A Guide to Diamond Ratings and Quality

At Whiteflash, our aim is to make the process of finding a quality loose diamond as accessible as possible. Over the years, we have developed a fine-tuned understanding of customer needs, and we know that selecting a diamond for an engagement ring can be daunting. Our focus on education both online and in store will alleviate those pressures, turning a potentially stressful situation into a pivotal and memorable step on your diamond engagement ring journey.
This guide will outline every detail of diamond ratings and quality and point you to the best resources to aid your search. Though this may seem like a lot, committing just an hour of your time to complete due diligence will result in finding a stunning diamond that stays within your budget.

The Basics: Finding a High-Quality Diamond

The world of diamonds is a place where science meets art. This can make it tricky for customers to work through the industry specific terms and understand the intricacies of diamond quality. Fortunately, in the 1930’s, Robert Shipley and his wife Beatrice Shipley founded the GIA and AGS – they standardized the analysis and grading of diamonds and thus The Four C’s were created.
The first step in your search is a thorough understanding of cut, carat, color and clarity. These are the fundamental aspects of diamond quality. If you are in the very early stages of your diamond education, we have resources created with you in mind.
These guides give a thorough but user-friendly focus on the 4C’s.

The 5th C

The 4C’s are fairly well known; even for those who have never purchased a diamond, it is likely that most people will have some grasp on diamond qualities. But, did you know that without the 5th C, these qualities have no context?
Diamond certification is known as the 5th C and make no mistake; it is just as crucial as the others. Only the GIA and AGS are globally recognized authorities in diamond grading who offer reliable and consistent grading. Without a GIA or AGS certificate, you are paying for a diamond with qualities are not truly known – this often leads to over-spending on a disappointing diamond.
We only sell GIA and AGS certified loose diamonds. We advise you not to settle for less.

The Importance of Diamond Cut

If you are familiar with Whiteflash, it will not have escaped your notice that we place a big emphasis on cut quality – and with good reason. Cut is the single most important quality factor for diamonds. It is the key to unleashing fire, brilliance and scintillation. The difference between a balanced, brilliant and sparkling diamond, and a dull, lackluster stone all rests in the quality of the cut.
*Note: The word "cut" is also used in reference to a diamond's shape - round brilliant cut, marquise cut, princess cut, etc. It is less confusing to restrict the term "cut" to a discussion of the proportions, facet alignment and finish of a polished diamond.
A CUT ABOVE Diamonds
Our complete cut guide will give you a well rounded education, but to truly refine your education, we recommend the following pages:
Regarding the shape of the diamond, we recommend reading:

Viewing a Diamond

We believe that buyers should be able to assess their diamond confidently and conveniently. Although essential, certification doesn’t always give you a complete picture of a diamond; for that, we must look to diamond imaging and light performance reports.
In Stock Diamonds at Whiteflash
Our in-house diamonds are photographed in high definition and can be viewed 360º, allowing you to observe and analyse every facet of your diamond. Easier to use than a jeweler’s loupe, our diamond imaging ensures you can truly appreciate the qualities of your diamond by eye.
Diamond Light Performance reports are another brilliant way of understanding exactly how a diamond is handling light – and how much it will sparkle! These reports are not reserved for diamond experts – straightforward to read and understand, they are a valuable tool for all diamond buyers.

Social Responsibility and Ethical Diamonds

We don’t overlook the importance of emotional and social factors when it comes to diamonds. Our commitment to social responsibility and ethical, natural diamonds will allay any concerns and allow you to shop with a light conscience.
We welcome you to read our Social Responsibility pages – an important aspect of our company Core Values.

Keeping to Your Budget

We don’t believe in a hard sell or pushing a client to spend more than they are comfortable with. We believe in beautiful diamonds that work for your budget. Our filter tools allow you to search within specific size and quality brackets, as well as by price, allowing you to take the time to balance all factors and find the right diamond for your purposes.
Make your budget work for you, without sacrificing quality.

Reaping the Benefits

There are some diamond qualities and ratings that go unseen, but are extremely important for a positive buying experience. At Whiteflash, we offer a variety of benefits to our customers so that the excitement and joy you feel when purchasing a diamond is continued into your future. Shop with confidence and know that you are valued.

And Finally

Whatever stage you are at in your diamond journey, Whiteflash is here to help. Our experts are on hand to offer tailored advice and a personal service to ensure you are supported from start to finish.

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