Thank you Bob so very much for your expert opinion, professionalism, and service!

My rings look amazing, we are so excited about renewing our vows.
February 05, 2007

Thank you Bob so very much for your expert opinion, professionalism, and service! My rings look amazing, we are so excited about renewing our vows.

Thank you Bob so very much for your expert opinion, professionalism, and service! My rings look amazing, we are so excited about renewing our vows. My husband is so happy that I love my ring! If I decide to set it higher I will email feels great to know that I can trust in white flash. Who knows, a couple of years from now, I might want a bigger stone : ) and I have the comfort of knowing I won't lose money with you guys. I wanted to know if I can use the appraisal you sent to insure my ring or if I have to get it appraised on my own as well? As for my diamond--you were right-- I mean, I am not an expert on cuts, but by the way my diamond sparkles in every light possible, it is clear that the cut of my diamond is pretty outstanding as well as the quality---I am glad I didn't choose size over quality--I know now I have a nice balance of both---I went to Macy's the other day and not one diamond in their showcase out shined mine---and the price's OUT OF CONTROL-- I mean, a 1.5 plain setting was over 10 K and the diamond was very dark! So with all the rambling, I just wanted you to know I am glad my husband and I chose Whitflash--and in the future if I chose to raise the setting I will email you for further information on shipping---I just couldn't fathom the idea of sending it back so soon--I cannot let it go--so I will listen to your advice and wear it for a while... Thanks again... Also, I filled out the referral form for my purchase---I haven't heard anything yet--do you know anything?
Rosa, UK


July 22, 2021
Oh my God!! We just picked up the ring and it is absolutely gorgeous!! and fits perfectly!! I really missed my ring while being resized and appraised and my excitement seeing it again is off the charts! I absolutely cannot thank everyone at WhiteFlash enough. All of you have been an absolute pleasure to work with! I don't want to fail to mention those behind the scenes; thank you to the jewelers for their outstanding craftsmanship. I cannot see where the ring was resized. Also, thank you to the web designers for making my online purchasing experience a pleasure. The website is fantastic with gemologist reports and microscope pictures so I could see exactly what I was selecting. I entered my criteria and the site directed me to those diamonds. Once again, I want to thank you for the diamond that I'll wear the rest of my life!! I'm sure my family members want to know who will inherit it. Blessing to all of you. Thank you.
Virginia J, California, USA
July 20, 2021
It was the best service ever. I was helped by Becca, and she was always there to help. I bough an ACA Diamond and it was the most beautiful I have ever seen. The final product was better than I imagined and I am very happy to have bought such an important ring with Whiteflash. Thank you so much for everything.
Luis T, Mexico
July 17, 2021
My wife loved her ring. I will definitely recommend Whiteflash to anyone that asks. From the first time we spoke on the phone I knew I had found the right place to buy my wife's gift. You took my call late in the day, were very pleasant and helpful. Then the information you provided made the decision even easier. You were all wonderful, kind, helpful, and patient. You all did everything you promised and more. My wife loved her ring. I too kept a promise I had made to myself and say thank you to her for 32 years. She was very happy and I told her she deserved it!
Anthony B, Texas, USA
July 15, 2021
We made a getaway weekend out of retrieving the ring and she was beaming the entire time. She could not keep from staring at it. The ring is absolutely stunning and far surpassed my highest expectations. Even after countless hours researching my purchase on the internet, I was still unsure if I had made the right choices, especially regarding color and carat size. It turns out that my apprehension was unfounded, as the diamond looks whiter and larger than I would have ever predicted. The ring’s sparkle, brilliance and scintillation are remarkable. It’s a showstopper! It has made us very happy indeed. What a fitting commemorative for our 25th Wedding Anniversary. The wife is indeed enjoying her beautiful ring. As far as my buying experience at Whiteflash goes…it was unquestionably the most pleasant shopping experience in all my years. Everyone at WF is so very nice, patient, personable, and knowledgeable. The website makes researching your purchase effortless and rewarding. WF lets you shop with confidence, knowing that you’re getting the best cut diamond at a great value with world-class customer service. I would not hesitate in recommending WF to anyone. Clearly Whiteflash is a success!
Eric S, New York, USA

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