I received the E/SI1 ACA earrings today.
November 15, 2003

I received the E/SI1 ACA earrings today.

They look fantastic!! The beautiful crisp look of the diamonds and the flashes of white and colored light are truly amazing. You were right when you said these are brilliant stones! It's especially interesting to see how the stones look in different lighting. Even in subdued light, there seems to be a glow and a lot of sparkle in the stones. With all the numbers and charts and scope analysis that is available, the tendency (at least for some!!) is to obsess about getting the perfect stone. The nice thing about ACA stones, with your high cutting standards and narrow parameters, is that it takes a lot of the uncertainty out of the process for the consumer, which is especially important for those buying over the internet. By the way, just for ""fun"", I took the earrings into a mall store that carries Hearts on Fire diamonds, and asked the clerk if I could compare the 1 ct earrings I had just bought over the internet to the 1 ct HOF earrings in the display case. She said sure, thinking that the HOF would be far superior. WIthout doubt, the HOF earrings were great diamonds, but the ACA were better -- bigger flashes of light!! The clerk wouldn't admit to it (at one point saying ""I don't think these are ideal diamonds"") but it was clear that the ACA stones were superior, and I know they knew it -- you could see it in their faces!! Again thanks for all your help. The Whiteflash Team were great to deal with. I look forward to working with you again. Regards,
Dave K, Texas, USA


October 02, 2023
This was my first time purchasing any diamond jewelry and I will say I was very nervous until I started working with Michelle at Whiteflash. I was referred to Whiteflash by my sister. When I registered my account with Whiteflash, Michelle reached out to me for any help. She was very patient with me throughout the whole experience and answered all my questions. She helped me finalize the setting for the earrings and most importantly helped me find the very beautiful and sparkly center stones. She even inspected the stones I selected to help ease my concern with inclusions and color. The shipping and delivery was on-time and Whiteflash kept me updated throughout my order. The earrings turned out to be very gorgeous and very very sparkly. I am just speechless! I love every thing about them. I was nervous about the size but they are perfect size for my earlobes. If I have to order again, I wouldn't change anything about them. I love the quality and the service. Thank you very much Michelle and Whiteflash for helping me through this process.
Nimisha P, California, USA
October 01, 2023
Today I proposed to my girlfriend and she said yes. The ring is amazing, thank you for your amazing work!
Daniel R, Bulgaria
September 30, 2023
Our proposal went amazing and she loves it!
Dustin B, Nevada, USA
September 29, 2023
I spent weeks with an online search for a 2.5 carat, E/F color, VVS2, diamond for a ring to present to my wife at our upcoming 50th wedding anniversary. I narrowed my search down to diamonds at Blue Nile, James Allen, and Whiteflash. They were all good, but Whiteflash was a cut above the other two, so that's where I purchased my diamond. The main factor influencing my choice of Whiteflash was diamond consultant, Becca. Becca is a gem! She was extremely helpful and knowledgeable every step of the way. When we couldn't find the right diamond in their inventory, Becca reached out to her partners and located exactly what I was searching for. The diamond "looked" great on paper, but what meant the most to me was when the diamond arrived at Whiteflash, Becca examined it, and declared that is was "stunning." That's all I needed to hear. A few days later the diamond showed up via FedEx, and my wife and I couldn't be happier! Thank you Whiteflash and thank you Becca.
John V, Washington, USA

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