I got it! I drove there last night to pick it up.
April 03, 2008

I got it! I drove there last night to pick it up.

I got it! I drove there last night to pick it up. Here is what I wrote on PS about the ring: ""It's here and it is AMAZING!!!! Everything I hoped for. I finally had ""that moment"" where you see your ring and fall in looooove . It took a little while, but I finally got here! I found out at 9pm that they had it at the main FedEx location 45 minutes from my house, so my best friend and I drove up there and picked it up, I just couldn't wait. Hubby was studying for a professional certification exam, so he made me promise to wait until I cam home to open the package... somehow I managed to wait. Before I opened it I warned hubby that the lighting in our house (it's all incandescent lights) was probably the worst for diamond performance... but when we opened the package we were amazed at how lively and sparkly, and yes, FIREY the stone was! I have literally never seen a diamond like this before. Most other diamonds I have seen just look white, but they don't have fire and they sure don't have any life in regular lighting like I have in my dining room. This little guy looked like a fireball on my finger. Simply amazing. It is mezmerizing, I totally fell in love. And on top of that it looks completely colorless. We looked at it up against a white piece of paper, couldn't see a hint of color. Seriously, the color grading scheme seems so odd to me when I think that my ""J"" is six color grades away from a ""D""??!!?! That is splitting hairs in my opinion. Maybe in a bigger stone it is more noticable, but I will never buy anything other than J's, I am so amazed. And finally, let me say that the Legato Sleek Line is probably the most beautiful setting I have seen in my whole life. Pictures CANNOT capture how *delicate* it is!! The prongs are soo teensy tiny, and the shank so thin, and the cathedral is a thin as a hair. Amazing. It is so much more than I could have ever hoped for. And it looks perfect with my plain 1.8mm WG band! Perfect! The only bad thing is that now I need to have my three-stone ring re-made because it looks horrible next to the perfection of this setting! But I don't care because I finally finally finally have a ring that I completely love!!"" So Katie you have a life-long customer in me! I don't know if I told you, but this ring was purchased for out first anniversary, which is in a month, and my 30th birthday, which is in three weeks. I'm so glad that I finally got what I wanted, and we could mark those special occassions with such a beautiful ring. Thanks so much I have been really impressed with the service you have provided and I am a very happy customer.
Danu, Canada


May 01, 2019
We got the ring and we are thrilled. The ring is very beautiful with sparkling diamonds and is perfect fit. We love it! The entire purchase experience was very smooth and pleasant. Thank you!
Kexin Z, North Carolina, USA
April 10, 2019
Buying my rings at Whiteflash has been a real delight! Each person I interacted with at the company was just endlessly helpful, knowledgeable, and thoughtful. The Diamond Consultant was a tremendous help in selecting my beautiful diamonds and matching plain band, and in designing my custom setting. Everyone on the Whiteflash team was patient with my (many) questions, quick to respond, and worked hard to make sure that my jewelry turned out exactly right! Then my ring CAME! And oh my gosh... I had no Idea how Huge those diamonds were going to be! The photos I got last night showed me how beautiful it was, but when I opened the box I was absolutely Floored by the Size of the thing. Took it out, put it on, and just stared at it with my jaw dropped. It is the most Beautiful ring I’ve ever seen. Anywhere. The setting is absolutely perfect, and the diamonds all look completely flawless and they throw off light like Crazy! I can’t stop looking at it. It is amazing and wonderful and miles beyond anything I’d imagined. Thank you both so much for all the time and work you put into designing and creating the most beautiful diamond ring ever!
Melora C, North Carolina, USA
April 05, 2019
We love them. Thank you again they fit perfectly.
Kevin B, Michigan, USA
March 17, 2019
I recently purchased my wedding band on short notice and Whiteflash did not disappoint. Communication was amazing and I was kept informed through the entire process. They even checked up after delivery to make sure the ring was as expected. I'm 100% positive I was provided with the same level of customer service as someone who spent thousands. I was so pleased that I've already placed an order for a second band.
Kristin A, Florida, USA

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