April 14, 2008


I have been counting the days, impatiently awaiting my ring''s arrival. Yesterday morning I started checking email regularly for a message indicating the ring had been shipped. When I hadn''t received anything towards the middle of the afternoon, I was afraid delivery was going to be delayed :-( Then right as I was leaving work, I checked one last time and received the shipping confirmation and pictures of my ring. I was soooo excited. This morning when I woke up, I logged on fedex''s website to see where the package was. I checked again right before I left for work and was thrilled to see that it was at the fedex store waiting for me. Needless to say, I rushed right there, neverminding the fact I was late for work. The packages were packed so tightly that it seemed as though it took me hours to get them opened. Once I saw the ring, I was totally ectstatic ... it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Admittedly I was a little worried about the setting because I had not seen it before ordering. The legato sleek line is beyond PERFECT for me! I love how classic and delicate it is. I''ve waited several years to upgrade my original ring. After ordering, I felt so guilty for indulging. Now I am nothing but thrilled. Thank you soooo much for your assistance. You and your company have been outstanding in all respects and I couldn''t be more pleased. Rest assured I will be coming back in the future when I have some more money to spend!!!
Paula, Florida, USA


December 11, 2017
The ring is absolutely beautiful. I love the two-tone aspect of it w/ the gold & platinum prongs. As for the diamond, it's perfect. I opened the package sitting in my car in the Fedex parking lot yesterday in OK City, w/ the bright sunlight shining in, & as soon as I opened the pretty little red & black box, there were flashes & sparkles going all over the place...some actually quite blinding ;-) I am very pleased w/ the ring as a whole, the band is exactly what I imagined, & the diamond is perfect! Thank you & your other team members SO much for making this decision & the subsequent process of selection such a wonderful experience. I think I knew that first day that I walked into Whiteflash, that I would be back there for this very important purchase. Your personally, friendly demeanor, & genuine care & knowledge of the stones always led me back to Whiteflash when I was looking elsewhere...well, & the perfectly-cut diamonds.
Mark B, Texas, USA
December 01, 2017
Excellent customer service, willing to answer all questions, great diamond and setting
Nabil D, Pennsylvania, USA
November 29, 2017
I want to start off by thanking you and your entire team involved in this process, you guys did an AMAZING and OUTSTANDING job. I absolutely love the ring! The ring turned out to be better than what I had imagined. The amount of detailing on the ring was amazing. The Diamond was a breathtaking piece also loved that! My Fiancé loved everything about the ring. She was extremely happy with the entire ring.
Amit S, New York, USA
November 21, 2017
Great experience and gorgeous rings! When I started my research, I knew nothing about diamonds and, having seen a lot of poorly cut diamonds, I was afraid to pay a lot and end up with one. Little by little, by surfing on the Internet, I learned about the 4 C's and grading labs. When I discovered Whiteflash's website, I was really impressed by their very detailed part on Education and learned about the AGS Cut Grading system. I was relieved to see that, by selling AGS triple 0 diamonds, Whiteflash was as quality conscious as I was and that by buying through Whiteflash I would have the guarantee to have a great sparkling stone. My diamond consultant, was very professional and answered all my questions very quickly. I was amazed by all the settings available and it took me some time to choose one. When I received my rings, I was amazed by their craftsmanship and by the diamond's brilliance. The whole process (advice, pictures, shipping,..) was very professional and the rings are absolutely awesome. I am sure I will order again and I already recommended you.
Florence F, France

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