Continued Success
January 14, 2009

Continued Success

Thinking it was not possible to be more favorably impressed with the Whiteflash organization, I was suprised and honored to hear from you. I wish to take this opportunity to tell you that I have admired the company image your marketing effort projects. All of the components-- your website, PR, selection and training of your staff, and of course, the ultimate product presented in that delicious red-lacquered box-- are superb. In an internet environment which can be so anonymous and impersonal, it is no small feat to build such a palpable positive image as you have for Whiteflash, even as it is so well supported by your stunning products, reputation, and great organization. As you know, the currently popular catch-phrase, ""perception is reality"" is fragile and difficult to create...especially for a product such as diamonds. As a customer, the most attractive aspect of your offering is the ACA brand...its history and reputation, as well as the hand-selection by your executive ""cutter"" and his staff. The fact that your process starts with this hand selection and you actually laser-inscribe your logo as well as the certificate number on each of these diamonds is of immense importance to me as an internet consumer. (By the way, this information is not featured prominently on your site. I discovered it only by accident when drilling down to read the actual certificates.) So your private comments here, as well as those you have posted online, assure me of your continued performance standards in the void of the Gavins'' departure. I will be interested to hear who you have chosen to oversee this important, albeit subjective, hand selection of ACA diamonds. Your dedication to educating the public about conflict-free diamonds and providing a pathway for individuals to contribute is admirable. This element neatly ties up the package you present to the world. My husband and I send our best wishes for your continued success.
Juanita, Pennsylvania, USA


October 04, 2023
I worked with Liza on my custom engagement ring and everything about my experience was amazing! She is knowledgeable, helpful and absolutely takes her time to ensure your dream ring comes true. I would highly recommend working with Liza if you are buying an engagement ring from Whiteflash. I went for a "a cut above" diamond and it looks stunning in real life. The shine and sparkle on these stones is absolutely amazing and not comparable to anything else you see. These stones are much much higher quality than what you get a "branded" stores like Tiffany. I showed Liza a few photos of the setting I wanted built, added a few requests (wanted the diamond to sit low, 4 prongs, basket, etc) and immediately she got me a CAD design! A lot of other jewelers give you a CAD once the initial down payment is submitted. Overall my experience with Whiteflash was amazing and I would recommend them to my family and friends. If you are ordering a custom ring, make sure to give it 4-6 weeks to be completed. I was initially quoted 4 weeks but Liza asked me to add some buffer for my engagement planning to be safe. I planned my proposal for 6 weeks away from the time the production had begun, and the ring arrived just in time for it. Oh, and I forgot the most important part. My fiancé LOVED the ring :)
Alireza P, California, USA
October 02, 2023
This was my first time purchasing any diamond jewelry and I will say I was very nervous until I started working with Michelle at Whiteflash. I was referred to Whiteflash by my sister. When I registered my account with Whiteflash, Michelle reached out to me for any help. She was very patient with me throughout the whole experience and answered all my questions. She helped me finalize the setting for the earrings and most importantly helped me find the very beautiful and sparkly center stones. She even inspected the stones I selected to help ease my concern with inclusions and color. The shipping and delivery was on-time and Whiteflash kept me updated throughout my order. The earrings turned out to be very gorgeous and very very sparkly. I am just speechless! I love every thing about them. I was nervous about the size but they are perfect size for my earlobes. If I have to order again, I wouldn't change anything about them. I love the quality and the service. Thank you very much Michelle and Whiteflash for helping me through this process.
Nimisha P, California, USA
October 02, 2023
Becca and the Whiteflash team were an absolute pleasure to work with from my initial inquiry to receiving the stunning engagement ring and wedding ring set. Becca understood exactly what we were looking for, and made several recommendations, including their in-house designs which are beautifully crafted. We couldn't be more pleased or delighted with the ring set (Legato Micro Pave Engagement Ring and Halo Diamond Wedding Ring). The quality and workmanship of the rings is fantastic. Becca was instrumental in the selection of the diamond, the light performance is phenomenal and has exceeded our high expectations! I highly recommend Becca and the Whiteflash team. We are extremely satisfied with the entire experience, can't thank you enough for providing both excellent service and a beautiful product. I will definitely be recommending Whiteflash.
Stephen H, Arizona, USA
October 01, 2023
Today I proposed to my girlfriend and she said yes. The ring is amazing, thank you for your amazing work!
Daniel R, Bulgaria

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