18k White Gold Vatche U-113 6-Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring

Item: 1993
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  • Metal: 18k White Gold
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  • Center Stone Size: 0.40-1.99 ct
    0.40-1.99 ct - $1,800
    2.00-9.99 ct - Add $300
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Refined elegance, those two words perfectly define the Vatche U-113 Solitaire Engagement Ring. The clean, fluid lines meet with a lovely 6 prong head that ensures your diamond is completely secure.
Please allow 18 business days for completion.
* Center diamonds sold separately.
Not included in style information or price.
Designer Style # U-113
Width 2.4 mm
Thickness 2.1 mm
Re-Sizeable Yes - Up to 2 Sizes
Sold As Setting Only No
Production Time 18 Business Days
Setting Type 6 Prong
Center Diamond Size Range (ct.) 0.40-1.99
Shape(s) Center Can Be Set With
* All measurements are based on a size 6 and set with a one carat center diamond. Actual details may vary if ring size or diamond is different.
Vatche U-113 6-Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring
May 17, 2023
I am still getting to know this incredible stone and ring, but already I can tell you there are not enough superlatives. WOW. Seriously. It is perfect. The chunky arrows give this stone such a fantastic personality. She’s clearly a precision cut modern brilliant—you can see her arrows in almost every light. Yet the size of those arrows give her a tiny bit of OEC flavor, which I just love. Her name is Vivian. Which means alive. Because she truly seems alive. She’s changeable and really invites you to stare. She grabs colors from the environment and throws them back, but always manages to be white. She turns into a dancing glitter show under LED lighting (yes, I ran out to a local store with my favorite lighting so I could see). Outside she is a shower of rainbows. As for color, while she does reflect environmental color like crazy, she manages to stay bright white. This may say as much about my lack of color sensitivity as anything else, but I truly do not see a color difference between this stone and my CBI studs, which are AGS Gs. I’ve never had a stone with clarity this high, and it may make me a high-clarity convert. You can really gaze into it with a feeling that nothing gets in the way. It feels very pure and clean. Trying to find a larger stone in this market was really an interesting experience, and I am so glad we chose Whiteflash. Your ACA specifications and upgrade policy made this leap of faith feel very safe. And you already know this, but good grief did y’all ever overdeliver! I still cannot believe this stone finished a clarity grade higher and nearly a quarter carat heavier than promised. Or that we didn’t have to pay for the difference. Truly, I did not ever think I would be wearing a stone with these specs. I also want to rave about the setting. I had some very specific requests, and Hung nailed every single one. • The prongs are exactly what I hoped for—Tiffany inspired tabs, ever so slightly softened at the corners. • I asked that the prongs not protrude from the girdle and that they be as delicate as possible, and they are, in fact, FAR more delicate and precise than the settings I saw at Tiffany when I was looking. In real life all I see from the top view is the gorgeous diamond, and that was the goal. • It was also important to me that the setting be comfortable and that the prongs not catch on anything, and it is fantastic in that regard. It is smooth and nothing has caught so much as a tiny fuzz. • Height—The height is great as well. I had asked for the low side of medium, as this is already a tall stone. It is really impressive how your bench was able to find the height here. It is high enough that it shows the stone off, yet low enough that it is easy to wear. • I asked that the prongs be close to the diamond on the pavilion side—didn’t want a lot of space between the prongs and the stone. The result is perfect. The prongs skim right up the sides of the stone. Also, I want to give a huge shout out to the WF photography department. I have only had this ring for 24 hours, and I’ve spent an embarrassing chunk of that time trying to get good photos of it. Y’all take beautiful photographs—and I now know this is NOT an easy task! Diamonds behave a bit like toddlers when you point a camera in their direction. Finally, a huge thanks to Becca for everything. You have truly gone above and beyond. I have lost track of how many times we’ve spoken at this point, but thank you for all your help guiding me through this process. I really appreciate that you never did any high pressure sales on the front end. Instead, you gave us all the information we needed to make a big decision, and room to make it. Once the decision was made to custom cut, you walked me through every step of the process with grace and patience. Since this stone was cut after AGS merged with GIA, I asked for additional Sarin scanning of the stone so that I could have the same information that would have been on an old AGS report. You were instrumental in getting that done, and I am so thankful. I am bowled over by WF’s customer service, truly. The only bumps in the whole process were with GIA forgetting the inscription initially, and with Jeweler’s Mutual. You were so kind to help move things along with insurance so that we would have coverage before the ring shipped, and I truly appreciate it. I hate that it didn’t work out to meet Debi for delivery of the ring, but it means so much to me that y’all offered to hand deliver. You have gained a customer for life through this process. Thank you again for everything. This ring celebrates twenty years of marriage, so it means a lot that it is so spectacular.
Angie, Alaska, USA
Vatche U-113 6-Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring
April 10, 2023
I'll be very honest: I like to consider myself too much of a perfectionist with a very keen eye for detail, and everything is so perfect, where do I even start? I already knew what the luxurious packaging would look like, but how it looks on a screen does not do justice to how it looks and feels now that it's in my hands. The tray slid out from the box with the slightest of efforts when pulled from the attached ribbon. It contained the copy of the paid invoice, the jewelry care essentials flyer, the refer a friend flyer, the ring size tool, the diamond certificate in its holder and your two business cards (I'm definitely keeping these handy when I need to refer someone!), all cleanly enclosed in the branded pouch and stored away in the tray. On to the packaging's highlight, the mesmerizingly perfect ring I chose with your help and Whiteflash's magnificently detailed website. Here I'd like to point out that I never even considered researching for buying such a valuable object online, but when I bumped into the website and started corresponding with yourself, I changed my mind to the extent that it has easily become my most satisfying purchase I ever did online and that I'll definitely consider doing again in the future. The distinctive lacquered cherry and black motif is elegant and sophisticated, conveying a richness that is immediately tangible. A high quality outer box with Whiteflash logo features an inner liner and hinged side making it easy to remove and replace the ring box." All of this resting on a very solid protective packing. The small branded leatherette pouch is also something that I enjoyed having as I am still not sure if to use this or the engagement ring box on the day. To recap, I never imagined being this happy with such a purchase and I am eagerly looking forward to seeing my future-wife-to-be's reaction when I give her the ring! Thank you so much, Becca, and everyone at Whiteflash! ??
Luca M, Malta
 Vatche U-113 6-Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring
March 22, 2023
We got the ring! It looks amazing as always :) thank you!!
Kevin L, California, USA
Vatche U-113 6-Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring
February 06, 2023
Really thanks for making it for me. It is such a great present for me.
Nga Yee L, Australia

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