It?ˆ™s Incredible
August 30, 2004

It?ˆ™s Incredible

I just want to thank you! If I thought the ring wasn?ˆ™t perfect, I know it is now that it is on my fianc?©?ˆ™s hand! She absolutely loves it, which is now all that matters. Actually, everyone who?ˆ™s seen it thinks it?ˆ™s incredible. I want to thank you for putting up with my concerns and my neurosis/analness?ˆ¦ thanks to your help, Friday was the happiest day of my life (until the wedding, the kids, their Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, their weddings, etc?ˆ¦) Now I have 14 months to worry about a Wedding band?ˆ¦ I can?ˆ™t thank you all enough. Please forward this to everyone on the list who?ˆ™s email I do not have. Thanks again,
Greg, Australia


June 19, 2017
The proposal went perfect! She said yes! ? She is so beautiful, the ring simply goes spectacular with her, it looks amazing in her hand, we both love it! You definitely won us as customers! We are now happily engaged!
Demetrio G, Mexico
June 16, 2017
Found White Flash from a diamond discussion forum that really deals with super ideal cut diamonds. Spent a lot of time vetting them and reviewing their site. I am not new to Ideal cut diamonds but their ACA H&A Super ideal cut diamonds are the BEST you will find. I had a couple AGS 000 diamonds already and my wife's original 1ct. diamond was an AGS 1. I thought they were all great, now these were purchased 20 years ago before super ideal cut diamonds were as well known, and before the internet. So on our 20th wedding anniversary my wife chipped her wedding ring diamond pretty badly on I tried my local jewelers in So. CA, but nobody, I mean NOBODY had anything close to the quality of White Flash, sure they had AGS 000, but the light performance suffered. WF would have rejected these for their top tier ACA branding. I have purchased diamonds on-line, it's 100% safe when dealing with a highly reputable place like White Flash. What separates WF from everyone else is 1. The quality of the diamonds. There grading process to get an ACA grade is much higher than your normal AGS 000 or GIA XXX, folks there is a lot more to it. Spend the time to review the ton of information on their web site. 2. The level of service I received at White Flash is beyond compare. I am not new to Ideal cut diamonds but their ACA H&A Super ideal cut diamonds are the BEST you will find. TRUST WF, you will not find a better Super Ideal Cut H&A diamond and pricing you will also not get anywhere else, and they wrote the book on customer service!!!! Trust me, I am about as picky as they come and I was so impressed with WF I tell everyone I know about them. The ACA Super Ideal cut diamonds they sell BLOW AWAY my wife's other AGS 000 ideal cut diamond, and I thought there was nothing better, there is. Seeing both side by side there is an absolute difference unless you are completely blind! You do get what you pay for and if you are looking for the BEST OF THE BEST, look no further. If you are worried about an on-line purchase of a diamond, read their reviews and BBB ratings, also remember AGS laser inscriptions are on the side of the diamonds so you can match the stone to the cert but you will not to worry about that, just saying. There is zero risk, and you are getting such a better quality diamond and much better pricing. If this did not convince you to give WF a chance, review their trade up policy, it's a no brainer! Now, the only negative thing I will say about them. They have ruined every other diamond I see as the WF ACA is the standard of perfection!
Xavier P, California, USA
June 15, 2017
The ring was absolutely gorgeous! The ring itself and also the diamond is of a great great quality! Thanks so much to Whiteflash for this!
Yacine G, New York, USA
June 07, 2017
The ring looks beautiful. You can really see the difference A CUT ABOVE makes on the diamond's brilliance and fire.
Sean S, New York, USA

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