The Most Expensive Diamond Cut - How Shape Impacts Spend

While some of the most expensive, multi-million diamonds in the world are valued so because of their size, purity and color, generally speaking, diamonds are priced based on their shape and cut quality, among other influencing factors.
Diamond cut imparts brilliance and fire which are the key aspects of the unique beauty of diamonds. While some shapes are more popular than others and new shapes enter the the scene from time to time, there is a classic cut that maintains its top spot as the queen of all diamonds; the round brilliant. What Is The Most Expensive Diamond Cut? And Why?
Round cut diamonds are the most expensive shape of diamond on the market. When cut for optimal light performance, round cut diamonds pull out all the stops with a perfectly symmetrical silhouette that bounces light from every facet. They sparkle more than any other diamond and never go out of style.

Ideal Round Cut Diamonds

Ideal cut diamonds in this shape, in particular, are valuable because of their precise facet alignment that accelerates performance. Not too shallow and not too deep, ideal cut diamonds go beyond the concept of shape, also taking into account depth, table, polish and all-important optical symmetry.
Ideal Cut Diamond
Shape is not the only indication of quality – there are many more variables other than a diamond’s iconic outline that impact its dollar value.
Correctly cutting a round diamond is an art form. There are eleven factors to consider, including the crown and pavilion angle, size of the diamond’s table and depth percentage.

Realizing Which Round Cut Diamonds Are Worth It

Round diamonds are generally the most expensive shape, yet these diamonds can be further categorized into grades.
GIA and AGS graded diamonds are considered best in class. AGS in particular has a strict grading system that uses tens of thousands of computer calculations to determine cut quality.
Diamond Light Performance Imaging
Making it to top-grade status indicates diamond cutting that meets the requirements of the rigorous AGS light performance grading system. Passing a sophisticated mathematical algorithm involving computerized tracing of tens of thousands of light rays, these diamonds are extremely precise, with craftsmen going to the nth degree to achieve ultimate beauty.
Many diamond cutters, unfortunately, cut corners when preparing diamonds. Since carat weight is often associated with value, it is common to see diamonds cut to maximize weight, rather than remove excess material to achieve the best fire and brilliance.
Well-educated consumers now understand bigger is not always best. Quality of cut and the light performance you can enjoy are important to consider.

Least Expensive Diamond Cuts

Carat for carat, assuming overall quality is similar, almost every shape (referred to as ‘fancy shapes”) will be less expensive than rounds. This is due to the economics of the yield from the rough. Pears, princess cuts, ovals, emerald cuts and other popular diamond shapes are generally cheaper by 15% or more. The exceptions are proprietary or patented novelty cuts that are exclusive and are sold for premium prices by their vendors.
This gives diamond shoppers a way to save some money if they are attracted to a fancy shape. Every diamond cut caters to its own audience, so it truly depends on what you want from your next special purchase.

What Is The Most Desired Diamond Shape? Trending Cuts This Wedding Season

The most sought-after diamonds don’t always align with the most expensive. Engagement rings and wedding bands, like every worn item, see new styles rise and fall in popularity.
Recently, we’ve seen an uptick of interest in ovals, cushions, and pear cuts on the market, with celebrities, royals, and influencers all contributing to new crazes. The slim profiles of these cuts have graced more than a few famous fingers.
Yet, more established, classical, and carefully considered shapes like round cut and even princess cut diamonds are known both for their dazzling light displays and for standing the test of time. Though rounds entail greater initial investment, they’re often a smarter choice and a more enduring value.

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