Hello again!  I wanted to thank you, and Whiteflash, for playing such an important part in my engagement experience.
April 18, 2008

Bob, Hello again! I wanted to thank you, and Whiteflash, for playing such an important part in my engagement experience.

Bob, Hello again! I wanted to thank you, and Whiteflash, for playing such an important part in my engagement experience. After holding the ring for 2 months in secret, I proposed on April 12, and she said yes! I really enjoyed my research on diamonds, and the diamond market, and I could not be happier with the quality and performance of the ACA Princess you provided me! The quality and performance of the ring is better explained by detailing two separate experiences I had with it. The first came with my visit to an independent appraiser. She is a certified gemologist, with many years of appraising experience. Upon showing her my ring for the first time, she broke out in goosebumps (I saw them on her, as she was wearing a sleeveless dress). After pulling her eye away from the ring, and then returning to it, she broke out in goosebumps again! The second experience involves my proposal. I was on bended knee, and was saying my piece, and holding the ring box, but I hadn?ˆ™t yet shown her the ring. I opened the box, and asked for her hand at about the same time. When she saw the ring, she had to kneel down to my level before I could put it on her finger because her legs were getting weak! Her most recent comments to me, through email, were that she was having a hard time working because she couldn?ˆ™t stop looking at her ring, and this is nearly a week after proposing! Thanks again to you, and Whiteflash, for providing an excellent product, and outstanding customer service! We?ˆ™ll be back when the time comes to purchase our bands!
Scott, Florida, USA


September 23, 2021
The ring is beautiful and my fiancée receives a lot of compliments at how much it sparkles from across the room. My only wish is that I could have convinced her to go another half size down when we got it resized because she's back to wearing it with a small bit of the rubber noodle. I'm just happy she's wearing it safely and we'll eventually get the size right!
Jason G, Florida, USA
September 22, 2021
Michelle Adams and the team are amazing! I purchased my wife’s original engagement ring from Whiteflash in 2016 and just recently used their generous upgrade policy to upgrade her 1 ct G VS1 “a cut above” to a 1.5 ct I VS2 “a cut above”. We worked with Michelle Adams both times and she even remembered us from 5 years ago. She gave us the same excellent customer service as the first time. It shows that Whiteflash is committed to lifetime customers as we only spent a fraction on the upgrade as we did the original purchase and still were treated the same in regards to customer service. Whiteflash is the best in the business and nobody comes close!
Drake H, Florida, USA
September 14, 2021
The ring looks as great as ever. My fiancée said that it is comfortable to wear and fits her very well. Also, it seems like the diamond is performing even better than before in this new setting! I don't know what it is, but the diamond looks even better than how great it already looked before. We love it. Thank you for all of your help. It has been a pleasure.
Daniel Y, California, USA
September 13, 2021
Whiteflash was absolutely incredible to work with. So very patient with me at every step. And I didn't make it easy on Michelle! They even took in my old stone as a trade in. This way I could compare color and confirm that the new stone was a little whiter. Yes, I lost quite a bit since I had overpaid for it in my last trade in, but I didn't care. The security of knowing I have the upgrade policy was incredible. So here she is, my new 1.95ct J VS2 ACA in the Valoria Petite setting! Everything is perfect! The stone, the setting, the height, the prongs. I had consider going with a lab stone but I'm so glad that I went with a natural diamond. I'm a one ring kind of gal and this just feels so special to me! I've spent a lot of time over the years feeling guilty and selfish that I wasn't happy with what I had. And it took my husband a long time to understand what this meant to me so there were complicated feelings there too. So it feels so good to have something amazing at the end of all that! To me this ring represents not just my commitment to my husband and our marriage, but also his patience, understanding & love for me, and my commitment to treat myself with love as well.
Kelly E, Michigan, USA

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