Whiteflash Diamonds Fire and Brilliance is Extraordinary
April 17, 2007

Whiteflash Diamonds Fire and Brilliance is Extraordinary

Guys, Shopping for an engagement ring and nervous about buying online? Well, hopefully this letter will put your worries to rest. It?ˆ™s simple, go to whiteflash.com!! It took me several weeks of perusing the local mall jewelry stores and scouring the internet for knowledge and advice. Some of the rings I looked at were nice but they were either too big, too small, not right setting, etc. I also heard you will not get the best value at the mall. But my deadline to get a ring was quickly approaching, less then a week to be exact!!! Well, it was late Saturday night and I decided to design a ring online from whiteflash. They have a very good selection of diamonds and settings and were able to meet all my goals from cost to all the 4 C?ˆ™s. I doubted they were open at such a late hour but I had a few questions that I wanted answered before I just ?ˆ?ordered?ˆ? online?ˆ¦ I left a voicemail as well as sent an email and both were promptly answered on Sunday morning. Not bad for a online store! Sunday afternoon, I spoke to Whiteflash and told her what I wanted and that I really needed to have it Thursday for my Friday departure to the Philippines where I would ask my fianc?©. She could not confirm the delivery until she talked to production about getting the band cast in time but would get back to me on Monday. She called me back Monday and assured me that I could have it Friday morning before my plane took off at noon. I asked several times if they were sure they could ship by as I was reluctant to take someone?ˆ™s word over the phone especially for an object of this importance and dollar value. I got the finances arraigned and got everything paid for now it was just wait and see!!!! Thursday night I got the call it shipped and was promptly given the information I needed to pick it up!! I was at the Fed ex station at 9:30 AM and on the plane by 1100 AM!!! As soon as I opened the box I knew I made the right choice!! The Fire/brilliance was extraordinary!! Everyone at whiteflash pulled this off and seemed genuinely excited to work with me and knew of my predicament!! Two days later I was at a restaurant on a mountain top in the Philippines proposing to my Fianc?© with her parents!! Everyone at White flash was so helpful and kept me posted and up to date on everything!!
Bill, Philippines


May 15, 2019
She is happy so I am happy. The ideal cut raised an eyebrow.
Steve P, Colorado, USA
April 17, 2019
I've got them as anniversary gift. She liked them and our daughter liked them too :) Always appreciate the Whiteflash team!
David C, Connecticut, USA
April 12, 2019
The level of customer service is amazing. I was contacted personally to discuss the details of my order to ensure everything was exactly to my liking. It was then that I learned my order was being individually built...on a pair of earrings. I would expect this on something like an engagement ring, but not for earrings. It goes to show that I really could get them exactly how I wanted. Throughout the rest of the process, I was routinely contacted an updated on the status of my order and once I received the earrings, Whiteflash followed up to make sure I was completely satisfied with everything. And let me say that I was speaking with actual individuals that work there and had their personal contact details. This was not an outsourced customer service company I was dealing with. Once the earrings arrived, the quality was apparent even before I opened the box. The quality of the packaging and the box the earrings came in was top notch. As to the earrings themselves....they are just brilliant. You very quickly can see how this company got it's name. The diamonds truly are whiteflashes of brilliance. When you see these diamonds next to any other, the difference is startling. Completely love them and so does my wife. On a side note, another testament to the quality of their work is the earring backing. They are really solid and work great. My wife lost a previous diamond earring due to backings that just didn't stay tight. Not even remotely an issue with these earrings. Overall this was a great experience and wonderful product. I will definitely return to Whiteflash for any future diamond purchases.
Robert W, South Carolina, USA
April 01, 2019
I got the hoop earrings today and I love them! I love how they can be everyday earrings! Thank you again for helping me with these earrings!
Annette H, California, USA

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