Even Better Than I Envisioned
April 23, 2007

Even Better Than I Envisioned

First off, I picked up the ring this morning, and it is beautiful... even better than I envisioned. The point I want to bring primary attention to is not your product offering (which is outstanding), but your customer service. Suffice it to say, I am stunned. I can only imagine the droves of starry-eyed bachelors you have to work/deal with, and the high level of indecision and emotion which comes with the importance of marriage. As I mentioned, I consult Fortune 500 ?ˆ?members?ˆ? in Consumer Behavior and Psych, and I am a very linear thinker, and succumb to marketing only if I admire the campaign... suffice it to say, choosing a diamond and ring was the first time in my adult life where I have been unable to easily resolve purchase indecision. (I spec and purchase my cars over the phone, if that gives you an idea of my ?ˆ?usual?ˆ? level of decisiveness). You did a wonderful job, giving me not rote answers, but an explanation and discussion centered on my question. The transition was seamless and well-refined, and everyone did an excellent job of not only answering my questions, but also anticipating any other concerns and questions which may have arisen. Small, seemingly easy (but always overlooked) details like including State College FedEx hours impressed the hell out of me. Details, details, details. Awesome. Experientially, your site and your excellent customer service absolutely exceeds anything I have seen or studied. The level of service I was given at Whiteflash puts ?ˆ?case studies?ˆ? like Ritz-Carlton and Mercedes to shame. Ultimately, it is the combination of unique product, great site/information, and excellent service which is so amazing... many companies and firms spout that they deliver this level of service, but the team at Whiteflash is the first company that really seems to understand. Kudos to your management for fostering this level of service. Any time you need a written or spoken reference, please do not hesitate to contact me... PS. Does Whiteflash have a stock offering in the US market or an OTC pink sheet? Would love to invest, if that opportunity is available...
Andy, Arizona, USA


December 01, 2022
I did find the website to be helpful in my search for a ring. I worked with Becca from Whiteflash to buy an engagement ring. The ring is absolutely beautiful - my fiancée keeps staring at it and a friend told her this weekend it is the shiniest diamond she has ever seen. Cut is king, and there is no doubt about the quality of Whiteflash's cuts, as you can see from their website. In terms of customer experience, I worked with Becca by phone and over e-mail, and she was prompt and pleasant. She provided extra pictures and videos of the diamonds I was considering, and she provided realistic assessments of the diamonds. In one case, she said two of the VS2s had visible inclusions from very close up (much closer than the eye clean distance but my fiancée has very good eyes) and that an SI1 did not. I appreciate that she helped me find a diamond of good value, instead of steering me to the most expensive stones I was considering. I saved 33% by doing that. We had to resize the ring to a quarter size (which was unavoidable because ring size tools usually come in half sizes), but Whiteflash made the process easy and they were fast to return the ring. Pricewise, I found Whiteflash to be a good value. I was working with another jeweler who prides himself on being a good value. Yes, his diamonds were beautiful to look at, but the cut was not as good and the prices were the same. Since I was working with both jewelers remotely, I went Whiteflash because you could tell from their images that the cut is superb.
Leiter K, Massachusetts, USA
December 01, 2022
We just picked up the earrings and they look wonderful!
Melanie, Texas, USA
December 01, 2022
Great experience. Superb customer service through Becca, who not only answered all my concerns and questions about buying a diamond ring online, but continued to follow up with me to ensure my fiancée loved the ring and see if I had any other questions. I recommend Whiteflash to anyone who wants a high quality diamond without the markups and added expenses of a brick and mortar store.
André A, Texas, USA
November 30, 2022
The earrings look great! They have so much fire and sparkle! I appreciate all the help and support along the way.
Chris, California, USA

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