What are Diamond Accents?

At Whiteflash, we know the impact of a stunning diamond solitaire. Even in the simplest setting, a diamond will dazzle and turn heads from across the room. It is, however, possible to further enhance the beauty of a diamond, and how better to do it than with…more diamonds!
Diamond accents are smaller diamonds that work in harmony with the central stone, or stones. Diamond accenting is all about balance; they should complement and enhance the diamond but not overwhelm it or over-complicate the piece of jewelry.
Our settings show the great diversity of diamond accents and the subtle but striking effect they can have on the appearance of a ring.

Diamond Accent Styles

There is a wealth of diamond accent styles, however they tend to fall into two wider categories; larger accent diamonds, and diamond melee accent.
The term diamond “melee” tends to refer to accent diamonds below 0.18ct. More broadly melee diamonds begin at 0.01ct and go up to 0.25ct.
Diamonds of this size are normally considered too small for lab certification, however we grade our melee to the highest standard of cut quality, VS clarity and F-G in color. Many of our in-house and custom designs feature precision cut A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows Melee.
Consistency is key in creating a masterpiece, and we expect even the smallest of diamonds to reflect the quality of those used as a center stone. We have observed melees being overlooked in fine jewelry, resulting in dull, lifeless diamonds that greatly diminish the beauty of the jewelry.
We simply would not settle for lower quality diamonds, no matter how small. For this reason even our tiniest diamonds carry a big impact.
Verragio ENG-0371 4 Prong Petite Pave Diamond Engagement Ring
Verragio ENG-0371 4 Prong Petite Pave Diamond Engagement Ring
The diamond melee in this Verragio ring begins at the band and twinkles up to the tiny claws around the round brilliant center stone. It is the perfect example of how subtle accenting can add additional sparkle to your ring.
A diamond melee is most commonly set in a pave, bead set, or channel setting, however as this petite champagne ring below shows, they can also be used in a more fluid, rim set technique in an eye catching scattered arrangement.
Champagne Petite 3 Stone Engagement Ring
Champagne Petite 3 Stone Engagement Ring
Larger diamond accents are above 0.18ct but below the carat weight of the center stone. It is common for designers to match the accent stones with the cut of the center stone, however some designs will utilize more than one cut to give a unique twist on diamond accents.
Emerald and Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring
Emerald and Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring
The stunning emerald cut center stone in this ring is perfectly balanced with two baguette cut diamonds. The baguette cuts are angled and tapered to give prominence to the emerald diamond.
There is a fine line between a three stone ring and a solitaire with large accents. There are no hard and fast rules about the differences between the two, however a three-stone ring will usually feature three stones of the same size or a central stone that is flanked by two slightly smaller stones. An accent will enhance the main event, while a three stone is part of the central feature.

Guidelines for Choosing Diamond Accents

When it comes to choosing diamond accents, there are many great options. You may decide to opt for one of our expertly crafted designer settings, where the diamond accents have already been masterfully selected and set in a way that balances the ring. Others may choose to use our custom design option, working with masters in the jewelry field to watch your dream ring come together from start to finish.
Whichever you decide, it is important that your diamond accents are only two clarity grading and two color grading away from your central stone/stones. For example, if your center stone is an H in color, your side stones should ideally be an H as well, or I-J or an F-G.
If a diamond accent is a much higher color grade than your center stone, it will emphasize any yellow tint within the diamond and vice versa. Accent diamonds that are much smaller will not be certified, but an accurate indication as to the technical color and clarity should still be given so that you are able to make the best choice for your jewelry.
All of our diamond accents are a VS1-VS2 clarity and an F-G in color and all diamond accents, including diamond melees, are ideal cut. We believe this level of quality is essential in creating the best-looking setting possible.
We advise that any diamond above 0.30ct should be certified to ensure its quality. Smaller diamond melees are more forgiving and used as a twinkling enhancement to a ring, but a diamond above 0.30ct needs to be assessed as a great deal more can be seen in a diamond of this weight.

Balancing Diamond Accents

Adding additional diamonds to your ring is a careful balancing act. We tend to avoid suggesting any set parameters when it comes to carat weight and diamond quantity as each ring and each buyer is entirely unique. A thicker, more ornate band naturally lends itself to handling more diamonds; a lady with extremely slender fingers may choose to avoid overly large diamond accents and so on. However, there are always exceptions.
We do suggest that larger diamond accents sit around 50% of the carat weight of the central stone, as this gives impact and sparkle, while still allowing the central stone to take center stage.
Do not feel restricted by any other ‘rules’ you may have heard, such as combining cuts. In the right setting, a combination of step cuts and brilliant cuts can be a thing of exceptional beauty. When quality is guaranteed, like in our diamond accents, a great deal of the decision then rests upon personal taste.

The Perfect Diamond for the Perfect Ring

Beautifully set and balanced diamond accents are a sign of a masterfully made ring. Our dedication to quality means that you are guaranteed the best-looking diamond accents possible, no matter how small!
A setting of such quality demands a central stone of the same merit; take a look at our A CUT ABOVE® diamonds for stones that held in the highest esteem; the final jewel in your crown.

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