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November 01, 2016
The proposal went great and my now fiancee loves the ring! On her first day out with it, she got compliments and even some guy wanted to get a picture of it to show his wife. Strange, but interesting. It was amazing service from you and your team! Thank you very much! I will likely be coming back to Whiteflash again for the wedding band! Thanks again!
Jaric, Nevada, USA
September 02, 2016
She loves the ring! I think it fits the style she wanted, so it worked out nicely
Denver L, Nevada, USA
February 16, 2016
The ring is gorgeous and far exceeded my expectations. She said yes! Thank you!
James, Nevada, USA
August 03, 2015
There are no words to describe how thrilled I am about it! Thank you so much for all the help you've given me throughout this process; I couldn't have done it without you!
Denver, Nevada, USA

Nevada Diamond Engagement Rings and Jewelry

The city of Las Vegas, Nevada hosts an average of 315 weddings a day. While some of those are preplanned destination weddings, the majority of them are spur-of-the-moment drive-thru-chapel type affairs. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! Some long-lasting marriages start that way—with a couple deciding that the time is right, and that the right time is right now! So what if you want to tie the knot Vegas-style? Well, it might be an impromptu proposal and wedding, but you can still make it feel like the real deal by proposing with an engagement ring as beautiful and classy as any you would have found back home.
While many stores in Vegas sell overpriced touristy souvenirs, if you look a little bit off the beaten track, you can find quality Nevada jewelers selling traditional or contemporary diamond jewelry.
Here are the best Nevada jewelry shops to suit every style and budget:
Best Vintage: The Gypsy Den is not only the best provider of vintage engagement rings and jewelry in town; it’s also an art gallery and live music venue. So not only can you pick out the perfect gift, but you can have some fun while doing it! Plus, owner KT is very knowledgeable about diamond jewelry, and can help you find a truly one-of-a-kind piece.
Best Gemstone Jewelry: Not all engagement rings have to be diamonds—just look at princess Kate Middleton! If you are looking for a colored gemstone, or for any other more unusual stone, you have to visit Jewelry and Minerals of Las Vegas, one of the most unusual Nevada jewelers. Besides for jewelry-quality gemstones, this shop also sells a dazzling—literally!—array of crystal, geodes, rock formations, carvings, and museum-quality gems. If you are planning to have a truly one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry custom made, you can start here by finding a rare gemstone unlike any other in the world—and then you can have your engagement ring custom made by another reputable Nevada jeweler.
Best Antiques and Jewelry Repair: You wouldn’t trust your precious heirloom jewelry to just anyone, and that’s why you go to John Fish Jewelers. John Fish has been a fixture of the Nevada jewelry scene for years, and he’s the only jeweler many people will trust with their most valued jewelry and watches. In a city full of famous designer names and oversized chain stores, it can be a relief just to walk in the front door of this unpretentious fifty-year-old family-owned establishment. Besides for expert jewelry pair and an exquisite collection of antique jewelry, John Fish also buys gold and diamonds—but unlike those heavily advertised Cash for Gold places, he offers expert appraisal and a fair price.
Best Designer: There are dozens of high-end designer boutiques Las Vegas boutiques, but the best of the best is David Yurman, on the Strip. Sure, it isn’t cheap, but if you’ve already gotten lucky at the casinos, might as well get something out of it that you are going to treasure for the rest of your life!

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