Beautiful Diamond
May 11, 2009

Beautiful Diamond

So after I purchased a ring from you I quickly locked it away in a briefcase in the back of my closet. At the time my girlfriend was still finishing up her senior year at Southern Methodist University so the initial plan was to fly in for graduation (coincidentally also fell on her 22nd birthday) and propose while her parents were in town and we were already in a celebratory mood. Unfortunately, due to her younger sister graduating the next day from high school in Kansas they could not stay long in down and I shelved that plan. At this point, the ring had been in my briefcase for 4-5 months gathering dust. The summer passed, and during the Fall, Lauren (the girlfriend) made plans to move from Dallas to NYC and take a job with an accounting firm in Times Square and move in with me. Once she moved up here, and we adjusted to living in 800 square feet with no car I realized this was the woman I could spend the rest of my life with and be completely comfortable with. So, the next plan was to take up theˆ™s offer to clear out the ice rink at Rockefeller center and propose during the Christmas season with just us two on the ice. For better or worse, the day before that was supposed to happen I cracked and couldn?ˆ™t wait any longer and proposed in our apartment. Not the ideal proposal but my now fianc?©e still cried and said ?ˆ?yes?ˆ™?ˆ¦..eventually J. Needless to say she made me re-propose so that she could have an ?ˆ?official?ˆ? wedding proposal story to tell her friends. So, I bought up tickets to the NYC ballet and proposed at Lincoln Center Performing Arts Center in Manhattan, and she said yes again. Wedding day is set for 8/1/09 in Kansas City, KS with a 2-week honeymoon in the French Riviera soon after.
Jim, New Jersey, USA


May 05, 2021
Best service and product. They are always there to help out and the ring and diamond were just one of the most beautiful I have seen.
Luis T, Mexico
May 05, 2021
After doing a lot of exploring online and walk in to jewelry stores I decided to go with Whiteflash. I was very invested in finding a good quality diamond and Whiteflash exceeded my expectations! Extra shout out to Debi who made me feel comfortable about the online purchase. Their website is excellent and made finding the perfect ring absolutely effortless. They have a 360 view where you can see any diamond inclusions and sparkle. When I received my diamond my first thought was that it sparkles more than they show on the website! It was EXACTLY what I was looking for. I received compliments all the time. My mom loved the ring, and getting her approval was most important. I highly recommend Whiteflash!! Thank you again for a wonderful ring ! I will cherish this beauty forever!
Sue, California, USA
May 05, 2021
The pendant is just gorgeous! You just can’t beat these ACA diamonds!! I am so pleased with it. It is larger than my old one but not over the top. I love the pendant having length to it as well as width. It just seems to be visually more interesting to me. Thank you to all of you - from the order to production to photography to shipping - you guys are just first class! I am so proud to own and wear six A Cut Above diamonds now - you know how to make a girl shine!
Patricia H, Maryland, USA
May 04, 2021
I received the rings yesterday and.......WOW! The word STUNNING does not even begin to describe how beautiful the rings are. When I opened the box they took my breath away. This truly is my dream ring and I am over the moon excited about wearing it. Michelle - thank you for your patience and guidance through this whole process. Even when you presented me with everything I asked for and I was unsure, you patiently assured me the ring would turn out great. It surpassed anything I could have ever dreamed of! Thank you so much!
Vieng H, Florida, USA

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