Thank you for your note- I think that
December 20, 2004

Bob, Thank you for your note- I think that's the worst picture I have ever taken- it makes me look like the cookie monster- but I think you can tell how much I am enjoying my necklace.

Bob, Thank you for your note- I think that's the worst picture I have ever taken- it makes me look like the cookie monster- but I think you can tell how much I am enjoying my necklace. You have been the soul of professionalism and courtesy- you followed up, kept your word, and made me a very satisfied consumer. I own and run my own practice. I think of people in 4 categories- 1. Apostles- the people who extole your virtue, and live to share your good works- ( for example :That Bob he's the BEST!!!, let me tell you you dont need to go ANYWHERE else, oh are you sleeping? well now your awake let me tell you more.........) 2. Disciples: They think you are great and would definitely be back, they will refer friends and family 3. The mercenaries: The people who have called around and will use you to suit their current need. They will only stay until something better, easier or closer comes up. 4. The terrorists- the people who are energy vampires- they yell, they are unreasonable, expect the impossible and even if you approach achieving their need- they still will bite your head off. I figure that in any business there are about 10% Apostles, 40% Disciples, 35% Mercenaries and 15% Terrorists. This week I feel like its been about 90% terrorists- you know what I mean? Well- just thought I would share a little bit of what I learned in business school ( I am getting my MBA from USC) Happy holidays from one of your Apostles. Halee
Halee, Florida, USA


March 04, 2021
I don’t usually leave reviews, but Whiteflash is well deserving of one. After researching diamonds for several months I reached out to Whiteflash and spoke with Becca. She was amazing from beginning to end. She answered all my questions and eased all of my concerns. At first, I was concerned with spending so much on something I never physically saw, but Whiteflash really uses HD images and videos to show the quality. In fact, although the pictures and videos looked amazing the real thing was even better. Whiteflash has the firecracker brilliance and sparkle you’re looking for in a diamond with their A Cut Above option. I purchased a loose stone from them and sat on it for awhile. I then reached out to them again and spoke with Becca to return the diamond and get it set into a ring. Well I got the ring yesterday and it far exceeded my expectations. I truly stand behind this review, and for everyone out there perhaps feeling nervous about buying something so expensive and meaningful online; take it from me, you are in great hands and your expectations will be blown away. Thanks Whiteflash for helping me in all the ways you did.
Daniel P, Florida, USA
January 13, 2021
I had a great experience buying my now fiancée engagement ring. After setting up an account and selecting items for my wish list, I was contacted by one of their sales representatives. I spoke with her several times and corresponded via email. She was very responsive and knowledgeable about their pieces. At no time did anyone pressure me to purchase more than what I needed. When it came time for billing, it was very smooth and I received the ring within two weeks. The ring itself is stunning! The setting is truly unique. I wanted something different and elegant which would stand a part from other online jewelers. The diamond is also amazing. Whiteflashes "A Cut Above" truly sparkle. I would recommend them to anyone.
Douglas C, New Hampshire, USA
December 22, 2020
The ring is absolutely beautiful – me and my fiance both love it so much. It's better than we imagined!
Alison H, California, USA
October 25, 2020
The larger stones are perfect. The new ring has such an amazing presence without being too much. I love seeing it sparkle too. Amazing! Thank you for your help!
Tess H, Texas, USA

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