Whiteflash 2012 Calendar

2012 Jewelry Calendar Whiteflash
We are pleased to present the 2012 Whiteflash Calendar. It is an annual labor of love produced by the Whiteflash photography department as a tribute to and for the enjoyment of our wonderful customers. The cover coveys the explosive nature of the dynamic fire and brilliance of our internationally acclaimed A CUT ABOVE® diamonds. The colorful shapes comprising the image are derived artistically from actual diamond facets!
In keeping with tradition, each month features a beautiful image of one of the magnificent diamonds or jewelry pieces that we offer. Each month also includes a testimonial from one of our outstanding customers.
This year we also include a headline on each month from one of the prestigious publications that Whiteflash has been featured in. In addition, the back inside cover acknowledges our certification for ISO 9001 Total Quality Management reflecting our dedication to the standards of excellence that our great customers deserve.
Below are the images and products information contained in our 2012 Calendar. You can click on the image to be taken to the jewelry in our catalogue for more details on the item.


A CUT ABOVE Hearts and Arrows Diamond Whiteflash 2013 Calendar
Two A CUT ABOVE® Super Ideal Diamonds. A breathtaking 1.50ct F VS2 Round Hearts and Arrows & a spectacular 1.12ct F VS1 Princess. “The Whiteflash crown jewel is the A CUT ABOVE®” – Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide
What our customer’s have to say:
“There will ALWAYS be somebody with a larger diamond, but with an A CUT ABOVE®, it’s very difficult to argue anyone will have one that is more sparkly or more attractive.”
- Larry G.


share prong diamond hoop earrings
18k White Gold “Shared Prong” Diamond Hoop Earrings set with 10 A CUT ABOVE Hearts and Arrows Diamonds, 1.00 total carat weight. “Whiteflash tops at making ‘I Do’s’ easier” – The New York Times
What our customer’s have to say:
“The quality of product, ease and fun of the shopping experience, speed of production and delivery, and the excellent communication from all at Whiteflash has blown me away. It is fantastic to see that there are still companies like this one out there that are committed to customer service and can deliver great quality and value.”
- Evan R.


dreams of africa right hand-ring
The Dreams of Africa line of jewelry by Whiteflash is produced to raise awareness and bring relief to African children, particularly those living in diamond mining areas. Whiteflash donates 100% of its profit from this line of jewelry to a charity benefiting children suffering from conflict.
“One American jeweler determined to address Africa’s continued suffering”
- The Washington Post


diamonds for eternity diamond engagement ring
A 2.50 carat J VS1 A CUT ABOVE Hearts and Arrows Super Ideal Diamond set into a Platinum “Diamonds for Eternity” Engagement Ring. "A+ Rating and Awarded Winner of Distinction Six Years Running" - Better Business Bureau
What our customer’s have to say:
"Amazing. Beautiful, Gorgeous, Divine, Superb, Heavenly, I could go on and on… Anyone would be lucky lucky lucky to have anything done by Whiteflash. You held my hand through this and were so kind and funny and helpful. I cannot thank you enough. The ring looks spot on and is just breathtaking."
- Simone D.


asscher diamond eternity custom wedding ring
Custom 18k White Gold Eternity Wedding Band featuring 25 Asscher Diamonds and 108 A CUT ABOVE Diamond Melee totaling over 3 carats. “Even though we’d never met face to face, it was just like working with my local jeweler” – The Chicago Tribune
What our customer’s have to say:
“I picked my ring up yesterday and I LOVE IT! It’s on my finger as I write this and I must say I’ve spent a fair portion of my day staring at my hand!”
- Christina P.


padparadscha sapphire leon mege halo ring
Featuring an extremely rare AGTA Certified Natural 5.01ct Padparadscha Sapphire, the “Imperial Lotus Padparadscha Halo” is a one of a kind creation by Leon Megé and is exclusively available through Whiteflash. The Imperial Lotus is completely hand crafted with a halo of 16 diamonds surrounding the Padparadscha and is accented by 4 Rose Gold prongs, 20 diamonds set down the delicate 2mm shank and 6 pink diamonds crafted into the Rose Gold petals. 42 Leon Megé melee diamonds in all, 0.80 carat total weight - G/H VS.
“We applaud Whiteflash for their professionalism and dedication to enhancing the wedding planning experience.”
- Wedding Wire


halo custom diamond engagement ring
Custom Platinum Ring dazzles with both a Halo and a Split Shank full of diamond melee around the 2 carat A CUT ABOVE Hearts and Arrows Diamond. “Glowing Online Reviews Abound Across the Web” – Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide
What our customer’s have to say:
“…I literally cannot believe how gorgeous the final product is. It is exactly, in every single aspect, the ring that we were looking for. Thank you.”
- Brendan M.


7 stone u prong custom engagement ring
7 magnificent Diamonds graduate in size to show off the featured 1.50 carat A CUT ABOVE Diamond in this Custom Platinum U-Prong Ring. “Whiteflash is upping the ante on quality and price.” – National Jeweler
What our customer’s have to say:
“The fire and brightness of these diamonds were awesome in all lighting conditions, and even in the absence of light. All we can say is ‘WOW’.”
- Dararith S.


3 prong diamond tennis bracelet
Three Prong Tennis Bracelet sparkles with over 9 carats of A CUT ABOVE Hearts and Arrows Diamonds. “An interactive, hands-on experience.” – Entrepreneur Magazine
What our customer’s have to say:
“I have the ring and it is amazingly beautiful. It really turned out as nice as I was expecting, and then some. It is glowing and sparkling in ways I can’t describe. Very impressed with the quality and the whole experience was GREAT. Looking back on this whole thing makes it very easy for me to recommend Whiteflash to anyone I meet who is looking for quality jewelry and excellent service. Please, do NOT change anything that you guys are doing. It ain’t broke!”
- Trent.


vatche 5th ave diamond engagement ring
Platinum “5th Avenue Pave” Diamond Engagement Ring and Matching Band by Vatché set with a four carat Asscher Cut Diamond. “Lord of the Online Rings” – Kiplinger’s
What our customer’s have to say:
“The proposal was awesome! The scene was magnificent! The best part was her almost passing out after seeing her ring! You made my dream come true!”
- Brandon A.


Legato Diamond Engagement Ring Whiteflash 2013 Calendar
Platinum “Scarlet” Diamond Engagement Ring and Matching Band by Whiteflash set with a 1.1 carat Expert Selection Round Ideal Diamond. Ranked in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide
What our customer’s have to say:
“I picked up the ring at the airport on Friday afternoon and couldn’t believe how stunning the ring looked when I first saw it!! Due to the excitement I couldn’t wait for Saturday and decided to pop the question on Friday night in a little country pub in Berkhamstead next to the canal.”
- Garth P.


yellow gold diamond pendant
18k Yellow Gold “Bella” Diamond Pendant by Whiteflash is loaded with A CUT ABOVE Hearts and Arrows Diamonds. 2011 Brides Choice Award Winner
What our customer’s have to say:
"I looked up a lot of places with respect to selection, quality, price, customer service, etc., but by far Whiteflash came out on top. Being able to speak to the CAD designer on the phone while seeing his computer modeling software on my screen in real time and being able to make suggestions and alterations to the setting design was by far the best part of the experience. I would recommend them to anyone."
- Siyan T.

Inside Back Cover

whiteflash certified iso 9000
The Whiteflash 2011 Calendar pays special tribute to our certification for ISO 9000 Quality Management Systems as evidence of our commitment to top quality products and services. Whiteflash is the only jeweler in the world to have achieved this important distinction.
Dear Friends,
We are pleased to present you with our 2012 calendar. It was joyfully produced by the Whiteflash Team and represents a sincere dedication to the top quality standards that our great customers deserve. The processes involved in producing the calendar are part of the same quality management system used to manufacture our exquisite jewelry.
In the past year Whiteflash is proud to have been officially awarded certification by SGS for our ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System. Whiteflash is the only jewelry company in the world to have achieved this prestigious distinction. By meeting the demanding and continuing requirements of ISO 9001 companies demonstrate that they have systemic processes in place to continually improve their products and services for the ultimate benefit of their customers and trading partners.
The exacting processes involved in the evaluation and selection of our globally recognized A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows Super Ideal Diamonds require adherence to the strictest standards. ISO 9001 implementation ensures that our brand will continue to be the most consistently dependable super ideal diamond in the world, with predictable performance at the very limit of what is technically possible.
As a full scale jewelry manufacturer our operations derive great benefit from ISO 9001 discipline. With the quality standards expected by our clients and the high level of symbolic importance of our core product, diamond engagement rings, our goal is always ultimate perfection.
We believe that the impressive number of great customer reviews and testimonials which have fueled our growth over the last decade will be accelerated by our adherence to the principles and practices of ISO 9001. We are confident that by continuing to eliminate deficiencies through our ISO systems Whiteflash will continue exceeding expectations and leading the way in the diamond and fine jewelry industry for years to come.
On behalf of the entire Whiteflash Team, we wish you health and prosperity in 2012 and beyond!
With Sincerest Appreciation,
Debi Wexler, CEO

Back Cover

whiteflash 2012 calendar
Colorful and exciting with thumbnail photos of all the beauty that is contained inside.

Whiteflash is a full service retail jeweler based in Houston, Texas and serving an international clientele. We are an enthusiastic and committed group of 30 team members dedicated to providing each and every customer with A Brilliant Diamond Buying Experience®. Our mission is to deliver top quality products, information and service in a friendly, professional manner and to ensure that each customer has total confidence in their purchase.
Whiteflash was launched in 2000 with the goal of bringing the finest ideal and super ideal diamonds to the market in a totally transparent way. We provide deep inventories of in-stock certified diamonds at the most competitive prices, together with an exhaustive set of pertinent information about each diamond. We have achieved international recognition for our A CUT ABOVE® Super Ideal Diamonds and we own and maintain the largest in-house inventory of certified AGS Ideal diamonds of any retailer in the world.
Our ability to provide our clientele a complete solution for all their fine jewelry needs has earned us the distinction of being named by Kiplinger magazine “Lord of the Online Rings”. Whiteflash is included alongside Tiffany & Co., Blue Nile and other top selling Jewelers in the Internet Retailer Top 500 list and has been profiled in Entrepreneur Magazine, the New York Times and the Washington Post.

We would like to express sincere thanks to the many talented Whiteflash employees that give life to our calendar through their individual efforts and collaborations.
Special recognition goes to project leader Tim Ewasko who has a hand in every aspect of the calendar from cover design, to image editing, to layout and printing.
Diamond and jewelry macro photography is especially challenging due to complicated variations in light intensity. The images in the 2012 calendar were taken by the following outstanding Whiteflash photographers:
January – Tim Ewasko
February – Krystal Williams
March - Becca Eastman
April - Tim Ewasko
May - Becca Eastman
June – Tim Ewasko
July - Krystal Williams
August – Krystal Williams
September - Krystal Williams
October - Becca Eastman
November - Becca Eastman
December - Krystal Williams

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