A Guide to Buying Baguette Diamonds

Baguette diamonds may not be a diamond type you’re familiar with, however, they’re easily found. While they don’t have the position that Round Brilliant Cut diamonds have in the loose diamond hierarchy, they have a distinct and undeniable usefulness in jewelry development.
Baguette diamonds are a fantastic and widely popular choice of Accent, and because of their lower cost, are a great alternative to Step Cut diamonds, such as Emerald and Asscher (but are actually part of the Step Cut family). So what else do you need to know about these understated and underrated diamonds?
Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring
Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

What is a Baguette Diamond?

When you think of baguette loaves of bread, you think of long, thin shapes. That is why baguette diamonds are so aptly named—they’re rectangular diamonds that utilize a longer, thinner body.
However, not all baguette diamonds are the same. Their sizes vary, and while all corners are perfectly square, some feature straight edges to form rectangles, while others have a tapered end. These are referred to as ‘straight’ or ‘tapered’ baguette diamonds respectively.
Simon G. MR2220 Duchess Diamond Wedding Ring
Simon G. MR2220 Duchess Diamond Wedding Ring
From engagement rings to wedding bands, baguette diamonds can be used anywhere. This Duchess Diamond Wedding Ring from Simon G. is a fantastic example.
Traditionally, you won’t find large baguette diamonds. They have 14 facets—a smaller number in comparison to other diamond cuts, meaning they lack the same quality of light performance. However, they’re still widely used in a variety of jewelry types, from engagement rings to wedding bands.
For those willing to spend a little more on rings with baguette diamonds, it is possible to opt for Brilliant Cut baguettes, which, due to their higher facet count, will have a much better sparkle.

Baguette Diamond Use in Rings

Baguette diamonds are commonly used for their excellent ability to accentuate a diamond without detracting any focus from the feature stone. They add extra shine, extra sparkle, extra movement—all without getting in the way.
One of the most popular uses of baguette diamonds is within three-stone setting styles. Traditionally, these have been used to accentuate a central Emerald cut diamond, but they work well with a wide variety of cut choices.
For example, consider this 18k White Gold Vatche 309 Baguette 3 Stone Engagement Ring. It features a central diamond that is flanked by baguette diamonds, creating a regal and, ultimately modern look that many will be impressed by.
Vatche 309 Baguette 3 Stone Engagement Ring
Vatche 309 Baguette 3 Stone Engagement Ring

Rings With Channel Settings

Channel settings refer to rings that have a ‘channel’ within the band, which is often filled with baguette diamonds. The 18k White Gold Simon G. Duchess Diamond Wedding Ring is one of our favorite examples of this style of setting.
Simon G. MR2220 Duchess Diamond Wedding Ring
Simon G. MR2220 Duchess Diamond Wedding Ring
The use of baguette diamonds like this provides a uniquely modern and minimal look, while also providing a subtle shine that takes over the whole band.

Baguette Diamonds in Earrings

Baguette diamonds are also a very popular choice to adorn diamond earrings. Take these Platinum "Channel-Set Baguette" Diamond Hoop Earrings for example.
Channel-Set Baguette Diamond Hoop Earrings
Channel-Set Baguette Diamond Hoop Earrings
It’s a classic styling, making for earrings that complement a wide variety of fashion styles. These particular earrings hold 16 straight baguettes, each one adding to the beautiful overall effect.

Using Baguettes to Create a Vintage Style

Baguettes are able to recreate the vintage styles of an opulent past, giving diamond rings the air of jewelry that could have been crafted in the 1800s, or during the glitz and art deco glamour of the 1920s.
Tacori Simply Tacori 2525RD7 Diamond Engagement Ring
Tacori Simply Tacori 2525RD7 Diamond Engagement Ring
A grand example of this is the Platinum Simply Tacori Diamond Engagement Ring. The central diamond is framed by both Round Cut and baguette diamonds that provide an air of royalty, which is further built on by the inclusion of two tapered rows of pave diamonds. It’s a delicate, impressive, and illustrious ring.

Baguette Diamonds: The Key Takeaways

The Cost of Baguette Diamonds

Like any diamond, a baguette’s price will be influenced by its inherent qualities, namely the Four C’s (which you can discover more about here). They’re definitely not the most expensive type of diamond, but if you’re choosing one of higher clarity, higher cut grade, better color, you’re going to see prices increase.

The Durability of Baguette Diamonds

Due to their particular cut, baguette diamonds don’t exhibit the same level of durability that other, more robust diamond cuts do. They’re more prone to chips or cracks. However, jewelers realize this, and usually use baguettes in areas on jewelry where they are afforded a little more protection, such as inside channel settings.

Are They Worth Buying?

This question is ultimately answered by personal preference. If you are a fan of baguette diamonds, then definitely consider jewelry that contains them.
Ultimately, baguette diamonds aren’t the highest quality diamonds you will come across. They were never intended to be the main attraction in engagement rings, for example, and usually exhibit a much lower level of brilliance than cuts such as Round Brilliant, Princess, or Cushion cut diamonds. When researching baguette diamonds, you may find many that appear slightly cloudy in terms of clarity, which is actually a fairly common factor for baguettes.
But, as we’ve stated, their worth is in their use as accenting diamonds, with a quality jeweler offering beautiful items where baguettes work harmoniously with the rest of the piece.
Baguette diamonds are only one type of diamond cut, but it’s always worth learning to look for the best when buying diamonds. Turn to our comprehensive and practical diamond buying guide for the answers.

Discover What To Look For When Buying Diamonds

Every diamond buyer, regardless of their experience, needs to remember the key considerations when it comes to searching for and buying diamonds. For example, a diamond buyer will have to consider:
  • Diamond shape
  • Diamond size
  • Quality factors (such as the Four C’s)
Our guide will take you through the basics so that you’re in a much better position to begin purchasing diamonds. This guide is especially helpful to those buying online, where additional considerations must be raised.

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