Take a look at the Top 10 TV Wedding Proposals

For those in love and wanting to pop the question, it’s often about a romantic hilltop sunset or an intimate dinner in a favorite restaurant. They want to express their emotions and show their commitment by capturing the moment with the presentation of a stunning diamond engagement ring at a memorable location.
For others, they want to make their proposal public and share it with the world! How do you go about achieving this? Simple, you propose on television!
Here are the top 10 TV wedding proposals – have tissues at the ready for some very beautiful moments.

1. The only way to see the sun rise

When you want to propose to your girlfriend who works for an early morning news show and you also work in the industry as an on screen weatherman – even for another channel, it takes some clever planning to make it a surprise. Watch the reaction of presenter Emily Leonard as she sees an unexpected face when she cuts to the sports news.

2. When it’s least expected

If you want to propose, asking the lucky person when they least expect it is sure to have the best reaction. It’s even more of a surprise to hide the event within a wedding-related occasion. Ashley Roberts of CBS Minnesota thought she was to be part of a feature discussing the cost of engagement rings. The reality was very different.

3. The Doctor will marry you now

Talking about inflammation of the gums is a topic Nancy Walker M.D is never lost for words on. She’s a specialist when it comes to everything to do with the mouth but she is left speechless when she’s interviewed for a wellness show.

4. When Elton John is at your wedding proposal

As well as Jay Leno, Elton John and the now late, great Larry Harmon were present when Angie Harmon received the surprise of her life when she took part in The Tonight Show. She thought she was there to talk about her cover appearance on a fashion magazine. Jay had other questions to probe her with though which had an incredible ending.

5. Certainly a big Deal

Winning big on Deal or No Deal is an incredible achievement to aim for and for many this is certainly enough of a celebration. The outcome for Wes after he made the decision regarding the deal on the table and the box he held was certainly life changing and his girlfriend Bridgette watched on nervously from the sidelines. Little did she know that the choice he made would also affect her life.

6. A big shout out by Queen Latifah

Jack and Tene traveled from Atlanta as a special treat to appear in the audience of The Queen Latifah Show. Tene thought they were there because their friend Robyn worked on the show and that she had passed on the tickets to them. What unfolded next though was a complete shock and one she’d remember for the rest of her life.

7. What happens when the Love Team arrives in town

The office conference meeting can now never be the same for Tiffany Lewis after she got the shock of her life one previously ordinary February morning. When KTLA-TV knocked on the door she could have no idea that the Love Team were on a mission – and she was their goal.

8. Second time around – witnessed by Oprah

Samantha had already been married for 6 years when she sat as a member of the studio audience watching her favourite celebrity Oprah Winfrey film an episode of her show. She had already been proposed to once in her life but there was a special surprise in store for her as she was asked to come up onto the stage.

9. Not so gray and cloud start as forecast

Knowing what’s ahead with the weather is one thing but Jenna Lee Thomas couldn’t tell what - or who – was literally around the corner one morning. During a live broadcast she assured viewers that the week was going to get much better – her whole life though was about to change forever.

10. The most unexpected turn of events in a hardware store

Actors Nate and Kristina knew they were working that day to film a commercial for a hardware store. As shots were being set up and filmed, what Kristina didn’t know was that she was going to discover that a paint store isn’t just about swatches and color ideas.

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