She Loves Showing Off Her ACA Diamond
July 15, 2009

She Loves Showing Off Her ACA Diamond

Wow, thank you so much for taking the time to write to me. I had no idea that buying an ACA diamond also came with a reply from the CEO! I am glad you enjoyed my story. Although a bit stressful, I certainly enjoyed planning everything and I also enjoyed writing it up on Pricescope. The ''typical'' proposals just aren''t my style. I think all married women will remember their proposal so it''s really a great opportunity to shine. After weeks of thinking about proposals, the idea just came to me. The hardest part was trying to figure out a believable way to get her into Toys R Us without being suspicious. I knew it had to be a casual, last-minute thing. Everything worked out perfectly and it was great to pull off a surprise proposal with the actual diamond, while allowing Sara to pick out the ring. We just picked it up last week and Sara absolutely loves it and loves showing it off. I am certain that I made an excellent decision with that diamond. Not too big, not too small, but most importantly, an excellent high-performance cut. I couldn''t believe Sheerah actually took the two diamonds I was considering to her co-workers for their input and that input was invaluable to me. I suspect Whiteflash is a very fun place to work at times! Diamonds are just so fascinating. Whiteflash won me over with the images and measurements posted for each diamond. You furthered that when I happened to call before hours and left a message. Somebody called me right back, before hours, to tell me you weren''t open yet but would pass the message on to Sheerah when she came in. I can''t think of any other company that has ever done that. Not only was somebody in early, but she was willing to listen to messages and return a call. You absolutely have some wonderful people at Whiteflash. As if that wasn''t enough, the wire transfer process was fast and simple and your shipping and packaging process was equally impressive. I really can''t imagine buying a jewelery store diamond. You truly have a fantastic operation there.
Jeff, Texas, USA


May 13, 2021
I am very patiently waiting for my jeweller to re-open from our latest COVID restrictions, but I know it will look amazing once it is set into my band. My old diamond was not great on many levels. It was bigger but it always looked dark. Now I know that cut is king and you guys have the optimal cut, I will never settle for less. I am really pleased with this purchase. The special tweezers and polishing cloth are also a nice touch. I would definitely return to White Flash in the future. Thank you so much for making this purchase a pleasant one.
Kamal P, Canada
May 13, 2021
They've gotten compliments from everyone. Thank you for all your help along the way.
Kevin F, California, USA
May 12, 2021
I was so excited when I learned recently that I could create the three-stone diamond ring I have always coveted. I wanted it to be spectacular; I wanted super ideal diamonds (real ones, not in marketing but in actual cut, with the AGS grading report, ASET images, and idealscope images to back it up); I wanted it to be easy. I can spend years searching for just the right stone and just the right setting (I have belonged to an online jewelry forum for over a decade) and sometimes it's fun, sometimes it's exhausting. I am also prone to regret after making a purchase because despite my years of collecting information and knowledge, I can still get it wrong. Enter Whiteflash. I didn't want to spend weeks, months, years searching numerous diamonds, pouring over the information about their cuts, ordering in various stones and comparing them.... Whiteflash offers up superior diamonds with their ACA line, so all I had to do was search their inventory and choose. That was the easy I was looking for with this project. I had the rough budget and a rough idea of the center stone size and side stone sizes. It did not take long to find three diamonds that had me jumping out of my seat. I sometimes have hesitation and a bit of nausea when making such a large unnecessary purchase. I didn't with this one. It just all came together. There was a slight hiccup after I ordered (verification-related, not diamond-related) and Whiteflash was on it with communication and a resolution. They were great! I had prepared myself to be disappointed when I saw them as I tend to have high expectations that are not often met. Nope. I was blown away. On the forum people talk about how the edge-to-edge brilliance and sparkle of ideal cut diamonds makes them appear larger. It's no joke. I was pretty shocked with how large the center stone looked. I went a bit smaller in size than I had originally considered in favor of higher color, and that turned out to be the right decision. I cannot imagine wanting to change anything about these stones. I am still kind of amazed at finding exactly what I wanted *that* easily - size, color, clarity, and even nearly-matching cut proportions within the already tight allowance of ACAs. However, I love that if I ever get an itch for a change (such as higher or lower color, or larger sizes), the upgrade policy is amazing and I will be able to do so easily. I cannot leave this review without a shout-out to Vera. I spoke to her a couple of times and she is just delightful. She represents Whiteflash well with her warm and genuine personality. My diamonds are currently being set and I cannot wait to have them on my hand, sparkling away. Thank you Whiteflash for making my dream three-stone come true, and for making it so easy!
Lisa, New Hampshire, USA
May 11, 2021
I have gotten the hang of the La Pousette backs now (first timer!). They are the perfect size on my lobes! Thank you so much!
Kristin T, Illinois, USA

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