She loved it!
December 05, 2006

She loved it!

She loved it! I don?ˆ™t think she?ˆ™s taken her eyes off it (or blinked) since I opened the box up and asked her to marry me (she said yes by the way). She loves everything about the ring and the diamond sparkles like crazy on her hand. I knew I loved the ring when I first saw it, but of course my main goal was to make sure she loved it as well. Well, I definitely accomplished that. She can?ˆ™t stop looking at it and telling me how much she loves it. She does wish it fit a little more snug on her finger though. It is not in any danger of sliding off past the knuckle, but it tends to turn a little bit when she?ˆ™s moving her hand a lot. I told her I would get it resized, but she does not want to be without it for any period of time, or even risk ruining the craftsmanship. After doing more research, I?ˆ™ve found that people?ˆ™s fingers tend to change in size, especially during the wintertime. Because of that, I do not want to get it sized down at all in fear of it not even fitting in the summer or something changing about the setting as a result of the resize. Since the ring is not overly big by any means, I think we plan on just keeping it as is and seeing how the fit changes with the change of seasons. Until then I was thinking of getting a plastic or rubber ring guard to put at the bottom of the shank to make it fit a little more snug for the time being. The bottom line is though, she loves the ring and keeps saying how big and sparkly the diamond looks (it really does face up big). She and I are 100 percent satisfied and I can?ˆ™t thank you enough for all of your help.
Stephen, Singapore


November 28, 2017
I (and my fiancée!) absolutely love the ring! It’s more gorgeous than we could have even imagined! It’s so brilliant and beautiful, and my fiancée is ecstatic and can’t stop looking at it! We are so glad that we found you guys and decided to purchase our ring from you! It was a great process, and you were extremely helpful! You can tell how happy I am by all the exclamation points!
Bradley K, Ohio, USA
November 13, 2017
I cannot say how happy I was the the selection, price, and ESPECIALLY the service at Whiteflash. Everyone I dealt with at the company was patient, professional and knowledgeable. This was my first engagement ring purchase and I looked at rings at local stores, and all the other "big" internet diamond sellers. After literally months of learning and searching I came upon a beautiful diamond at a great price at Whiteflash. Believe me, I looked at hundreds of diamonds and compared ASET Scope (AS) images and used the HCA calculator (HCA). Once the main diamond was selected a custom setting (platinum ring with round diamond and tapered baguettes) They did a wonderful job at a very, very fair price. I cannot say how pleased my fiance is with the ring. And, I cannot say how happy I am having made the purchase at Whiteflash. If you are debating about whether to shop at Whiteflash, my opinion is do not hesitate. They have a great selection, are very professional and reputable, offer fantastic service, and what is likely the best value of all the diamond retailers.
Christopher D, Florida, USA
November 10, 2017
Her eyes sparkled almost as much as the ring. Needless to say she loves it. Only takes it off to clean. She loves the complements. The sparkle is noticeable for a considerable distance. My presentation did not go as plan but the ring was a hit.
Mark K, Virginia, USA
October 25, 2017
The ring is spectacular. I really had high expectations and it exceeded my high expectations by a mile. Absolutely stunning. Thank you for your help with everything.
Peter R, Connecticut, USA

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