The Fashion Personality Guide to Choosing a Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

Three stone settings have never been a hotter style for diamond engagement rings. After all, the three stones in a three-stone ring represent the past, present and future, adding up to a lifetime of special memories.
But like any other kind of engagement ring, or diamond jewelry for that matter, it can be hard to choose the perfect three stone diamond engagement ring, especially if you want to surprise your girlfriend with the perfect ring. Here’s a great way to choose a ring she’ll love: use this guide to pick the three stone diamond engagement ring style that matches the clothes and jewelry she already likes! That way, you know you’re getting what she wants, plus she’ll think you have magic jewelry telepathy skills.
Three Stone Braid Diamond Engagement Ring

Fashion Personality: The Hopeless Romantic

She loves roses, lace and all things ruffled. Her favorite colors are pink and red, and she loves all the little feminine details, like delicate perfume and rose-tinted lip gloss. She loves nothing more than when you plan a romantic date or surprise her with an unexpected bouquet of flowers. She has been known to tear up at the end of more than one romantic comedy, and her DVD of Titanic is worn out from overuse.
heart shaped diamond

Ring Personality: Heart-Shaped Diamond

Heart shaped diamonds are among the most unique and hard-to-find stones, which makes a three stone diamond engagement ring set with one all the more special and romantic. Hearts have a special place in any true romantic’s, well, heart, and when that stone is accompanied by two colored gemstones for accent stones, you have one of the most romantic engagement rings ever created. Before you have a jeweler find you a heart-shaped engagement ring, be sure that is something your girlfriend is interested in; not everyone likes that style and you want to get it right on the first try!
Three Stone Pave Halo Engagement Ring

Fashion Personality: The Classic Beauty

This girl takes fashion advice from a certain someone named Coco Chanel, mixing the perfect amount of polish and pizzazz to create outfits that are timeless and perfectly modern. Unafraid of classic accessories like the blazer, the silk scarf and the pearl necklace, she pulls it all off with an understated delivery that makes the classics modern again. And of course, she never underestimates the power of a little black dress and a perfect pair of pumps.
Three Stone Trellis Diamond Engagement Ring

Ring Personality: Yellow Gold Classic

Quality is key for a style this simple, so spring for the absolute best diamonds you can afford. Three modestly-sized Whiteflash A Cut Above stones are going to be much more brilliant and elegant than three much larger stones with a lower cut grade. And don’t think that a simple prong setting has to boring—there are many small embellishments like a trellis or “W” shape that can add visual interest to this three stone diamond engagement ring. And yellow gold is just a vintage classic, an elegant twist to this beautifully simple ring.
Custom Three Stone Halo Engagement Ring

Fashion Personality: The Funky Fashionista

Never one to wear the same thing as everyone else, this girl is true individual, and she likes to show it. Everything from her clothes to her jewelry to her taste in music is eclectic and betrays her indie sensibility. She prefers clothing and jewelry from boutiques, vintage stores and even flea markets, as long as each piece is unique.
Antique Diamond Engagement Ring

Ring Personality: Filigreed and Fancy

Find a three stone diamond engagement ring with details that set it apart and make it unique. Filigreed or engraved details like the etching on this ring band give it a handmade, one-of-a-kind look; you can even have a special message engraved on the inside. Fancy yellow diamond accent stones provide an unusual contrast with the center stone and the platinum band. (Yellow sapphires can be also be used for the same interesting look.)
Couer de Clara Ashley Wedding Ring Set

Fashion Personality: The Glamour Goddess

Heads turn when she walks in the room. With her sky-high heels, daring outfits and glam makeup and jewelry, this is one girl who has sex appeal and isn’t afraid to use it! She keeps it all classy by choosing a few pieces with eye-catching appeal to pull the whole outfit together. She probably already owns a jewelry box full of blingy cocktail rings and statement necklaces, which she wears with sexy self-confidence.
Tapered Emerald Engagement Ring

Ring Personality: The Emerald-Cut Bling

Emerald-cut stones are among the most glamorous diamonds for engagement rings. Their unusual faceting makes them understated and elegant, and their fashion-forward shape makes them the perfect choice for a drop-dead gorgeous three stone diamond engagement rings. Choose a platinum band, a couple of baguette accent stones, and the perfect accessory is finished!

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