but now, with modern designs and top-quality cuts, colored gemstones such as rubies and sapphires, are experiencing their moment in the limelight. Choosing a style with colored gemstones adds a new dimension of personality to the engagement ring, especially if it is the favorite color of the wearer.
Today, diamond and jewelry retailers across the globe are also seeing more demand for fancy colored diamonds, such as yellow, champagne, and even pink diamonds. Colored diamonds like these can be flanked by white diamonds, providing a beautiful contrast that adds depth and character to an engagement ring.

6. Pear Engagement Rings

Like our previous mention of oval engagement rings, pear engagement rings are also becoming a trend for 2022.
Pear-shaped diamonds have a similar facet structure to round brilliant cut diamonds, but with a unique shape which creates something truly striking. The pear cut is also known as the ‘tear drop’, and has been more commonly found in jewelry items such as pendants and earrings.
For something truly beautiful, find an engagement ring that features a central pear-shaped diamond, which is then flanked by a halo of smaller round brilliant cut diamonds, such as our example below.
A. Jaffe MECPS2332Q/197 Classic Halo Pear Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
A. Jaffe MECPS2332Q/197 Halo Pear Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
This 18k Yellow Gold A. Jaffe Classic Halo Pear Cut Diamond Engagement Ring creates a more vintage style through its use of an intricate diamond halo, pave-encrusted shoulders, and a pear-shaped central diamond.
For our complete guide to pear shape diamonds, read our in-depth article.

7. Trilogy Rings

Trilogy rings are also known as ‘3-stone rings’. They’re hugely popular amongst those who prefer a more complex engagement ring, and recently there has been a renewed demand for them.
Trilogy rings have a long and time-honored reputation as high-class rings, enjoyed for their triptych-style design. They’re timeless classics, and like colored gemstones, offer a little more creativity and personality—especially if you’re opting for a custom-made engagement ring.
Trilogy rings are actually the perfect choice for engagements, as the three diamonds represent ‘yesterday, today, and tomorrow’, making them the sentimental choice for anyone. They can also be chosen as gifts to commemorate anniversaries.
Simon G. MR2208 Caviar Three Stone Engagement Ring
Simon G. MR2208 Caviar Three Stone Engagement Ring
Simon G. is a top-quality jewelry designer. The 18k White Gold Simon G. Caviar Three Stone Engagement Ring is an incredible take on a trilogy ring, complete with brilliant diamond melee that showcases the main three diamonds.
Popular trilogy ring designs can also mix two types of gems, such as diamonds and sapphires, or diamonds and rubies. The central stone will conventionally be one color, with the flanking gems matching one another. Because of this, they’re a wonderfully versatile engagement ring choice, with endless potential variations.
Many designs will have the central stone be the largest, while others may feature three equally-sized diamonds. Ultimately, the size ratio will affect the overall look of the ring and, of course, impact the price.

8. Brown Gemstones

The phrase ‘brown gemstones’ might not sound very exciting. It may even turn a few people off. That is why they are often marketed as “Cognac” or “Chocolate”. But, brown gemstones are definitely an engagement ring trend for 2022. Gemstones that feature those warmer, more autumnal hues are more and more in demand. These types of gems can be chosen specifically to suit any skin tone, with gemstone colors spanning from honey to chocolate, champagne to taupe. It’s an intensely varied range of options.
Brown diamonds are known as fancy color diamonds, which are diamonds outside of the normal range with conventional white to tinted coloration. Brown fancy color diamonds are sometimes referred to as ‘cognac’ diamonds, due to their color similarities.
You can find out more about fancy color diamonds here.

9. Sculptural Rings

Sculptural rings are usually rings that have been designed with an incredibly modern and bold design to them. Some may call this style modernist, some may even say brutalist (depending on the design). The overall trend is that these types of rings are becoming more and more popular as people want increasingly futuristic, architectural rings.
Danhov V119 Voltaggio Tension-Set Solitaire Engagement Ring
Danhov V119 Voltaggio Tension-Set Solitaire Engagement Ring
For fans of a more modern engagement ring design, Danhov’s highly sculptural 18k Yellow Gold Danhov Voltaggio Tension-Set Solitaire Engagement Ring is the right choice.
With sculptural rings, the settings are a little more unique. They will usually have a flow to them, a movement, an interesting way of setting the central stone. These are tactile rings that are visually interesting.

10. Rings With Sentimental Elements

As we’re all well aware, recently, life has been incredibly uncertain. From canceled plans to lockdowns, we’ve all experienced things slightly out of our control. As a result we’ve become a lot more invested in the things we can control—such as the jewelry we wear. Gone are the days of simply choosing something from a shelf or catalog. Today, we put the effort in because we’re better able to and because it is meaningful on an intimate level.
This emphasis on increased creative control has led to a growing trend for engagement rings to be uniquely personal items. Clients are looking for ethical, conflict-free diamonds and gemstones, unique designs, and custom rings that have significant meaning for the couple involved.
Rings can now be made to be reflective of a certain story, a personality, or an entire relationship. We can distill certain important elements into the ring features we choose, such as the cut of the diamonds, the coloration, and the overall design.
For example, here are some custom engagement rings we’ve been able to create for our treasured customers.
Custom Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
Custom Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
Custom 3 Row Pave Diamond Engagement Ring
Custom 3 Row Pave Diamond Engagement Ring
Custom Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring
Custom Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring
As you can see, the designs are unique and the choices made have been deliberately chosen to mean something for the couple involved. A sentimental element in a ring could mean anything, from a particular stone cut to a specific engraving within the band itself. The choice is up to you.

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