I thank you for such a wonderful experience during one of the most difficult decisions and mentally trying times I
October 27, 2006

I thank you for such a wonderful experience during one of the most difficult decisions and mentally trying times I''ve had to experience.

I wanted to write you in order to express the absolute joy it has been to work with the Whiteflash team. I''ve been buying things online for some time, but nothing has ever come close to the personal attention and superlative customer service that I''ve received from your team. Everything from your professionalism in helping me decide on the perfect stone for my vision and my budget to your distribution team and AR team has been amazing. The amount of teamwork you have behind the scenes is something every vendor, be it online or brick and mortar, should strive for. I''m sure I was probably one of the more difficult clients Whiteflash has had to deal with, as I was FULL of questions and concerns - each of which was handled in a very timely and professional manner. I had a pretty hard deadline for my proposal, and once I had decided on my diamond we found out that the distributor was closed for the week. Whiteflash did an amazing job of getting the diamond in, getting me my appraisal as well as the 40x picture, the Idealscope image, the Sarin report, and then getting the diamond out to me in time to make my plan come to fruition - all in less than 1 business day after getting it to your site. I cannot express my sincere gratitude enough in words, so I plan to recommend your services to everyone I know who might be in the market for any type of jewelery or precious stone. On another note, I feel it necessary to mention that management there, and most likely yourself in person, deserves some kudos as well, as your internal processes seem to function like clockwork. Keeping your customers so well informed while at the same time seamlessly transitioning them between departments to take care of the actual payment and delivery can''t be an easy task. It was quite a pleasant surprise to see that the organizational development at Whiteflash has been so well refined, handling orders with the utmost efficiency, while at the same time maintaining such a personal touch. Again, I thank you for such a wonderful experience during one of the most difficult decisions and mentally trying times I''ve had to experience. Your new customer for life,
Rob F., Canada


May 10, 2021
I proposed this weekend and she said yes! She was definitely surprised and is very happy with the diamond and ring!! Thank you again for all your help throughout the entire process!!!
Santiago R, California, USA
May 04, 2021
I received the rings yesterday and.......WOW! The word STUNNING does not even begin to describe how beautiful the rings are. When I opened the box they took my breath away. This truly is my dream ring and I am over the moon excited about wearing it. Michelle - thank you for your patience and guidance through this whole process. Even when you presented me with everything I asked for and I was unsure, you patiently assured me the ring would turn out great. It surpassed anything I could have ever dreamed of! Thank you so much!
Vieng H, Florida, USA
May 03, 2021
I highly recommend Whiteflash if you are looking for the perfect engagement and wedding rings. My husband used them 9 years ago when spending months researching and searching for the perfect diamond. He is a huge stickler and it takes him forever to make decisions about anything (especially life choices). So this speaks volumes for Whiteflash. He loved them! I recently decided it was time to upgrade my setting a bit and get a new wedding band. I looked around for a few months online and wasn't really impressed and decided one day to check out Whiteflash's site. I found a beautiful, unique ring. They were able to use my existing center stone. So I mailed my ring back to them and had it re-done. They were extremely thorough on mail-back directions, etc. The employees are super nice, super helpful, get back to you very quickly and are all around grade A! Not only that, but the rings are absolutely stunning, unique and just different than any other I've ever seen. I absolutely love my rings. The diamonds are so beautiful and I can't stop looking at them. Very happy with my choice to go with Whiteflash. I recommend them to anyone looking for jewelry!
Jana T, Ohio, USA
April 29, 2021
The ring turned out beautifully.
Nicholas M, California, USA

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