Whiteflash 2014 Jewelry Calendar

2014 Jewelry Calendar Whiteflash
We are celebrating another exciting year serving some of the most knowledgeable diamond and jewelry buyers in the world, and we are proud to present the 5th edition of the Whiteflash Calendar. Produced by the Whiteflash Photography Department, it is the culmination of a year of fantastic jewelry production from our fabulous designers, and from our own team of talented Whiteflash Jewelers.
Flowers are the theme of our cover this year as we have had such a wonderful response to the creative flower photos that we provide to our customers of their finished jewelry. Art emulates nature and the fire radiating from ideal cut diamonds reflects every color in nature, just as flowers do. Nature is also the original symmetrical pattern maker and countless geometric designs are derived from it.
We hope you enjoy this year’s calendar as much as we enjoyed producing it for you!


A CUT ABOVE Diamond January 2014
The Most Visually Balanced Diamond in the World®, the internationally prized A CUT ABOVE® Hearts & Arrows Super-Ideal Diamond.
What our customer’s have to say:
The cut and quality of the ring are truly superb. When you catch a view of my wife’s hand next to my friend’s wives’ hands, there really is no comparison. As my Dad put it, ‘It’s like she has a headlight hanging off her finger!
-Matthew S.


Tacori February 2014 Whiteflash Jewelry Calendar
Dantela Crown Solitaire Engagement Ring by Tacori. Large crescent motifs give a sweet romance to a solitaire ring, with beautiful diamond accents for special surprise detail from every angle.
What our customer’s have to say:
The ring itself is perfect. The metalwork within the setting looks delicate and feminine just the way I imagined. The diamonds sparkle and twinkle with even the barest minimum of light shining on it. My finger looks like it’s on fire - in a good way.


Verragio March 2014 Whiteflash Jewelry Calendar
Custom 18k Rose Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring by Verragio, featuring a bezel set Heart shaped diamond and matching heart-shaped scroll work within the gallery.
What our customer’s have to say:
I got the ring insured through Jewelers Mutual as I liked their policy on breakage of the diamond (hopefully that never happens) but I do know two people that have had that happen to. So I appreciate making that easy to do as well.


Ritani April 2014 Whiteflash Jewelry Gallery
A 5 carat Round Brilliant diamond presented within a Platinum Masterwork Diamond Engagement Ring by Ritani.
What our customer’s have to say:
I just wanted to take a moment and thank every one of you for the part you’ve played in creating an absolute master piece. I honestly cannot believe my eyes. From the beginning to the end you have been nothing but awesome; every question was answered and all concerns were addressed.
-Kyle K.


Mark Schneider May 2014 Jewelry Calendar by Whiteflash
The Beloved Solitaire Engagement Ring by Mark Schneider uniquely twists the boundaries of a traditional setting and blends them with artistic flowing lines.
What our customer’s have to say:
Y’all always do such a great job with immaculate attention to detail! Thanks for checking in, it really makes it a much more personal experience knowing y’all care!


Benchmark Rings June 2014 Whiteflash Jewelry Gallery
A complete set of every metal color from the Benchmark Scattered Diamond Rings in 14k White, Yellow and Rose Gold. Each 4mm Ring holds approximately 0.24ctw of round melee diamonds.
What our customer’s have to say:
I fully expected a nameless faceless wall while buying a ring online but ended up having one of the best online customer service experience of my life - sorry Zappos!
-Chris H.


Vatche July 2014 Whiteflash Jewelry Calendar
The 6-Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring by Vatche has a soft knife-edge leading down the ring and holds a 1.57ct A CUT ABOVE Hearts & Arrows Diamond.
What our customer’s have to say:
I cannot believe how amazing the customer service is at Whiteflash. Everyone seems to go the extra mile for the customer both in my experiences and reviews that I have read online.


Custom Diamond Earrings August 2014 Whiteflash Jewelry Calendar
80 individual A CUT ABOVE's are set within these Custom Earrings by Whiteflash. Centered within two halos of melee diamonds are a pair of 0.70ct Diamonds.
What our customer’s have to say:
...I wear these earrings almost every day and they sparkle like crazy. Several times a day I happen to look up and get surprised by a sudden sparkle in the mirror. My diamonds flashing at me. I never had stones that did that before.
-Deborah G.


Custom Diamond Engagement Ring September 2014 Whiteflash Jewelry Calendar
Custom graduated 5-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring by Whiteflash.
What our customer’s have to say:
The whole process was a great experience. Whiteflash will guide you through from start to finish. They will send detailed CAD images of the jewelry before casting it, so you can get a sense of what the final product might look like and make any changes. Everyone I have dealt with has been friendly and helpful. Great service.
-Stuart W.


X Prong Diamond Bracelet October 2014 Whiteflash Jewelry Calendar
4.00ctw of A CUT ABOVE Hearts and Arrows diamonds in this beautiful ‘X-Prong’ Bracelet.
What our customer’s have to say:
I picked up the ring yesterday and the can honestly say that the only thing I am disappointed with is the fact that I don’t get to wear it! It is really beautiful. I can’t wait to see it on her finger. Too bad I have a few weeks to wait. Pass along my thanks to the rest of the team. You guys rock!
-Sergio A.


Elena Diamond Engagement Ring November 2014 Whiteflash Jewelry Calendar
An 18k White Gold ‘Elena Rounded Pave’ Diamond Engagement Ring with approximately 115 A CUT ABOVE Hearts & Arrows Diamond Melee glows within a golden rose.
What our customer’s have to say:
It’s unbelievably stunning. Truly. I had really, really high expectations, like ridiculously high expectations. My ring is simply the best one I’ve ever seen. The workmanship is absolutely impeccable (I literally louped the ring for 15 minutes straight. I was going blind!).
-Ruben F.


Tacori Jewelry Pendant December 2014 Whiteflash Jewelry Calendar
The Colorful City Lights Quarts Pendant by Tacori set in Silver with Gold accents.
What our customer’s have to say:
Calling it beautiful does not do it justice. The quality of the display box, safety of the packaging, and thoroughness of the authentication papers, top notch across the board. And of course, the most involved, punctual, and well mannered customer services reps i’ve had the pleasure of working with!
-Matt B.

Inside Back Cover

AGS Member 2014 Whiteflash Jewelry Calendar
Dear Friends,
We are so appreciative of everyone who helped make 2013 another amazing year in the evolution of White­flash. We continued to build upon the success of our retail showroom by becoming a platinum partner with legendary designer Tacori. We are now authorized distributors for some of the ‑nest jewelry designers in the world including Tacori, Verragio, Vatche, Ritani, Mark Schneider, and Benchmark.
And with another BBB Winner of Distinction award this year – the latest in an unbroken series of top BBB awards- we continue to live by our core values and demonstrate the commitment to education, integrity and customer care and that has been our mantra from the beginning.
With the success of our retail store and continued reputation for excellence, White­flash is proud to have been recently approved for membership in the prestigious American Gem Society. The AGS is an organization dedicated to the highest standards of integrity, consumer education, and consumer protection. Attaining AGS membership is the culmination of a long journey for Whitefl­ash, and the ultimate validation of the philosophy that has always driven us.
Never for a moment do we forget that all the accolades for our A CUT ABOVE® diamonds, the thousands of glowing online reviews, our series of BBB awards or membership in the AGS, would not have been possible without the support of outstanding clients all over the world who trust us with some of the most important purchases of their lives.
From the entire Whiteflash Team, we humbly thank you and wish you all a very Healthy and Happy New Year!

Back Cover

2014 Jewelry Calendar Whiteflash Back Cover
Colorful and exciting with 12 thumbnail photos of all the beauty that is contained inside.

We would like to express sincere thanks to the many talented Whiteflash employees that give life to our calendar through their individual efforts and collaborations.
Special recognition goes to project leader Tim Ewasko who has a hand in every aspect of the calendar from cover design, to image editing, to layout and printing.
Diamond and jewelry macro photography is especially challenging due to complicated variations in light intensity. The images in this year’s calendar were taken by the following outstanding Whiteflash photographers:
January – Tim Ewasko
February – Tim Ewasko
March - Becca Eastman
April - Becca Eastman
May - Becca Eastman
June – Tim Ewasko
July - Becca Eastman
August – Tim Ewasko
September - Becca Eastman
October - Becca Eastman
November - Becca Eastman
December - Becca Eastman

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