Amazing Canadian Diamond Purchase
February 22, 2007

Amazing Canadian Diamond Purchase

Finally I got my earrings (I say ''finally'' as if I waited for them for 4 weeks but you know how excited people get about jewellery, especially when it is a piece as beautiful as these earrings). They would have been here yesterday if I had realized that I had to call FedEx and have them charge me the customs duty and taxes before the earrings could clear customs (I just assumed they would charge me once they were delivered). Let me tell you that yesterday, to kill some time, I went to a local B&M and they had a pair of 0.70ctw, Lazare Kaplan studs (basket setting that doesn''t even come close to your martini) With tax this is more than double than what I spent at Whiteflash. I am not telling you this to brag about my great consumer sense but rather that you may, if you wish, post this on your website for other consumers, particularly Canadian buyers, to see. Personally, I am always careful about ordering things from the US before I factor in the customs and taxes that are levied heavily against the purchase. Your business is indeed a testament to fairness, quality, and honesty - a combination that is unfortunately too often mutually exclusive when one is searching for quality products at a fair price. You have changed my attitude as a consumer such that now I feel that the onus rests on premium brands and companies to prove to me that their products are indeed that superior in quality and elegance to warrant a 30-50% (if not more) mark-up. I am very grateful to you and your company for maintaining such a high standard of quality without compromising your integrity (sometimes I wonder if you guys even make money :) ). I almost feel guilty for paying such a price for such and exquisite product. In terms of elegance, beauty, and value I sincerely doubt that I could find anything that comes even close to what you offer. You and your colleagues have made this purchase one of the most enjoyable and memorable business experiences (and I do enjoy spending money on the person I love) I have ever had. I cannot wait to offer these earrings to my fianc?©e as a gift for our anniversary. Being the sentimental sap that I am, I believe that she deserves the best, and in this case I am definitely able to deliver - all thanks to Whiteflash. If you could please pass along my sincere gratitude to your entire staff. I am a firm believer that good business begins with great people and truly, Whiteflash has great employees. There is not much left to say but that the earrings are stunning, the price was fair, and the delivery was prompt. What else can one ask for? Maybe a little box of chocolates... but look you even provided that! :) Thank you once again. When I am back in a couple of years for a bracelet, I promise you that Whiteflash will be my first and only stop. Wishing you all the best, Roman
Roman, Canada


June 06, 2023
My original 18 year old engagement ring from Whiteflash along with my wedding band from another jeweler was stolen in April 2023. Luckily, my engagement ring was insured by Jewelers Mutual. We decided to return to Whiteflash for the replacement ring as we had nothing but excellent quality and workmanship from my original ring. Liza, Diamond Consultant, with Whiteflash supported me through my insurance claim and replacing my engagement ring. She provided several options, pictures, and promptly responded to phone calls and emails. My new ring is stunning thank you to Liza and the other staff members at Whiteflash that assisted with this process. I highly recommend Whiteflash to anybody looking for quality jewelry at below market rates and amazing customer service!
Celina Y, California, USA
June 05, 2023
Love the box and everything it came with! It was my first time buying any type of expensive jewelry and the experience was amazing with you guys :)
Joshua G, California, USA
June 03, 2023
Whiteflash did an amazing job with the ring. I can’t stop looking at it. Thank you for everything. Becca, your patience, knowledge and guidance was fantastic. My days, I am blown away with the quality and the design of the ring along with the sparkle of the diamond!!! Thank you so much Becca; I’ll be in touch to get the wedding bands in the not to distant future!!
Barry, Ireland
June 01, 2023
The ring came out very nice. The color and size were spot on. Thanks for everything you did, I couldn't have wished for a better experience. Y'all updated me on the status throughout the whole process. Hopefully, I can refer some friends your way.
Andrew M, Tennessee, USA

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