I picked up the engagement ring from the FedEx station this morning and I had the opportunity to inspect it closely over the lunch hour.
August 25, 2004

Bob: I picked up the engagement ring from the FedEx station this morning and I had the opportunity to inspect it closely over the lunch hour.

Bob: I picked up the engagement ring from the FedEx station this morning and I had the opportunity to inspect it closely over the lunch hour. I'm not sure what to say as I'm completely breathless... (*catches breath*) The diamond is even more beautiful than I imagined it would be. I've seen some gorgeous diamonds while perusing the small local jewelers and, to some extent, even the larger chain stores in the shopping malls. Without any doubt, I can sat that this stone trumps them all. When combined with the Vatche' Royal Crown setting -- and I commend Vatche' for its excellent workmanship -- I don't believe that it'll be possible that my girlfriend will not love this ring. I appreciate whatever it is that you did to ensure that the ring was delivered to me with such perfect timing. I realize that the snags at Vatche' had everyone pressed for time and I honestly wasn't expecting to take receipt of the ring until this weekend. Knowing that the ring is now in my possession is a huge relief and I can now enjoy planning a proposal that will be as special as my girl is to me. I plan to write a few customer testimonies on websites such as and When I began sifting through the information on these sites, the customer testimonies helped me to decide from whom to purchase a diamond. I hope that these testimonies will aid others while accurately describing Whiteflash's customer service and its products in as flattering of detail as possible. In closing, I cannot thank you enough for all of your help and your patience. I know that I bombarded you with questions -- partly to help me to better understand my purchase and partly to reassure myself that I knew what I was doing -- and not once did I feel intimidated as you guided me through the process of buying the ring. I can say that, if I had to begin the process again, I'd immediately cut to the chase and ask you for your expertise and help. Thank you again for all of your help!!
Matt N, Florida, USA


September 26, 2022
Thanks for everything these last few months. :) My now husband has been showing off photos of the ring to all our friends. If ever I want to upgrade I’ll be coming back to Whiteflash for sure. You guys have been amazing and I appreciate all your attention to detail, your patience, and your friendliness. It’s really been a pleasure and I can’t thank you enough. :)
Genevieve J, Illinois, USA
September 24, 2022
Had an extremely pleasant experience with Whiteflash! Michelle was lovely to work with from start to end - she was always responsive, gave me all the information I needed to work out this purchase and I cannot recommend her enough.
Yita T, Malaysia
September 12, 2022
I was looking at the website and Becca reached out immediately and we setup an appointment to go over my very specific diamond needs. During our face to face appointment, Becca explained in detail the different settings, the arrangements and how each stone would look at different angles. They have a massive inventory (even heart shaped diamonds) and the diamond was in sugar land the next day. It was a great experience, lots of knowledge from Becca and they triple checked everything when I stopped by to pick up the ring. Thanks!
Marcus G, Texas, USA
September 06, 2022
Had an amazing experience with Michelle- not only in finding our perfect engagement ring and bands, but also had such an easy time sending one back for a resize. We were a bit nervous about making the purchase online, but they worked with our budget and with expertise to find the perfect stone for us. We cherish our rings so much, and couldn’t have had a better experience. Highly recommend Whiteflash and Michelle. Will be back for any future diamond purchases.
Michael T, Arizona, USA

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