Whiteflash delivers historic Super Ideal Diamond Necklace

(September 5, 2019 Houston, TX)
Whiteflash announced today the completion of a custom platinum necklace containing a record number of AGS Ideal® diamonds; a project that has been months in the making.
The project involved 100 custom cut super ideal, collection quality diamonds set in a heavy 26 inch platinum line necklace. In what is likely the largest number of AGS Ideal® cut diamonds ever set in a single piece of jewelry, the diamonds are from the Whiteflash branded A CUT ABOVE® Collection Series with colors in the DEF “colorless” range, and the “microscopically clean” IF-VVS clarity range.
100 Super Ideal Cut Round Diamond Necklace
A CUT ABOVE® diamonds feature precision cutting and elite light performance. They require a platinum dual light map Triple Ideal report from the AGS Laboratories as a baseline. AGS Laboratories is considered one of the leading authorities on diamond light performance. Further tests are performed by Whiteflash gemologists, including careful analysis of optical precision, before a diamond is awarded the internationally acclaimed brand of A CUT ABOVE®. The ultimate designation in the brand is the A CUT ABOVE® Collection Series featuring the most elite colors and clarities, known in the diamond trade as “collection goods”.
The client who commissioned the piece was very specific about his requirements, resulting in the need to produce a large number of .30-.33ct precision cut diamonds in order to arrive at 100 diamonds that would meet all specifications and qualifications for A CUT ABOVE Collection Series. After the stones were cut, they were sent to AGS Laboratories for grading. Those stones passing the laboratory and meeting the strict baseline criteria for the brand were then sent on to Whiteflash for further testing. Finally, only the diamonds passing the full array of tests were chosen for the necklace. This world-class necklace consists of over 30 carats of AGS Ideal® diamonds and almost 100 grams of platinum.
Each of the diamonds in the piece has a full Triple Zero light performance report from AGS Laboratories, and each diamond comes with the full benefits package from Whiteflash including 100% Lifetime Trade Up benefit. The necklace was hand delivered to the client at The American Gem Society headquarters by Bryan Boyne GG (GIA), CG (AGS), Vice President of Whiteflash, who had helped oversee the project.
Whiteflash COO Eliezer Eber had this to say about the project. “We are extremely proud to have been chosen by this very discriminating buyer to supply this extraordinary piece. We create many custom pieces every year involving specially cut precision diamonds, but this project smashed the record in terms of the sheer number of stones in a single piece. The collective man hours involved in bringing this long term project to reality was a true test for our processes and the diligence of our team of gemologists and jewelers.”
Jason Quick, Executive Director of AGS Laboratories, commented “I love seeing pieces, like this one, created around diamonds that have received the top cut grade in our lab. We appreciate Whiteflash for their dedication to the finest in diamond light performance and craftsmanship, and we are thrilled to be associated with this project.”

About Whiteflash:
Whiteflash is a top tier retail jeweler specializing in Ideal Diamonds, Designer Engagement Rings and Fine Bridal Jewelry. Their A CUT ABOVE® Super Ideal Diamonds are considered by trade experts and diamond connoisseurs to be among the finest in the world.
The award winning Whiteflash.com website, described by Kiplinger’s Magazine as the ‘Lord of the Online Rings” enables shoppers the world over to view, compare and purchase top quality diamonds, engagement rings and fine jewelry in a convenient, secure and information rich environment.
Whiteflash is the first jewelry retailer in the world to attain ISO 9001 certification for total quality management and welcome visitors to their Houston jewelry showroom located in the upscale community of Sugar Land, TX.
Whiteflash is a member of the American Gem Society and recipient of the BBB 2018 Pinnacle Award.
For more information, log onto www.whiteflash.com or call toll free 877-612-6770

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