Beauty, Clarity and Sparkle
March 03, 2008

Beauty, Clarity and Sparkle

My wife has received the new stone and is more than thrilled with it''s beauty, clarity and sparkle, as am I. She is looking at it constantly. Kim has received her stone and also is equally as pleased. We would like to say thank you for all your help and direction and it has been a pleasure working with you while we made our choice for this new diamond. Originally we were sceptical about making a purchase on the internet but there were two key points which gave us the confidence to move ahead. The first point was in dealing with Whiteflash we are being able to upgrade the diamond at a later date without any minimum dollar stipulations. Two of your competitors require if you want to trade up, the new stone be at least 50% higher in value from the original diamond purchased from them. The second point was Whiteflash has an established office at the Galleria in Houston. It was important to us the company we were working with was more than an email address. I appreciated you taking the time to discuss the details of this stone with me and answering any questions which I had. Again, we would like to say thank you, to you, and all the others in your office who helped with our purchase.
Ted K., Florida, USA


February 17, 2021
After a long and fruitless search for a simple but quality wedding band in Orlando within our budget, my fiance and I decided to buy our rings online. Whiteflash popped up since they carried the ring I wanted, and the price was amazingly fair. The purchasing process and customer service have been amazing--all the way until days after I received the ring. The day I bought my ring online, America Sanchez called to confirm the order and discuss insurance and shipping options. Afterward, other Whiteflash associates took the time to send updates on the status of my order. They even provided photos of the ring prior to shipping it. I received the ring in the most secure way possible--at a FedEx office (thanks to America's suggestion). The ring itself was packaged extremely well. Even the paperwork was beautifully presented. As for the ring, I never thought an unboxing could be so exciting. The box is beautiful but the ring...!!!! It really is all I hoped it would be. Whiteflash designs stunning custom jewelry. While my purchase was not one of these orders, the customer service received made me feel as if I had bought a custom piece. Purchasing a ring for one of the biggest moments of my life is stressful enough (in a good way), but this customer service really put my mind at great ease. I am incredibly impressed by the entire team's customer service, care for their products, and their fair pricing. Buying jewelry online can be a gamble, but with Whiteflash it is secure and a worthwhile investment.
Francesca M, Florida, USA
January 29, 2021
I received my custom design diamond ring this morning. It actually left me speechless; it is exquisite! I certainly need to thank Michelle for all of her patience, assistance, and knowledge in making this ring possible. I also would like to mention that the entire staff at Whiteflash Diamonds are extremely professional and courteous. This is the second custom ring I purchase from them and I must say that they continue to amaze me with both the cut and brilliance of the diamond as well as the craftsmanship of the ring. My heartfelt thanks and gratitude to everyone at Whiteflash Diamonds.
Rick C, Louisiana, USA
January 23, 2021
It is perfect and she loves it. Thank you again for all your help!
Jason H, Pennsylvania, USA
January 04, 2021
All went smooth getting the ring. My wife LOVED it. Really great addition to the engagement ring. (And her now very dinky wedding band we bought somewhere else...) You guys nailed it once again. And she couldn't believe the story about the earrings. Well played team Whiteflash.
Julian M, California, USA

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