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Welcome to the Whiteflash passageway into the exciting world of designer engagement rings. The jewelry design partners represented on this page produce some of the finest designer rings available in the market today. Cutting edge styling and immaculate craftsmanship are the hallmarks of these fine design houses. The quality and beauty of the collections you find here are a perfect compliment to the world class quality of Whiteflash A CUT ABOVE® diamonds.

Our online catalogues are a subset of each designer’s full line. All styles from each of these fine brands are available through Whiteflash.
Perhaps the best known of the modern designers is Tacori. This brand reflects the passion and artistry of Haig Tacorian, the patriarch of the Tacorian family. All Tacori bridal jewelry is made in America and handcrafted by highly skilled jewelers in the Tacori manufacturing facility in California. The intricately crafted artisan jewelry made there truly reflects the family legacy. Tacori’s signature style is defined by a distinctive crescent silhouette: interlocking half-moon arcs that provide windows of light to reflect the brilliance of the diamonds placed within each crescent semi-circle. The unique look and feel of Tacori design is as unmistakable as it is beautiful.
For over twenty years Barry Verragio has been the inspiration and creative force behind this innovative company which specializes exclusively in engagement and wedding rings. Barry’s international heritage enables him to bring together design elements from many classic sources. The European influence is prominent with curves and decorative elements inspired by Italian and French art and architecture. But it is the emphasis on essential aspects of engagement ring design that help distinguish Verragio from other manufacturers of designer engagement rings. With dedicated design focus on the feature diamond, Verragio engagement rings enhance the centerpiece without competing with it.
Simon G features perhaps the broadest collection of fine jewelry of any of the leading brands. Superb styling and impeccable craftsmanship are the hallmarks of this designer throughout both their bridal and fashion lines. While engagement rings and wedding bands are the focus, Simon G has a multitude of exciting options to suit a wide range of occasions and tastes. The namesake and inspiration behind Simon G is Simon Ghanimian, a master jeweler who emigrated from Beirut to Los Angeles with his wife Silvia some thirty years ago. Beginning from scratch with nothing but talent, a strong work ethic and an optimistic and fun-loving attitude, Simon has become one of the most respected and admired designers in the country.
Couples have been falling in love with A.Jaffe engagement rings for more than a century. Such a rich heritage is only possible by an uncompromising commitment to quality, style, and customer care. A.Jaffe innovation has kept the brand at the forefront of high-end bridal design since the founding of the company in 1892. Through generations, this heritage of excellence and heirloom quality has been driven by the artistry and craftsmanship of one of the iconic brands in America. A.Jaffe offers a wide range of styles to appeal to a diversity of tastes. You are sure to find your perfect expression of beauty, style, and true love among the hundreds of superb engagement ring creations of this outstanding designer.
Undoubtedly one of the most interesting individuals in the jewelry design world is Vatche Aghajayan. Before beginning the award winning jewelry design company that bears his name, Vatche served in the US Air force as a fighter pilot, and through the years has served in a training capacity. The same passion he has for flying, with its unforgiving need for precision, also drives Vatche to create bridal jewelry that is truly world-class. He creates and implements every design himself to assure its perfection before turning it over to his small group of talented bench jewelers to execute. With an affinity for understated and wearable design, Vatche rings have strong appeal to unassuming women with grace and style. It therefore comes as no surprise that twice in the past three years Vatche has won First Place in the Platinum Guild International Retailers Choice design competitions.
Ritani is a thoroughly modern jewelry design house that first opened in 1999. They have become known throughout the bridal design world as a company very much in tune with the styles and sensibilities of the contemporary woman. Ritani engagement rings and wedding bands represent a perfect blend of modern computer aided design (CAD) and old world craftsmanship. While many designs throughout their collections feature intricate detail, the emphasis remains on classic style and wearability. The elegant design of Ritani diamond rings allows them to be worn comfortably everyday and on every occasion. The patented Ritani setting features small diamonds set ingeniously in the prongs themselves, accentuating the center diamond in a completely unique way.
Since launching Danhov in 1984 Jack has built a business that fused his sense of artistic design with his love for modern technology and innovative process. Danhov is the product of that unique blend of talents and it shows in the fresh styling and high quality of every piece in the line. The brand is all about fashion forward design, wearability and durability. Even the most delicate pieces are handcrafted with techniques that give them heirloom quality.
Introducing Designs by Valoria® - the fresh designer line that goes back to the basics and re-imagines classic styling. Valoria is dedicated to quality, wearability, and a sleek design aesthetic. While competitively priced, Valoria Designs are anything but “price point” jewelry. Every aspect of the line is designed for beauty, quality, and durability. The diamonds used in the line are Ideal cut F-G VS, and materials used are the strongest available, including the platinum alloy which is a mixture of 95% platinum and 5% ruthenium providing added strength to hold up to decades of daily wear. This is particularly important with designs that are petite and understated.
Benchmark is as an all American enterprise, with headquarters and manufacturing facility in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Located just a short distance from the University of Alabama, the company proudly claims that “Benchmark rings breathe national championship air”! Using state-of-the-art techniques, ultra-modern manufacturing equipment, and multi-level quality control Benchmark rings can be counted on for consistently high quality. While best known for wedding bands, Benchmark has begun producing top quality engagement rings as well. Diamond styles are set with precision cut diamonds which are machine set, resulting in a bigger, brighter show of diamonds than conventional hand setting.
General Information about Designers
A designer brand can be thought of as a trademark protected line of styles that share the designer’s artistic approach to jewelry design. Distinctive design elements or treatments tend to give the line a particular look and feel. Added value in the form of warranties, guarantees and other assurances and services can also be differentiators for designer brands.
Authorized Resellers
The business model of most top designers is to distribute their product through a network of authorized resellers. The top designers have strict requirements for the retailers who are representing them. To qualify to carry a top brand a retailer must meet certain criteria for financial strength, credit worthiness, and normally must place a substantial opening order and maintain a healthy sales volume over time. The retailer must have a strong reputation for customer service and a suitable physical location where customers can see the line. Retailers are also often required to participate in certain advertising campaigns to help drive new business. (Retailers are also usually given allowances in the form of credits for other advertising they might do related specifically to the brand).
Most designers have exclusive territorial agreements with their retail partners. Depending on many demographic factors the geographical territories can be fairly large in more rural areas or they might be quite small in the case of high density urban areas. Typically there will not be more than one authorized reseller in a given geographical area but with the rise of e-commerce these lines are not quite as distinct today. Until relatively recently, the top designers have heavily favored traditional brick and mortar jewelers for the presentation and customer experience that they are able to bring to the brand. But the rapid growth of e-commerce has created a convergence where companies working primarily in the internet channel are setting up stores and traditional brick and mortar companies are going online.
High-end designer jewelry can be expected to cost a premium over generic. The top designers are rigorous in enforcing pricing discipline among their re-sellers. In order to protect the value of their brand, they seek to prevent discounting. Each brand has different policies and some are more rigorous in enforcing uniform pricing than others. But in general you can expect to pay roughly the same price no matter which authorized reseller you deal with. The consumer is therefore free to choose a reseller based upon which one is more convenient or comfortable to deal with.
Most designers have all of their operations under one roof including production, logistics and administration. This promotes efficiency and quality control. Service after the sale (repairs, sizing) is usually conducted at the factory, requiring the piece to be shipped to the designer. This is done to ensure the integrity of the product after servicing, and to protect the brand. In some cases, the retailer is authorized by the designer to do certain types of work in order to avoid delays and shipping costs. An advantage of choosing a designer brand is the assurance that no matter where you go, you will be able to get service from jewelers qualified to restore the piece to original condition. This is especially important with jewelry that has intricate design elements or diamond setting techniques such as micro pave that require a high level of expertise.
Most designers provide warranties that will cover many different contingencies including repairs and resizing. These policies vary among the different designers, but in general they tend to be liberal in applying their policies in order to maintain their brand reputation and to assist their retail partners in maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction. Many require a product registration in order to be eligible for benefits, and most have limitations and exclusions.
Other Benefits
Some other benefits that might be found with designer brands are trade-up benefits, Guarantee of service, and lifetime free sizing. Purchasing a designer brand can also add lasting value to the piece as the designer name becomes part of the provenance of the piece and represents an element of value in addition to the value of the precious metals and gemstones.
Designer Brand or Custom?
If you want something very unique there is sometimes a choice between a designer piece and having something made from scratch. The first thing to consider is warranties and other benefits that might be available on the designer item. In addition, the ability to know exactly what the designer piece will look like takes some of the uncertainty out of the custom process. It should also be pointed out that many of the designers will do customization of their designs and even complete custom build. This is something to explore if you want something very special but do not want to give up the benefits of the designer brand.
Copyright Enforcement
Many times customers like everything about a designer piece except the price! And many local jewelers are willing to copy trademarked designer pieces at lower prices, even though it is illegal and unethical to do so. It should be a red flag to any buyer that a jeweler willing to steal copyrighted material may not be trustworthy in other ways. Furthermore, the quality of the materials and workmanship may not be the same, and the benefits of owning the authentic branded piece will be sacrificed.
Turn around times
Generally speaking if you are lucky and your exact item is in the jeweler’s stock you can expect delivery within a week or two. That means correct metal, center stone and finger size. Special orders will typically range anywhere from a couple of weeks to 6 weeks or more but many times can be expedited upon special request.
There are many reasons to consider buying a brand name designer engagement ring. While there is generally a premium to be paid for going this route, the unique styles and the consistent quality of the materials and craftsmanship can make a persuasive case. Warranties and extra benefits, combined with the long term added value in provenance of a well known brand name are very convincing to many couples. Especially considering that the choice of the engagement ring and wedding band is one of the most emotionally important decisions of a lifetime.