15 of the Most Romantic Proposal Locations in Houston

Asking your loved one to marry you is one of the most important actions you’ll ever perform and so it deserves to take place in a suitably stunning setting. It’s about showing your lifelong commitment to the one you love, and if you’re thinking of popping the question in Houston you’ll find that the city provides plenty of locations that can act as the perfect backdrop. Carefully choosing a location will be all part of setting up the most romantic scene possible and if you don’t make adequate plans then you may end up so nervous that you’ll stumble over your words or, worse still, completely forget what you want to say. It should be a magical moment so ensure you have thought of everything including, of course, the ring. Houston certainly offers many places where you can say all you want to about how much someone means to you before you propose. Here are our top 15.

1. Kemah Boardwalk

Perhaps the most mesmerizing sunset location in Houston, Kemah Boardwalk has quiet, lapping water and lots of stylish restaurants nearby to celebrate in style after you’ve heard the magical word ‘yes’. By using a small amount of imagination you can easily invent any number of reasons to wander down and so lull your partner to accompany you without them knowing why you are both really there.
Kemah Boardwalk

2. Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park

This amazing space to propose provides a high rise wall of vertically cascading water to act as an elegant backdrop for your big question. Go to the Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park at dusk as the colored lights begin to switch from hues of orange to blue to red and the love of your life will be utterly transfixed before you open the box and show her the solitaire diamond glistening against the reflections.
Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park

3. Downtown Houston Horse Drawn Carriages

By enabling you to cuddle together on the back seat as you clip-clop through the sights and sounds downtown Houston, a horse drawn carriage offers a delightful place to experience as you are about to propose. It’s also popular way for Houston couples to travel to and from their wedding and so if you see a happy couple who have just tied the knot ride by, the moment will be even more magical.
Downtown Houston Horse Drawn Carriages

4. Houston Zoo – Reflection Pool

The Houston Zoo’s Reflection Pool takes on a mystical ‘secret garden’ sensation in the early evening, as its enveloping arch and lines of trees are further defined by mood-enhancing lighting. It’s is a truly beautiful part of the city and is also available to hire for a wedding meal, so you can revisit after your wedding ceremony to carry on the celebrations at the same spot that you proposed.
Houston Zoo

5. James Turrell Twilight Epiphany Skyspace

At night, this ever-changing performance space is a modern wonder to behold and so is the place for a proposal for art lovers of Houston. The James Turrell Twilight Epiphany Skyspace is often busy in the evenings, but you only need to wait a few minutes after each show has ended for the crowds to clear so you can ask the question against a truly magnificent backdrop.
James Turrell Twilight Epiphany Skyspace

6. The Rainbow Lodge

So popular with romantics that it’s booked-up for Valentine’s a full year in advance, the ambience of this 100 year-old log cabin is beautifully relaxed and classy, and the food is utterly fantastic. The staff at The Rainbow Lodge also know when to give you time to yourselves, which is probably why hundreds of couples have fallen in love here and many have then married at the same location.
The Rainbow Lodge

7. The Chocolate Bar

Love and chocolate make for a perfect union so a visit to The Chocolate Bar in Houston is a natural choice for those who like sweet amore. After all, cocoa is an aphrodisiac. Featuring everything delicious, from handmade petit fours to scoops of mouth-watering ice cream and slices of dessert cake, this sweet-toothed establishment’s menu will put you both in a deliciously romantic mood.
The Chocolate Bar

8. Luxury Dinner cruise

Step aboard your evening Luxury Dinner cruise for possibly the most important trip of your lifetime. As the sun sets over the Houston’s waterline, watch the scenery go by before heading inside for a sumptuous meal for two. And as the champagne flows, you’ll travel from Kemah heading for Clear Lake and Galveston Bay. It’s the perfect way to propose.
Luxury Dinner cruise

9. JP Morgan Chase Tower Observation Deck

For a daytime proposal, head to the 60th floor of the JP Morgan Chase Tower to take in the views of Houston from its truly magnificent observation deck. Located on high on the city’s tallest building, it offers breathtaking views before and after you go down on bended knee.
JP Morgan Chase Tower Observation Deck

10. Houston Ballet

The grace and flowing beauty of the dancers can’t help but make for an evocative evening and so a night at the Houston Ballet gives you the ultimate opportunity to make a proposal. As you sit and watch the classic stories of undying love, slip a ring on her finger and when the curtain goes down and the lights go up, she will see a sparking ring to end the performance of all performances.
Houston Ballet

11. Heights Massage and Spa

Houston’s Massage Heights is known as the place where romantic couples can go to get truly spoiled. Ask for the Chocoholics Package and you’ll both receive a chocolate massage followed by a chocolate body wrap. Relaxed and refreshed, you’ll know the time is right.
Heights Massage and Spa

12. Hot air balloon

Step into the basket and then hold your breath as Houston slips away as your romantic sunrise ride high takes you deeper into the heavens. You’ll be surrounded by breathtaking views from a hot air ballon as you take the opportunity to tell you’re loved one how you feel and your thoughts on spending your lives together. The captain can even provide toasting champagne as you begin your descent back to the ground.
Hot air balloon

13. Zilkha Hall

This theatre has an intimate and luxury feel to it, so why not settle back into rich, warm colours and comfortable seating to watch classic shows such as My Fair Lady. As the orchestra of Zilkha Hall strikes up for the opening scene, whisper your question and watch their face light up just as the curtain rises. Alternatively you can wait until the performance is over so as to not create a scene.
Zilkha Hall

14. Houston Symphony

Hold hands as you listen to the waves of relaxing and romantic classical music emanating from the stage of the Houston Symphony. Alternatively, if you’re fans of Star Wars, this is the perfect place for the proposal as they have dedicated evenings where the soundtrack is played in all its glory by the full orchestra.
Houston Symphony

15. Houston Arboretum and Nature Centre

Set on the edge of Memorial Park, the Houston Arboretum and Nature Centre features five miles of hiking paths to explore before you find the perfect spot among the flowers and lily pad ponds to propose. You can then take part in one of the center wine tasting courses before heading off to spend the rest of the day planning your future. Why not check out the centre’s woodland glade wedding venue while you are there?
Houston Arboretum and Nature Centre

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