Looking at the Hearts on Fire Dealer but went with Whiteflash instead.
November 12, 2003

Looking at the Hearts on Fire Dealer but went with Whiteflash instead.

Hearts on Fire Review: The diamond is absolutely beautiful. It surpased my expectations in every way. Today just to make sure that this was in fact the one I went out on a little trip to a couple of local Jewlers. What a joke!! The first place I went to was a local Hearts on Fire diamond dealer. I took the ring along but I didn''t tell them I had it with me or how much I paid. The closest stone he had was .04ct bigger and more then twice as much as I paid. He then began his sales pitch telling me that the Hearts of Fire diamonds were the best. It really was a good looking stone. Then he showed me the specs, not exactly as good as he made me belive they were going to be. The diamond had a depth of 62% which is ok but not that great, He then told me that that should be the depth if not deeper. I kind of laughed in his face. I then took out my ACA diamond and looked the two of them over. With my diamond being set and the Hearts on Fire not, The ACA looked so much better. I am not saying the Hearts on Fire didn''t look good but who in there right mind would pay almost double for it. I also looked at a couple other non branded diamonds that didn''t compare at all. My last stop was Kay jewlers to look at the Leo diamond. Right off the bat I could see a quality difference. The Leo, even thought they say sparkles like crazy still couldn''t compare next to the ACA. The cut was no way near as good. The Leo was supposed to be the same ct size but it was noticeable smaller due to the depth being very deep. Well that was my little trip around local jewlers. I am going to make sure that if any of my friends are going to get engaged that I make sure that they know about diamond''s before they buy and I am going to make sure that Whiteflash will be the first place that they will look. Thank you so much
Jacob, New Hampshire, USA


April 16, 2021
After searching for a beautiful and unique ring for my 20th wedding anniversary, we decided on Whiteflash. I found their website to be very informative and it displayed a wide variety of gorgeous settings. We selected the A Cut Above diamond which made the ring stand out above all the rest. The customer service was excellent! Becca and Jennifer were very helpful and provided so much insight to help me make the best decision. I am truly enjoying my ring! It sparkles so brilliantly that it is stunning. I am happy with my purchase and very pleased with the customer service I received. Thanks to the Whiteflash team!
Carmen M, Georgia, USA
April 15, 2021
I received the diamond this morning. It’s beautiful!!! Now I will finalize the setting. I’m very happy with the purchase. Thanks for all your help.
Nancy L, Canada
April 14, 2021
Nita and I are both sooo pleased with how the rings turned out. And they are much brighter and shinier than we could have imaged. Thank you again for all your extra assistance with the purchase. We are so lucky to have been connected with you! :)
James K, California, USA
April 13, 2021
I picked up the diamond yesterday without any problems. I was concerned about receiving a small box that could possibly be misplaced at FedEx. I felt relieved when I saw the large shipment box that was used. I videoed the unboxing in my kitchen and shared it with my fiancée. It was a very exciting moment. We both agreed that the excellent packaging and tools provided by your company, was very professional and made the handling safe and secure. We are working on getting the stone insured and coordinating with the jeweler for the setting. Thank you again for the great service.
Bion Q, California, USA

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