How to Care for your Engagement Ring and Fine Jewelry

The Whiteflash Team is dedicated to providing high quality fine jewelry designed to be durable and crafted with care to bring you many years of enjoyment. With some reasonable attention your jewelry can stay clean and sparkling and look beautiful every time you wear it. Regular cleaning and inspection will enable you to have full confidence that your jewelry is performing to its full potential, and will enable you to spot any problems that might need the attention of a jewelry professional.

General Care

Your jewelry is built to be durable and should be worn and enjoyed. However, gold and platinum and even diamonds can be damaged and will experience some level of wear and tear. Here are some common sense rules to help protect your special treasures.
  • It is best to avoid wearing fine jewelry while engaging in activities likely to cause excessive wear and tear such as working out at the gym or doing heavy yard work. Such activities can result in damage requiring costly repairs, or cause your jewelry to become so dirty that professional cleaning will be necessary to restore its lustre.
  • Exposure to harsh chemicals such as those found in household cleaning products and some hair care products can be harmful so it is best to avoid wearing jewelry where it might come in contact with these substances.
  • Chlorine in a swimming pool can degrade gold alloys, so it is important to remove your jewelry before going in the water. Swimming with rings on can be risky in general as water tends to shrink and lubricate fingers leading to possible loss.
  • Jewelry items should be stored carefully when not in use to avoid contact with other jewelry, as diamonds can scratch anything, including other diamonds. Specially designed jewelry containers are ideal. The key is to keep the items nicely separated in soft compartments or wrapped in soft cloth.

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Check your jewelry regularly for any problems such as loose stones, thinning of bands and broken, worn, or lifted prongs. If your ring is catching on clothing, feels rough to the touch, or there is air space under a prong tip, then special attention is needed.
  • Have your jewelry inspected by a professional once a year or whenever you detect a potential problem. Taking the time to do this will give you peace of mind and will help protect your financial and emotional investment in your special treasures.
  • Also pay close attention to the clasps on necklaces. These have moving parts and it’s important to ensure they are always in good working order.
Vatche U-113 6-Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring
Vatche U-113 6-Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring


To keep your jewelry looking fabulous, regular cleaning is essential. Precious metals, gemstones and diamonds will pick up oils from your hands and dirt from the environment causing a build-up of film that will gradually diminish lustre and sparkle over time. There are several excellent jewelry cleaning products and systems commercially available.
  • When choosing a cleaning product, check the label to verify that it is suitable for the type of jewelry you wish to clean.
  • Ultrasonic cleaners do a great job, but use caution as the vibrations can loosen gemstones. Vibra-sonic devices are lower power and safer to use at home.
  • Steam cleaners can also produce excellent results but can dislodge or loosen stones, so pay close attention and use as directed.
If you would like advice on suitable products a Whiteflash representative is always happy to provide recommendations.

Jewelry Care Recipe

A simple and effective DIY cleaning solution for diamond jewelry can be made by mixing 1/3 household ammonia and 2/3 warm water.
  • Soak the item for 30 minutes to an hour and then use a small brush to remove the softened dirt and film. We recommend finding a brush at an art supply store with long, thin but stiff bristles.
  • Try to clean the back of the diamonds (pavilion) as well as possible. Rinse with clean water being careful not to do so over an open drain!
Verragio Renaissance 939R7 Solitaire Engagement Ring
Verragio Renaissance 939R7 Solitaire Engagement Ring

Looking After Metals

Gold and platinum are both susceptible to scratching and abrasion during normal wear. 14k and 18k gold products are actually harder and more scratch resistant than platinum, even though platinum is more durable in the long run.
  • Depending on thickness, gold and platinum are susceptible to bending. Rings can sometimes get out-of-round from the pressure of gripping action, especially thinner rings. White gold products are almost always plated with rhodium to give them a bright white lustre and shine. Depending on wearing conditions, lifestyle, and body chemistry a white gold product may need to be periodically re-plated to regain top lustre.

Diamond Care

As discussed above, it is very important to regularly clean and inspect your fine jewelry. Designs featuring multiple small diamonds, such as pavé items, are susceptible to having small stones come out. Extra care and consideration should be given to these more intricate and delicate styles. And addressing problems before they worsen is the key to years of worry free enjoyment.


For many customers protecting their fine jewelry investment with a personal jewelry insurance policy makes sense and gives great peace of mind. While Whiteflash does not sell insurance, we do recommend Jewelers Mutual Insurance Co., a leading specialist in the field. Their policies are all-risk, covering theft, loss and damage. Our clients can get quotes and apply for coverage conveniently through a link on our jewelry insurance page.
Whiteflash is a full manufacturing jeweler and can perform any service you may need to maintain or repair your fine jewelry. If we can be of assistance please call us toll free at 877-612-6770.

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