A very memorable proposal
December 28, 2006

A very memorable proposal

Hope your holidays were good. I have been meaning to write to you. Mike proposed on our New York trip, so I can officially wear my ring. It was a very memorable proposal. There is so much I want to tell you. I really can''t sum up in words how much I love this ring. Everything about it even aside from its beauty. It is so comfortable to wear, it does not snag my hair when I run my fingers through it, sleeping with it, doing everything is so comfortable. I am astonished. I thought I was going to have a hard time getting used to wearing it since I never wear rings because I find them uncomfortable. I can''t stop staring at it! I am so happy! Anyways, when we finally got back everyone was dying to see my ring. Everyone I show it to is amazed at how beautiful it is and how much brilliance it has,and I can tell by their reaction that they really mean it. I have been to several restaurants and it is just like you said, the diamond goes crazy reflecting it light, I love it. I''ve become such a ""snob"" (Ha! Ha!) with the ACA''s, every diamond I see now does not even come close to its beauty. Even though this is my one and only diamond, I know I am hooked with these ACA. How can I go to anything else. I really, really want the diamond stud earrings even more now. Hopefully I won''t have to wait too long for them. Also I need to decide on the wedding band, that will be a little difficult, I will go and try some on at the stores to see what fits best and then let you know. I really can''t thank you enough, I am so happy I went with you guys. Katie, you''ve made this whole experience so pleasant and easy. I look forward to speaking with you again soon. Sincerely,
Michelle, Pennsylvania, USA


September 27, 2021
Thank you so so much for sticking with me on this journey because I finally have my happy ending! This ring is beautiful and perfect for me in every way. There really aren't words, but please know how much I appreciate ya'll's help.
Barbara S, Tennessee, USA
September 25, 2021
Thank you so much for your help in getting the perfect ring for my wife. It was very emotional, as we renewed our vows and the ring was the icing. The reaction was what I had hoped for tears of joy! She was blown away! You and your company are absolutely amazing!! I look forward to working with you again sometime in the future. Thanks again for just a great experience.
Arthur R, Wisconsin, USA
September 16, 2021
I absolutely love this ring! It has the sparkle I was looking for and I don't think I could be happier. I love that it sparkles even when looking at it from the side. The diamonds seem to want to "grab the light" even in low lighting. Your diamonds are the absolute best. This was my third try at a ring - I had returned two and was disappointed in those previous two rings. Thank you for great service and thanks to Brittany for taking the time to talk through the options and guiding me through the process to find a ring that I am thrilled with.
Kimberly P, Indiana, USA
September 10, 2021
I don’t usually leave reviews, but Whiteflash is well deserving of one. After researching diamonds for several months I reached out to Whiteflash and spoke with Becca. She was amazing from beginning to end. She answered all my questions and eased all of my concerns. At first, I was concerned with spending so much on something I never physically saw, but Whiteflash really uses HD images and videos to show the quality. In fact, although the pictures and videos looked amazing the real thing was even better. Whiteflash has the firecracker brilliance and sparkle you’re looking for in a diamond with their A Cut Above option. I purchased a loose stone from them and sat on it for awhile. I then reached out to them again and spoke with Becca to return the diamond and get it set into a ring. Well I got the ring yesterday and it far exceeded my expectations. I truly stand behind this review, and for everyone out there perhaps feeling nervous about buying something so expensive and meaningful online; take it from me, you are in great hands and your expectations will be blown away. Thanks Whiteflash for helping me in all the ways you did.The ring is wonderful.
Daniel P, Florida, USA

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