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Vatche engagement rings have become the timeless treasures of thousands of happy couples. These exquisite original designs have set a new standard in the industry combining modern jewelry art with expert craftsmanship and top quality materials. Every piece in this magnificent line has been designed by Vatche himself. The results are enduring and breathtaking Vatche rings that are sure to become priceless family heirlooms.
Vatche 187 Caroline Engagement Ring
Vatche 187 Caroline Engagement Ring
Vatche rings are perfect settings for the incomparable A CUT ABOVE® Super Ideal diamonds in round and princess cut, special diamonds that are sought after by astute diamond shoppers all over the world. One of our customers expressed it well in one of the many Vatche reviews that we receive on a regular basis:
“I love the setting and the size of the diamond. I know many people have the Vatche Swan and I looked at a ton of photos before officially choosing it as my setting but I have to say that no photos truly do it justice! Vatche is truly amazing and the WF ACA is magnificent! ”  Theresa C.
The beauty and artistry of  Vatche engagement rings is also expressed though the passionate words of these two happy owners of the Vatche Swan Solitaire, a design that we have received many great Vatche reviews about through the years:
Vatche 191 Swan Engagement Ring
Vatche 191 Swan Engagement Ring
“My wife is still enjoying her beautiful Vatche Swan Ring which I purchased in July. The setting is gorgeous with all those small diamonds and looks great from any angle. I am very pleased with my purchase and recently I’ve had the ring appraised and the appraisal came in about 60% more than what I paid!”   Raditya S.
“I had been meaning to write a review about my excellent experience buying the Vatche "Swan" Solitaire setting diamond engagement ring from Whiteflash. Recently, Whiteflash got back in touch with me to see how things were going -- When I got the ring, I was so happy how wonderful it looked. Whiteflash had actually sent me photos of the ring taken by a professional photographer before they sent it, but having it physically here in its little box really is its own great feeling -- best of all, it looks amazing on my fiancée’s finger and she loves it. She even says that others have complimented me to her when they see it, which is kind of funny to me... All in all, it was a great experience dealing with Whiteflash, and I certainly felt that they did an excellent job on the ring's craftsmanship as well as alleviating the usual concerns with buying an engagement ring online. ”   Thomas N.
When looking for Vatche locations your choices are many. How about  Vatche Texas? It may surprise you to know that when it comes to all things Vatche SugarLand might as well be 5th Avenue or Rodeo Drive. The beautiful new Whiteflash showroom located in the upscale community of Sugar Land, just a few minutes southwest of the famed Galleria shopping center in Houston, features the best selection of Vatche engagement rings to be found anywhere.
Vatche Sugar Land is where this happy customer found the lovely “Grace” by Vatche, which “sealed the deal”  for him:
“When I was ready to set the diamond, and again based on an earlier recommendation from my Whiteflash diamond consultant, I went with the Grace by Vatche (I had described the type of setting I wanted but had not previously seen the Grace on the site). I had seen the Grace in person during one of my visits and that sealed the deal on the setting.”    Michael B.
For Vatche Houston is proving to be an epicenter. It’s clear that when it comes to Vatche locations, Whiteflash is the ideal choice. Shoppers can browse in person or online and find the engagement ring that perfectly complements their special diamond and expresses their individual sense of style and taste.
Vatche Engagement Rings
Vatche Engagement Rings
“The e-ring and my fiancé’s wedding band were made by Vatche, and Whiteflash coordinated the ordering and payment of those rings for us. I made changes to the e-ring design that was communicated precisely to the vendor, and the end results were perfect. Whiteflash made my custom wedding band based on some pictures I had seen of others I liked, and the whole design team was incredibly helpful and nice throughout the whole process.”   Dave O.
For designer engagement rings the likes of  Vatche Texas is not the place many shoppers think of. But with an option like Whiteflash, recipient of the 2012 BBB Pinnacle Award as best jeweler in Houston, discriminating shoppers will be the big winners!
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