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Tacori. Anyone shopping for an engagement ring has most likely heard the name. It is one of the most important names in the designer jewelry world. Tacori rings are by far the most sought after in the market, and are especially popular with young couples in the process of tying the knot.
Tacori engagement rings reflect the artistry and passion of Haig Tacorian, the patriarch of the Tacorian family. Having immigrated from Europe with his wife Gilda in 1969, Haig Tacorian brought with him unique skills and vision that paved the way for phenomenal success in the competitive world of fine jewelry design. Today, he is still very much involved in the business that he created, but the next generation of Tacorians are now taking the company to new heights. Son Paul and daughter Nadine along with several other family members are moving the company into the future with the same passion for beauty and quality that has been at the heart of Tacori for four decades.
All Tacori jewelry is made in America – handcrafted in California by some of the finest jewelers in the world. The care and attention to detail evident in every Tacori ring is inspired by Haig’s original vision. An uncompromising passion for intricately crafted artisan jewelry truly reflects the family legacy. Tacori’s signature style is defined by a distinctive design element in the form of a crescent silhouette: interlocking half-moon arcs which provide windows of light to reflect the brilliance of the diamonds placed within each crescent silhouette semi-circle. The ornate look and feel of Tacori design is as unique and unmistakable as it is beautiful.
Tacori Designer Ring Box
Tacori Ring Box
With styles ranging from the classic simplicity seen in the Clean Crescent collection, to the elaborate Royal T collection which can only be described as magnificent, there are Tacori wedding rings for every taste and lifestyle. While the bridal collections are focused on the modern bride, there is an unmistakable vintage flavor that runs through the Tacori line making it very appealing to the mature shopper as well. The intricate and ornate detail and high skill use of micro beading and micro pavé gives Tacori engagement rings a sense of old world European design.
The Tacori engagement ring line is composed of a number of distinctive collections. Each collection features design elements that create a special look and feel.

Blooming Beauties

The Tacori Blooming Beauties Collection features accent diamonds surrounding and embellishing the center stone, the like a flower unfolding.

Classic Crescent

Distinctively Tacori, the Classic Crescent Collection consists of designs that are timeless. The vintage style crescent design that Tacori is so famous for is on full display.

Clean Crescent

Straight forward and bold, designs in the Clean Crescent collection feature the Tacori crescent from profile view in clean high polished form.


Sleek profiles and flowing lines characterize the Tacori engagement rings Dantela Collection. Embracing a wide variety feature diamond shapes this collection contains some of the most popular new Tacori models.

Full Bloom

Like a flower in the prime of fulfillment, the Tacori Full Bloom Collection features styles that will make you “stop and smell the roses”!

Petite Crescent

Slim lines and minimalist design elements of the Tacori Petite Crescent collection elegantly focus attention to the center diamond.

Pretty In Pink

The Tacori Pretty in Pink Collection features fabulous engagement rings made in rose gold (also referred to a pink gold). The unique composition of this gold alloy results in a warm “blush” color that harkens back to a vintage period.

Reverse Crescent

The Tacori Reverse Crescent design features a playful twist on the crescent motif.


The Tacori Ribbon Collection, as the name implies, features design elements that flow and merge in curving fluid forms creating a sumptuous and feminine look.

Royal T

The RoyalT Collection from Tacori contains some of the most elaborate and decorative designs in the entire line. Models in this collection are neither understated nor subtle. Each one makes a statement that says “Fab-u-lous”!

Sculpted Crescent

The Tacori Sculpted Crescent collection features models that have a bold profile view of the trademark crescent in solid, high polish form.

Simply Tacori

Unmistakable Tacori engagement rings design elements characterize the Simply Tacori Collection. Micro beading and micro pave crescents adorn each ring from profile view.

Tacori 3995 - 4995 (Tacori Complete)

The Tacori 3995 - 4995 Collection is the ultimate answer to the shopper who wants to keep it simple! This collection features five great styles pre-set with a high quality center diamond. With half carat center diamonds they come complete for $3995, or step up to a three quarter carat diamond for $4995.
With so many collections and variations to choose from, there is a Tacori ring for every taste. Multiple options are available throughout the line for virtually every shape and size of center diamond.
No matter which one best fits your sense of style you can be certain that your choice will convey the beauty and artistry that is recognized the world over as distinctively Tacori.

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