Hi Debi,I am a recent customer of WhiteFlash and I wanted to send you an email about my experience.
February 21, 2008

Hi Debi,I am a recent customer of WhiteFlash and I wanted to send you an email about my experience.

Hi Debi, I am a recent customer of WhiteFlash and I wanted to send you an email about my experience. I apologize in advance if this email is long, but every step of the process was an absolute joy and I have a hard time not gushing about it. Last fall my boyfriend, Ken, and I decided to take our relationship another step and get engaged. Since the engagement ring is for me to wear for the rest of my life, Ken wanted to make sure I was involved every step of the way. We set a very small budget, $2000, up front. I knew nothing about diamonds and engagement rings so I made the silly decision of starting my education at the Mall. Big mistake! I was laughed out of Tiffany and Cartier when I had asked to try on some rings to get an idea of what I liked. I went into Robbins Bros thinking I could find something there, but walked out feeling terrible. The Sales Associate said there was no way I could get a setting and a center stone for $2,000 and suggested just buying a setting and wearing it with a CZ until we could afford a ""proper"" diamond. I was almost in tears! This is when I turned to the internet and did some research. I stumbled across Pricescope and started a thread there about what I could get on my budget. Everyone immediately suggested Whiteflash. I went to your site and fell in love with the Flush-fit setting with side stones. The setting alone was less than half the cost of a similar setting I had liked at Robbins Bros, but the Whiteflash ring had surprise diamonds, something that really appealed. It took me several days to get up the nerve to call you guys. I had been so put off by the attitude I had gotten so far that I was really really nervous. One morning I finally decided just to do it. Sheerah answered my call and put me at ease immediately! I was very upfront about my budget and she said that we wouldn't have any problem finding something for me. I had done some reading at Pricescope and had learned just enough about diamonds to have a million questions. Sheerah was beyond patient with me. She answered all of my questions and as soon as I told her which setting I was interested in she had several diamonds to recommend. I was so beyond excited. Not only was I going to be able to get a beautiful setting but also a stone! And not just any stone, an A Cut Above which everyone assured me was the best kind of diamond. The rest of my transaction went incredibly smoothly. I stayed in email contact with Sheerah as we were finalizing our decisions. We were ready to buy approximately two weeks later so we called, gave her our information, and were told that the ring would be ready in approximately four to five weeks later. Imagine my surprise when my ring was ready in less than two weeks! I have never dealt with a company that beat its own deadline by weeks. The shipping process was quick and painless. I wasn't allowed to see the ring until Ken proposed and I was being driven crazy. I wanted to see MY RING! Ken finally proposed last week, and all of my waiting was worth it. I could not believe how incredibly beautiful the ring came out. It surpassed all of my expectations, and after reading so many wonderful stories about WhiteFlash believe me when I say that my expectations were incredibly high. The photos on the website don't do the ring justice. It is so delicate while being sturdy and the workmanship is incredible. The side stones sparkle like crazy and I could lose hours staring at the center diamond. Everyone who sees my ring loves it. I have a co-worker who got engaged a week before I did with a ring purchased by her fianc?©e with no research. He went out to the mall one evening and was back home in under an hour, including the thirty minute round trip drive! When my co-worker saw my ring she was green with envy. Her ring is a three stone round ring, approximately 2ctw, and my little .58ct stone out sparkles it by far. We had lunch together last week and she sat there with my ring in one hand, hers in the other, unable to get over the difference. Even my mom, who wears a 3.65ct solitaire, is mesmerized by it. I warned you at the beginning that I was going to gush, and gush I did. I really can't thank you all enough. Sheerah was incredible to work with and I can't thank her enough for all of her help with everything. I already have our wedding bands picked out, as well as a few other things I would like to pick up at some point and believe me, I will be calling Sheerah for all of my future purchases. I have ready many a story about women receiving their engagement ring and immediately start planning for an upgrade. Not me. This really feels like a ring I will wear forever, happily. I find myself staring at it all day. I love how it throws rainbows all over my car while I'm driving, and I really love knowing that I will get to look at it every day for the rest of my life. Thank you to everyone on your team for all of their assistance. I went from thinking I'd never be able to get a ""real"" ring for my budget to feeling like the happiest girl on the face of the earth. I am engaged to someone I love and I have my dream ring ?ˆ“ what else could I want?
Erica, Pennsylvania, USA


November 29, 2023
I purchased an engagement ring from Whiteflash. The ring was perfect, and I couldn't be happier with the customer service experience.
Tyler M, Ohio, USA
November 29, 2023
I opened the box and said "Oh, there's my ring." Instantly felt right. Thank you for all your help.
Heidi E, New York, USA
November 28, 2023
My diamond was delivered today and I am very happy with it. Amazing customer service, brilliant packaging, great tools to play with. Thank you very much!
Martin, Czech Republic
November 24, 2023
I was blown away (and bedazzled) by the beauty in the box. W. O. W. Thanks again for all you did to orchestrate the purchase and delivery.
Wendy S, Australia

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