Big Diamond

An extraordinarily big diamond is very rare and continues to become even more rare as diamond mines are depleted. Discoveries of large diamonds are well publicized, often making headlines. Many have a history that fascinate and intrigue as well. One of the most famous is The Cullinan, found in South Africa in 1905. It weighed a pound and a half, or 3,106 carats. Throughout history, famously big diamonds have been cut into one important stone and multiple additional polished diamonds. The Cullinan was no exception. It was cut into nine major diamonds; the largest was 530.20 carats and became known as the Star of Africa and was set into the British royal scepter. The ownership of exceptionally large diamonds and of very big diamond rings is usually traceable because there are very few of them in existence.
Big Loose Diamond
Big 6 carat diamond next to a 1 carat diamond
While not historic in terms of size, this 9 carat diamond is eye-popping in both size and brilliancy as a result of its Ideal cut and light performance near the top of the scale:
A diamond is measured in carat weight. The word carat comes from “carob seed” which was used to measure diamonds when they were first discovered in ancient India. The tiny carob seed was consistent in weight and a useful unit of measure. Modern measurements for diamonds are more concise; one gram equals five carats. One ounce is equal to 142 carats. Diamonds that weigh below one carat are often expressed in "points". For example, a 75 point diamond is ¾ of a carat; a 50 point diamond is ½ carat. The contents of a jewelry piece containing multiple diamonds is determined by adding the carat weight of all of the diamonds used in the setting. This number, including the center diamond, is referred to as total carat weight (tcw).
The most sought after diamond size is one carat. The price difference between a one carat diamond and a diamond that is a point or two under a carat can be substantial. The best diamond value is found in ideal cut diamonds a few grades down the scale in both color and clarity. When a diamond is very well cut, as in the super ideal A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows Diamond from Whiteflash, the difference between a 1.00ct and a 0.95ct will be difficult to discern but the price for the 0.95 will be significantly less. Well cut diamonds display greater brilliance and fire than average cut diamonds, and they look bigger and whiter as well. Truly remarkable are those that are both precision cut and large.

Big Diamond Rings

diamond ring with big diamond
Big diamond engagement rings continue to be popular and in high demand. Many people consider diamonds to be an investment since they are traded around the world and there is a global market for them. Industry experts will recommend a certified diamond that has been graded by a reliable diamond laboratory to guarantee authenticity, establish identity, and help to determine value. One of the biggest and most respected labs in the world is the GIA (Gemological Institute of America). Another extremely reliable diamond lab is the AGSL (American Gem Society Laboratories), which is famous for its superior grading of cut quality.
The desire to own a big diamond is almost universal. However, not everyone is able to afford this luxury, not when they are just starting out anyway. The enormously popular Lifetime Trade Up Policy at Whiteflash is an excellent way to “start small” and upgrade later to a large diamond from an extensive in-house inventory. It could be the perfect way to ultimately own the big diamond ring of your dreams!
The video above is of an extremely rare 6 Carat GIA Round Brilliant, Triple Excellent, F color, VS2 clarity, Diamond from Whiteflash. Excellent Symmetry, Excellent Polish, Excellent Cut Grade; this diamond is an amazing fire ball. It has an average diameter of 11.62mm and exhibits scintillation at every facet turn. The thumbnail for this video shows the 6 carat next to nearly a 1 carat diamond.

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