I jumped when the Fedex lorry pulled up in front of work (okay, not that dramatic, they delive...
May 16, 2007

*MY* *GORGEOUS* *EARRINGS*!) I jumped when the Fedex lorry pulled up in front of work (okay, not that dramatic, they delive...

They ARRIVED!!!! my babies did!! just 10 mins ago!!! (in case you are wondering, its my earrings *MY* *GORGEOUS* *EARRINGS*!) I jumped when the Fedex lorry pulled up in front of work (okay, not that dramatic, they delivered it and i got a call from the mailroom). My hands were shaking when I opened the large Fedex box, thought my babies would be there but no no, theres a medium Fedex box, babies there? no, Fedex padded bag... the whole suspense was killing me... Breathe in breathe out... then opened the padded bag... Then the whiteflash box.... then... then... the laquer box (btw how many layers of packaging do you guys normally do? really? its torturing!)... then... my babies blinked at me!!! (okay, its more like *SHINING*) I hid in my collegue''''s cubicle (because he has the most private corner) and then quietly put them on (naturally, he rolled his eyes thinking why i was convulsing trying to put two bits of ''''glass'''' - as he described it- into my ears), now i cannot help but keep staring at the mirrors and smiling at myself like someone on magic mushroom shakes (not that i have tried it..)!! I just want to express my sincerest thank you to the whole whiteflash team. Anyway, the most important thing is now the babies are in my hands! *hops* and I am very extremely droolingly convulsingly happy about them. I CANNOT wait to get my wedding rings from you guys, if i can get my future other half to decide on something! (my fiancee is a true gemini with an attention span of a 5 year old - double whammy!, so i hope you can appreciate the level of difficulty i am dealing with here) So hurray to the Whiteflash team! I would not hesitate to recommend you to other people, and how I wish I live next door to you guys! ahhhhh... thats a thought!
Nicole, Texas, USA


May 15, 2019
She is happy so I am happy. The ideal cut raised an eyebrow.
Steve P, Colorado, USA
April 17, 2019
I've got them as anniversary gift. She liked them and our daughter liked them too :) Always appreciate the Whiteflash team!
David C, Connecticut, USA
April 12, 2019
The level of customer service is amazing. I was contacted personally to discuss the details of my order to ensure everything was exactly to my liking. It was then that I learned my order was being individually built...on a pair of earrings. I would expect this on something like an engagement ring, but not for earrings. It goes to show that I really could get them exactly how I wanted. Throughout the rest of the process, I was routinely contacted an updated on the status of my order and once I received the earrings, Whiteflash followed up to make sure I was completely satisfied with everything. And let me say that I was speaking with actual individuals that work there and had their personal contact details. This was not an outsourced customer service company I was dealing with. Once the earrings arrived, the quality was apparent even before I opened the box. The quality of the packaging and the box the earrings came in was top notch. As to the earrings themselves....they are just brilliant. You very quickly can see how this company got it's name. The diamonds truly are whiteflashes of brilliance. When you see these diamonds next to any other, the difference is startling. Completely love them and so does my wife. On a side note, another testament to the quality of their work is the earring backing. They are really solid and work great. My wife lost a previous diamond earring due to backings that just didn't stay tight. Not even remotely an issue with these earrings. Overall this was a great experience and wonderful product. I will definitely return to Whiteflash for any future diamond purchases.
Robert W, South Carolina, USA
April 01, 2019
I got the hoop earrings today and I love them! I love how they can be everyday earrings! Thank you again for helping me with these earrings!
Annette H, California, USA

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