A Guide to Square Cut Engagement Rings

When looking for the perfect engagement ring for your partner, you may have a very specific idea in mind. Whether it’s a particular style to complement your eventual wedding band or you have your heart set on having a square diamond as the main gem, square engagement rings are undeniably beautiful.
Princess Cut Diamond
While often overlooked, square diamonds are a unique and popular alternative to round cut diamonds.
While there are other square shape diamonds available, we will focus on the most popular of them all - the most brilliant is the square cut diamond known as the ‘princess cut’. The princess is characterized not only by its unique facet structure and impressive brilliance, but also its bold geometric square shape. Princess cuts are related to round cut diamonds by their brilliant style facet design, yet they are entirely distinctive and make a beautiful choice for engagement rings. So what makes this cut such an outstanding choice?
Let’s explore the history, benefits, and examples of square engagement rings.

What Is a Princess Cut Diamond?

The princess cut diamond is a shape that combines a brilliant style facet arrangement with a strong square outline. In gemological terms, this is known as a ‘square modified brilliant’. They are especially well suited to specific types of ring styles due to their straight sided geometric design.
Princess cut diamonds are also notable for their affordability. Because they retain more carat weight from the rough due to their shape, there is less waste in cutting a princess resulting in a lower price than for a round cut with the same weight, color, and clarity.

The Details Behind Square Engagement Ring Diamonds

The princess cut is quite the contemporary style, being first designed in 1979 by Betzalel Ambar, Ygal Perlman, and Israel Itzkowitz. It has angular lines, four beveled sides, and a pyramidal shape that ends in a clean point.
The princess cut is incredibly popular, partly due to its unique look and how it produces an abundant amount of sparkle and fire, the optical effects that make diamonds so mesmerizing.
Angular diamond cuts, such as Asscher or Emerald, while being elegant and beautiful choices, don’t provide the highest levels of sparkle as they are crafted for a different flavor of light performance. Princess cut diamonds exhibit the most brilliance of all the straight sided square geometric cuts.
So what benefits does the princess cut bring?

The Benefits of Square Engagement Ring Diamonds

Princess cut diamonds have an unrivaled yield from the rough stone. Because of its unique depth, volume, and shape, diamond cutters can extract more finished carat weight from the most common rough by cutting a princess than any other shape. The pyramidal shape of square engagement ring diamonds, especially the princess, allows for more efficient cutting and greater value.
The same rough can produce two princess cut diamonds, granting a great overall yield. This means that buyers can typically get more for their money.
Additionally, while round cut diamonds are the most traditional cut and continue to be the most prevalent on the market due to their potential for ultimate light performance, princess cuts are crafted with similar facet patterns on their pavilions, which grant them the potential for outstanding brilliance. Ultimately, this all depends on the quality of cut in the particular diamond you’re viewing.

The Challenge of The Princess Cut

Like any diamond, cut quality is a vital consideration for princess cuts. Unfortunately, many diamonds on the market today have been crafted without concern for light performance. For the discerning diamond lover or the person looking for the perfect square engagement ring, this presents a challenge.
Because of this, the market contains surprisingly few true ideal princess cuts, meaning that finding a princess cut diamond for your square engagement ring can be difficult. However, it’s definitely possible to discover some of the most beautiful and dazzling examples. Selecting an AGS certified Ideal cut princess is the easiest way to find a high performing diamond as it has been thoroughly analyzed for light performance. *Note: Diamond reports issued by GIA on princess cuts do not provide an overall cut grade.

Our Top Examples of Square Engagement Rings

When selecting the perfect diamond engagement ring, there are two main considerations; the diamond cut and the setting choice. At this point, the princess cut may be the cut for you, but what about settings?
There are many styles that have been designed for round cut diamonds that will also work for princess cut, but there are also designs that have been specifically created with the princess cut in mind.
Here are three of our most beautiful examples:

The Verragio INS-7074P Beaded Braid Princess 3 Stone Engagement Ring

This ring from Verragio features the center princess which is flanked gorgeously by two additional princess cuts, then embellished by round brilliant accent stones.
Verragio INS-7074P Beaded Braid Princess 3 Stone Engagement Ring
Verragio INS-7074P Beaded Braid Princess 3 Stone Engagement Ring
With intricate scroll and bead work that runs the majority of the band, this is an elegant piece that conjures up the opulence of vintage styling.

18k White Gold Tacori 2638PRP Dantela Crescent Motif Pave for Princess Diamond Engagement Ring

The Tacori Dantela Crescent Motif Pave for Princess is another of our most treasured design pieces.
Tacori 2638PRP Dantela Crescent Motif Pave for Princess Diamond Engagement Ring
Tacori 2638PRP Dantela Crescent Motif Pave for Princess Diamond Engagement Ring
This diamond engagement ring features dazzling pave-set diamonds that adorn the ceiling, granting it a graceful profile, while the princess cut diamond solitaire delivers a distinctive flair. Tacori crescent designs are accentuated with a dainty diamond melee. This is a truly gorgeous ring.

Platinum Vatche 1520 Lyric Solitaire Engagement Ring for Princess

In this ring, all focus is on the center princess cut diamond. This ring has been designed with a more sleek look for fans of contemporary jewelry.
Vatche 1520 Lyric Solitaire Engagement Ring for Princess
Vatche 1520 Lyric Solitaire Engagement Ring for Princess
It’s an idyllic piece with understated charm, hitting all the right notes in terms of look, feel and visual appeal. There’s a gentleness to it, amplified by soft lines and a quiet, yet commanding, four-prong head. This ring is a must-have for those who prize effortless elegance.
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What Are The Best Princess Cut Diamonds Available?

As we mentioned, with princess cut diamonds the usual focus is on maximizing yield rather than optimizing light performance. However, that’s not an issue for ideal princess diamonds.
A CUT ABOVE Princess Diamonds
Our A CUT ABOVE® Princess diamonds here at Whiteflash are the true ‘super ideals’, graded and certified by the l American Gem Society Laboratory (AGSL), the leaders in light performance cut grading, which you can discover more about here. This acclaimed diamond brand goes through a process of rigorous testing and review in order to achieve the ultimate pedigree when it comes to cut quality and light performance.
When a diamond passes this review process, it is more than just AGS Triple Zero with a platinum certificate. The process includes:
  • Analyzing the IdealScope and ASET images to ensure the light handling properties are at the absolute limits of what is possible.
  • An expert physical evaluation that guarantees each A CUT ABOVE® Princess is the best of the best.
Because there are very few diamond cutters who have been able to master the crafting ability required for creating princess cuts at this level, sourcing an ideal princess cut can be difficult.
This is why A CUT ABOVE® stands out. Only around one in every ten princess cut diamonds that meet AGS Ideal specifications also end up meeting the quality required to be a part of the A CUT ABOVE® brand. This rigorous level of technical scrutiny makes A CUT ABOVE® one of the most acclaimed diamond brands in the world. They are in-stock and available exclusively at Whiteflash.
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