Most popular jewelry in US

Most Popular Jewelry in the US
Jewelry styles, like all fashion, comes in and out. One year, everyone is layering long pendant necklaces; the next, they are wearing oversize cocktail rings set with brightly colored gemstones. But despite all the changes, a few styles have remained the same. No matter how much time goes by, a woman dressed in these classic and most popular jewelry styles will always look timeless and beautiful. If you are looking for a jewelry gift for a woman in your life, a choice from this list of popular jewelry bestsellers can’t go wrong. Every single one of these pieces is sure to stand the test of time and be just as fashionable in twenty years as they are now.
Solitaire Engagement Ring
1. First introduced by Tiffany’s nearly 100 years ago, the solitaire engagement ring is the most popular diamond jewelry piece of all time. Consisting of a single diamond set in a simple prong setting on a gold or platinum band, the solitaire diamond engagement ring is classic and elegant—perfect for the woman who wants to wear her engagement ring with everything.
Scattered Diamond Wedding Band
2. This popular jewelry item has a history that stretches back thousands of years. In their modern incarnation, wedding bands are often simple bands made of gold or platinum that are designed to be worn alongside more complicated engagement rings. The ring is as much symbol as it is jewelry, but that has not stopped jewelers from embellishing the classic ring with all kinds of adornments.
Diamond Stud Earrings
3. A glance at any Hollywood red carpet event will reveal that the most popular diamond jewelry item not used in a wedding ceremony has got to be diamond stud earrings. No matter what size or setting style, whether they are modest diamonds in a bezel setting or enormous rocks in a six-prong setting, diamond studs are classic, timeless, and go with every outfit imaginable.
Pearl Necklace
4. The ultimate symbol of classiness, the pearl necklace is not just for grandmothers anymore. A string of pearls can be worn short and business-like with a suit, or allowed to drape over a silky dress for an evening out. All that really matters is showing off the gorgeous natural luster of the pearl.
Heart Pendant Necklace
5. The heart shape connotes romance and love, so it should be no surprise that the heart pendant necklace is one of the most popular jewelry items in the US. Whether the heart is a yellow gold locket or is encrusted with diamonds, women of all ages can wear a heart-shaped pendant as a symbol of their connection with the ones they love.
Bangle Bracelets
6. First inspired by the simple bracelets women in India traditionally wear, bangle bracelets are a way to add fun and flavor to any outfit. These days, bangles are available in metals from platinum to rose gold to sterling silver, and can be set with all kinds of luxurious add-ins, like diamonds and gemstones. They are a classy, elegant way to add that finishing touch to a dressy ensemble.
Diamond Tennis Bracelet
7. So named because of the time a tennis star paused the game in order to find her lost bracelet, tennis bracelets are the ultimate symbol of sophistication and breezy luxury. Consisting of a simple link bracelet set with a single row of diamonds, tennis bracelets make perfect anniversary or birthday presents for the most special woman in your life.
Diamond Hoop Earrings
8. Women of all ages and styles can find the pair of hoop earrings that suits their personal tastes, from the elegance of yellow gold “huggies” to the bohemian flair of oversized silver hoops. Hoop earrings can also be dressed up for evening when they are set with a row of small diamonds or gemstones.
Eternity Band
9. The eternity band is so named for its never-ending row of diamonds. It symbolizes everlasting love and faithfulness—making it just about the perfect gift for an anniversary. Some women wear their eternity bands on the same finger as their engagement rings, while others wear them on the opposite hand.
Pearl and Diamond Studs
10. Ever the symbol of quiet elegance, pearl stud earrings may not be the flashiest popular jewelry item on this list, but they have enduring qualities all of their own. Small pearl earrings can be worn at any time, to any event, and with any outfit, and they add a gentle luster and sense of class to any ensemble.

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