She Loves Showing Off Her ACA Diamond
July 15, 2009

She Loves Showing Off Her ACA Diamond

Wow, thank you so much for taking the time to write to me. I had no idea that buying an ACA diamond also came with a reply from the CEO! I am glad you enjoyed my story. Although a bit stressful, I certainly enjoyed planning everything and I also enjoyed writing it up on Pricescope. The ''typical'' proposals just aren''t my style. I think all married women will remember their proposal so it''s really a great opportunity to shine. After weeks of thinking about proposals, the idea just came to me. The hardest part was trying to figure out a believable way to get her into Toys R Us without being suspicious. I knew it had to be a casual, last-minute thing. Everything worked out perfectly and it was great to pull off a surprise proposal with the actual diamond, while allowing Sara to pick out the ring. We just picked it up last week and Sara absolutely loves it and loves showing it off. I am certain that I made an excellent decision with that diamond. Not too big, not too small, but most importantly, an excellent high-performance cut. I couldn''t believe Sheerah actually took the two diamonds I was considering to her co-workers for their input and that input was invaluable to me. I suspect Whiteflash is a very fun place to work at times! Diamonds are just so fascinating. Whiteflash won me over with the images and measurements posted for each diamond. You furthered that when I happened to call before hours and left a message. Somebody called me right back, before hours, to tell me you weren''t open yet but would pass the message on to Sheerah when she came in. I can''t think of any other company that has ever done that. Not only was somebody in early, but she was willing to listen to messages and return a call. You absolutely have some wonderful people at Whiteflash. As if that wasn''t enough, the wire transfer process was fast and simple and your shipping and packaging process was equally impressive. I really can''t imagine buying a jewelery store diamond. You truly have a fantastic operation there.
Jeff, Texas, USA


July 28, 2021
Well, I waited for the man for 22 years. The best man. The perfect man for me. And for 37 years he's spoiled me, and loved me, and provided for me, and protected me and just plain been there for me. He's turned up a zillion times and done more, given more and been more than I could ever have expected when he first wandered into a friend's room at college when he was 18 years old and was introduced to me as "the guy who lives on the next floor...." We married just before he turned 20 and just after I'd turned 24. We were both with other people when we met, but I knew within 3 days of meeting him that this was 'the guy'. This was The One. He was, and has forever been since, my beloved. So when we got to *this* place in time with rings, and we decided this would be the IT ring, the *last* ring, there was just no other name. This is my 'Beloved'." Thank you, ladies, for all your help.
Hollian P, Massachusetts, USA
July 27, 2021
My wife is very happy and has not taken it off yet! The diamonds are sparkling all over the place and we could not be more happy. You guys are top notch and I will recommend you in a heart beat. Thank you for your patience.
Timothy L, Florida, USA
July 26, 2021
We got the stone last week and love it, it was (as expected) flawless to the human eye, and as ‘sparkly’ as I had hoped. Thanks for all your help along the way.
Alex T, Australia
July 26, 2021
I received the rings yesterday! They are absolutely STUNNING. The prong work on my engagement ring is perfection and so beautiful. More beautiful than I could have ever even imagined. Thank you for all your patience and creating the ring of my dreams. I know I am rather specific and quite picky! I am so happy! Please send my thanks to the goldsmith who finessed my pieces. Impeccable work.
May, Canada

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