Everything I Hoped For And More!
December 27, 2007

Everything I Hoped For And More!

Anyway, things went just fine last Saturday night. She said yes! Fed Ex had me a bit worried Friday as they were so overloaded, they did not have your overnight package at the pickup facility until sometime late Friday night. By Saturday morning at 9:15am, they had it listed as available for pickup so I was quite relieved though a little on edge knowing I still had to get the ring without Rebecca knowing. In the early afternoon, I dropped her off at a nearby cafe while I went to FedEx to ""pick up one of her Christmas presents"". She was slightly suspicious but still not sure what I was up to. To my relief, FedEx had the shipment just behind their counter and I didn''''t have to wait up to 45 minutes like some people did. As I opened the FedEx shipping boxes at my car, I realized that I was parked over a storm drain, so I quickly made sure that I opened the packaging safely inside the car less I chance a nightmare scenario of dropping the ring through the grate! Opening the ring box, the diamond was just as beautiful and sparking as I had hoped (no doubt thanks to its A Cut Above ideal cut quality) and I knew then that Rebecca would love it. We then went to dinner at Restaurant Gary Danko (one of the top restaurants in San Francisco) where the proposal was to take place. I previously arranged with the restaurant''''s maitre d'''' to have a 1/2 bottle of Krug ""Grand Cuvee"" NV Champagne ready and slipped him the ring while she went to the bathroom. Once she came back, they brought out the champagne without announcement and then surprised her by placing a little white bowl in front of her with the opened ring box sitting in it. A big smile appeared on her face, she kinda gasped, became giddy, and placed her head on my shoulder for a moment (we sat side-by-side) as she stared at the ring. She was so excited that she just took the ring out of the box and put it on her finger herself and did not even wait for me to say or do anything. To my relief, I didn''''t have to get on my knee or make a scene, but I did formally ask her ""the question"" just to be sure. Despite the very expensive dinner and fabulous wine, she spent the rest of the three hour dinner staring at the ring on her finger and told me that ""I did good"". She later said that she didn''''t really taste the food or wine after getting the ring! Thanks again for your help and great service in getting me the ring in one week''''s time. Thanks for making it the perfect understated and classy marriage proposal (according to Rebecca as well). I''''ll send you some pictures after I get her to email them to me from her camera on Thursday.
Andrew, Arizona, USA


April 02, 2019
My wife loves the bracelet. It looks great on her.
Brian C, Maryland, USA
January 29, 2018
IT IS FABULOUS!!! It is soooo gorgeous and the colour of the gold was spot on! Not too pink but pink enough so that it stood out as being rose gold. I am BEYOND THRILLED! I opened the box and my jaw dropped at how bright white and diamonds were. Then I accidentally put my wrist in the sun and they went off like a set of fireworks! Thank you so so so much! This will be a favourite of mine! I am SOOO glad I found you guys! I had a feeling I'd be getting something special and indeed I did!
Rebecca B, Australia
December 19, 2017
She loved it! It really sparkles amazingly and it makes me wish I had gotten a Whiteflash for our engagement. Maybe when it’s time for an upgrade :).
Jeff W, Texas, USA
June 23, 2017
Thank you for the absolutely beautiful bangle. I LOVE IT! It exceeds my expectations. I've known of your company for years due to my participation on PriceScope but this is my first purchase. I guarantee you it will not be my last purchase from you. This is perfect! I am already thinking I'd like to get the higher carat weight bangle to continue my "diamond bracelet stack." I found every aspect of working with you to be easy and pleasurable. I'm on my way to write a review on PS. Thank you again for all of your help. Once I save up some money in my "pretty princess budget" I'll be contacting you again.
Emy D, Georgia, USA

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