Whiteflash Rules!
August 24, 2007

Whiteflash Rules!

Whiteflash Rules! Before I expound on the extraordinary virtues of Whiteflash, I should start by saying that I am one of the most annoying types of customers. I''m a frugal penny-pincher who demands maximum value from practically every purchase. I worked damn hard for my $, I want the most & best when I spend it. Plus, I''m an obsessive perfectionist. Thus, I am commonly a thorn in the side of merchants and service people I''ve worked with, because I want that best from them, and I''ll keep at them if I feel I''m not getting it. For our 10th anniversary, I wanted to give my wife an astounding pair of 2 ctw princess cut diamond earrings. I was apprehensive about this search, as I knew almost nothing about diamonds and had heard horror stories about the shady jewelers out there. I read voraciously to learn. This made me even more nervous, because there is not a firmly accepted ideal princess cut throughout the industry. So, how could I be sure that what I got would be magnificent in appearance and value? Fortunately, I came across information about AGS and their efforts at defining an ideal cut for the princess, including light-performance 0. This was a good starting point in my search. I found that there are some who would debate the utility of AGS 0 certification and have their own concepts and process of certifying an ideal princess. All I needed to know was I would be looking for a pair that could hold up in the ''ideal'' debate and match precisely. A tall order - too much for almost everywhere I looked. I started locally, with the thought to avoid online due to the obvious limitations of buying such a product essentially sight unseen.** Not one of four high-end local jewelers I spoke with had any real interest in my goal. They didn''t seem to get that I wanted better than average diamonds and match. I saw plenty of nice diamonds and OK matches. I pressed on, at least with my research online to find what was considered a fine match. Some generic websites would allow obvious differences to be considered a good match?! Even when I looked at the best merchants, I could find great diamonds, e.g. AGS 0 or equivalent, but when trying to match two, I remained disappointed. None came close to matching in color, clarity and especially dimensions. Over a few weeks, my search stalled. I went back to several online sites from time to time. I ended up at Whiteflash (WF) again, when I finally looked at their ACA (A Cut Above) princesses. I found the dazzling twins I was looking for, at a price I thought was more than fair. They confirmed that he felt this pair was an outstanding match. That wonderful discovery was only the beginning. From the start, every one of the staff I worked with at Whiteflash treated me as though I was one of their highest-profile repeat customers. They were gracious and accommodating to every question, request and quibble. You worked intensely with me on details of my desired setting, which was subtly different from their standard. She looked at several options available, found them close but no cigar, and special ordered my setting to get exactly what I was asking for, at no extra cost. Then, I added a 2nd, smaller pair, ''Expertly Selected''. A trifle compared to the ACA''s, but even so, you took it upon herself to order the same setting for this pair, so that they''d match perfectly with the larger pair when worn together. Now that''s customer service - going out of their way to give me something I didn''t even realize I''d want. Instead of good enough and ""no one can tell"" (which I heard repeatedly during my search), they understood why and what I wanted and went out to get it, knowing that yes, you can tell. WF kept me updated on all aspects of the earrings and even assisted with arranging insurance coverage. I received wonderful pictures and descriptions of stones, settings and the final products. I picked up the earrings (FedEx) without a problem. Incredible. Even the best of pictures online can''t do these babies justice. ''A Cut Above'' superideal, indeed. I could see the difference from the usual commercial diamonds at a glance. And that elusive exquisite match. Just what my wife deserves. Appraisal (find an independent certified appraiser, not associated with any jeweler) went without a hitch. I got a good deal. A great end for any customer, no? This is where it gets interesting, and why I now consider WF to be the acme of jewelers. Not a week after my earrings arrived, I rechecked the WF website out of habit. I was shocked to find a couple of new ACA princess stones, just certified, that appeared to be an even better match than mine (and that''s saying something), and were a shade better in color and clarity. They looked to be a steal. I immediately contacted them to check them out. To make a long story short(er), through the next few weeks, I bombarded them and the gang at WF with questions and deliberations about whether to exchange & upgrade (""obsessive perfectionist"", remember?). Much to their credit, everyone who worked with me didn''t tell me to go away (as they probably should have. I told you, I can be a real pain). Instead, all were patient and indulgent, granting that I could send my earrings back for exchange, but practically eager and candid in their efforts to explain to me why they felt that I had the superior pair. It took me awhile, because all of the numbers suggested that the other pair should be better, but I finally realized that everyone at WF had one simple goal: to give their customer nothing but the best. Best diamonds, best setting, best match, best customer service. Even after the sale, with a chance to make more $ off an ignorant patsy, they took the time and had the pride to save this poor silly boy from himself. They catered to my pursuit of perfection and prevented me from making a mistake. I am hard to impress, because I expect a lot, but Whiteflash is amazing. If you are looking for the best, you need look no further. Whiteflash is it. Humbly submitted by a supremely satisfied Whiteflash customer. P.S. The other pair remained available at WF for more than 6 weeks after my consideration, until one of the stones was sold. P.P.S. They looked like twins in the box for that perfect presentation and better on her than I dreamed. Her reaction: stunned silence & tears. No kidding, they took her breath away, then when she could talk again, she repeated ""I can''t believe it"" for a couple more minutes. She can''t get over how brilliant white they are, scintillating with any movement, even in relatively low home lighting. These will get her noticed even more, beyond the fact that she''s heart-pounding gorgeous. I have never seen her in such a state. Even years ago, when I proposed on the spur of the moment, it was awesome & exciting for us, but I didn''t even have a ring. Now, she knows unequivocally, that I''d do it all over again. Thanks to Whiteflash and diamonds of literally stunning quality, I was able to give her a virtually perfect representation of us together & of my devotion. She even appreciates the ACA superideal standards and AGS certification, practically proving their superiority. Guys, you need to elicit this response from your lady at least once in your lives. Show her just how much she means in a way that says forever. Whiteflash Rules! **As I continued my quest, I became much more comfortable shopping for diamonds online. A few hints that I think bear repeating: 1. Check the seller. BBB report, JVC, etc. Look on some independent diamond discussion forums for recommendations and suggestions (like this one). 2. No certificate, no sale. I''d personally accept only GIA or preferably AGS. 3. Pictures and more pictures. By this, I mean magnified pics to aid in assessing clarity and dimensions, as well as specialized photos such as ASET, IdealScope, BrillianceScope, MegaScope, etc. to verify light performance. 4. Develop a relationship with your store representative. They will know a good diamond better than any certificate or fancy Scope analysis. 5. Confirm the guarantee and return policies. The final judgment isn''t some paper with an acronym, but with your own eyes. If you don''t like it, send it back. No doubt many of you have other criteria you''d insist on in a diamond search. Look everywhere, then go to Whiteflash. They will make you happy.
Andrew S., England


July 28, 2022
It’s among my favorite jewelry purchases and has more presence than I expected - more than a ~1 carat solitaire.
Santhoshini R, Illinois, USA
June 25, 2022
Your help made a tremendous difference to the buying experience. Overall, you did a great job, and I would certainly recommend Whiteflash based on my experience and interaction with you. Thanks for your help.
Marc R, Canada
June 21, 2022
I love the pendant! I’ve worn it every day since I got it, and I’ve gotten lots of compliments on it this far, including from people who don’t normally notice jewelry. :) The diamond is like a tiny fireball and the Verismo setting is exactly what I wanted; even when the diamond flips culet-side up, it scintillates in a subtle and mesmerizing way. It’s been great for every day wear even with my relatively casual style and looks great layered with slightly longer necklaces. It’s going to be my every day piece for a very long time. :)
Jenna, Illinois, USA
May 18, 2022
The size is exactly what I was thinking. I can't see inclusion as you said and the color also what I was expecting. Thank you for helping me thru a smooth process.
Natania W, Ohio, USA

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