Virginia Proposal
September 10, 2004

Virginia Proposal

Proposal - So about 4 weeks ago, on a Wednesday, I called my fiancee and asked her if she wanted to go for a motorcycle ride. I picked her up about 7PM and we went for a 30 min ride into the Virginia country amongst horsefarms/mountains/ countryside. We arrived in Barboursville and rode around a vineyard, then pulled up to an old historic church overlooking the vineyard. She at one point commented on how perfect this all was and that if she was a writer she would write about this night. My fiancee Betsy saw that one of the doors to the church was opened and said lets go inside, I followed. As we walked into the church, it had the ""old building"" smell with beautiful stained glass windows and antique pillows on the pews. As we walked forward, she noticed a hand carved wooden jewelry box with two roses on it, and went towards it. She felt the roses and was suprised they were real, she turned to me and said, ""Do you know what this means?"" she continued, ""some widow was here praying for her husband and this is an urn."" I suggested she open it, and she said she''d flip out of ashes came flying out. It took her some time, and I had to help her a bit. In the box was a card from me, explaining how I bought the box 6 years ago in India for her, and have been praying for her since. After she finished the card, I got down on a knee and asked her to marry me, she said yes and was in complete shock (she expected I''d ask her later in NOv/Dec and I picked out the ring without her knowing anything). We went up to the altar and I prayed for us, then we stayed in the church for a little while so my fiancee could stop shaking. Then we rode back to Charlottesville looking at a beautiful sunset with a bright orange and purple sky. She was behind me thinking of how this all happened and crying. We got back to her house and a dozen roses were waiting for her. Then I told her she had 20 minutes to get ready for dinner and we went out to a nice dinner where I answered all her questions. As far as the ring, I got a W-prong setting from whiteflash in platinum, it is beautiful and believe me the pictures do not do it justice, i altered it slightly by making the band a bit smaller as my fiancee has smaller hands (2.7mm thick). I was considering the W-prong vs. vatch x prong and can honestly say that I made the right choice, no question. The diamond was a 1.10 E VS2 diamond from whiteflash as well. Oh, she loves the ring as well. I know it doesn''t work for everyone, but I''ve always wanted to pick out the engagement ring myself, but I also did a bunch of research and knew what I wanted and what I thought would fit with my fiancees personality. Denise, I''m very happy with it to say the least, as is betsy. thanks again for all your help.
Bryan & Betsy, China


My days continue to be brightened up by the blinding :-) light flashes from my upgraded ACA!
June 24, 2024
Whiteflash well and truly offer the best customer service that I have ever experienced in the jewelry world - but most importantly, their ACA diamonds are the very best! Now owning my second ACA (an upgrade), I receive regular compliments on the stone and selecting it was an absolute pleasure with the very capable help of Becca. She wasn't only extremely knowledgeable, but also exceptionally service orientated and helped all along, patiently answering questions, comparing stones, sending pictures and videos. The result is an incredible engagement ring that I wear with pride and joy. I have already been recommending Becca and Whiteflash to friends and am sure it is only a matter of time before I am will be back as a customer.
Both rings, especially the engagement ring, look absolutely breathtaking.
June 24, 2024
I am so happy with the selections you helped me with and my fiancée loves them. Her and I both catch ourselves staring at her ring often. The diamond is beautiful and the ring holds it securely while displaying it prominently. Thank you again for all of your assistance and I look forward to working with you again on my next jewelry purchase.
Brian B, Michigan, USA
Kate absolutely loved the ring and the band width is perfect!
June 23, 2024
Thank you very much for all your assistance, advice and patience through this purchase. I greatly appreciate it! Kate is already sizing up the Tacori necklace and we will definitely make this purchase through your company based on the excellent customer service provided.
Clint R, Canada
He loved it!
June 22, 2024
The ring was beautiful, and he absolutely loved it! Thanks Becca you for all of your help.
Lori M, Florida, USA

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