Why You Should be Buying Round Cut Diamonds

The round cut diamond has long reigned as the most popular cut of diamond for engagement rings and other pieces of jewelry. While other diamond cuts have had their moment in the spotlight with changing trends, the round brilliant continues to be the time-honoured favourite among diamond buyers. This demand means that those looking to purchase a round brilliant will find a huge selection available on the market, and armed with a bit of knowledge you can find one of outstanding quality and beauty.
Round Diamond Sparkle
The magic of the round cut diamond does not simply boil down to matters of taste and beauty; there are a whole host of properties that make this the optimum cut for diamond jewelry. But cut precision and light performance are the key value factors.
If you are considering purchasing a round brilliant diamond but need a little more convincing, let us outline the key features of the esteemed round brilliant diamond and delve a little deeper into this flexible, functional and beautiful cut.

Fire & Sparkle

Round cut diamonds and their predecessors have been revered since the 17th century; over the years expert cutters have worked and reworked the round cut and these revisions have led to the modern brilliant cut capable of exhibiting unrivalled light handling properties.
The popularity of the round cut diamond began to climb at the latter part of the 19th Century with American diamond cutters Morse and Wade who pioneered the American Ideal Cut. After the publication of Marcel Tolkowsky’s thesis “Diamond Design: A Study of the Reflection and Refraction of Light in a Diamond” in 1919 the concept of Ideal gained interest worldwide. His work identified the ideal geometry of the round cut diamond; proportions that would maximize light return (brilliance) and dispersion (fire). Tolkowsky’s initial specifications have since been modified, but core concepts resulting in a diamond with intense fire and dazzling brilliance, has been validated by gemologists and optical physicists through the ensuing years. Advancements in instrumentation and technology including computer modelling and ray tracing have resulted in the ability of modern cutters to achieve perfect proportions and precision with optimized light handling properties.
Another attribute of the round cut diamond is the scintillation. Scintillation refers to the sparkle of the diamond, and is the result of the dynamic play between the light, each individual facets, and the human eye as facets rapidly blink on and off in a rhythmic pattern. The 57 facets of a round brilliant diamond (or 58 when the culet is included) when precisely cut in the proper proportions, will create mesmerising scintillation and deliver the hypnotic sparkle that is so desired in diamond jewelry.
A precisely faceted round brilliant is also extremely adept at concealing any inclusions within its complex system of facets. An SI2 clarity round cut diamond can appear ‘eye-clean’, a primary factor in the popularity of this cut. This property allows for a wider range of attractive choices, thus bringing flexibility when it comes to your budget.
All of these optical traits combined provide the round cut diamond a decided advantage. More than any other cut, the round brilliant enhances the natural beauty of diamond and takes the key elements of fire and brilliance to the limit.

Durability & Practicality

At Whiteflash, we believe jewelry is made to be worn. With this in mind, it is important to consider factors of durability and practicality, particularly when the piece of jewelry is intended to be worn every day (such as an engagement ring).
Diamonds are the hardest known natural substance and Round cut diamonds tend to be among the most durable of all. They have no corners or points to be subjected to damage. The only point on a round is on the bottom and kept away from any potential damage by the mounting. The smooth circumference of a properly cut round brilliant diamond eliminates the possibility of catching or chipping, making it the perfect choice for everyday wear.

Versatility & Settings

A round brilliant diamond really does look great in almost every setting. As many pre-made or designer settings use round brilliants as accent diamonds in their styles, a round brilliant centrepiece is the perfect complement to the overall design.
Just as they sparkle strikingly in designs with side stones and accents, so too do they stand alone. A precision cut round brilliant diamond in a solitaire is a thing of remarkable, classic elegance that will never be diminished by changing trends.
Classic 6 Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring
Classic 6 Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring

The Future of Your Round Brilliant Diamond

The versatility, brilliance, and timelessness of a round brilliant diamond makes it an excellent choice for heirloom jewelry. The diamond can be re-set to create a brand new piece of jewelry; this is an excellent feature for those who intend to hand down their diamond, or simply desire an update to their own ring at some point.
Should the time come that you decide to sell your diamond, you can rest assured that the popularity of a round brilliant diamond provides the greatest potential for resale. Be sure to keep all documentation and certification for your diamond in a safe place as this will be helpful in securing a second-hand sale or trade in.
With a high-quality, certified, round-cut diamond you cannot go wrong. This timeless cut exceeds expectation in all areas and decades of tweaking and perfecting have left us with a wealth of knowledge about the optimal round-cut diamond. For a more detailed look at round-cut diamonds, head to our Diamond Education Center, where our gemologists and diamond experts outline the technical aspects of diamond buying.
For the best of the best, choose an A CUT ABOVE® diamond for your jewelry. Undergoing the most stringent testing and assessment scrutiny, only the finest precision cut diamonds earn the title of A CUT ABOVE®.

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