July 30, 2009


Got my ring. Couldn't wait, so I opened the package in the parking lot of FedEx. My first impression was WOW, WOW, WOW! Most noticeable are the superior cut and size of the center stone. The center stone sparkled madly in the sunlight giving off all kinds of rainbow flashes. The contrast is just amazing. Love the crisp, sharp look of the center stone. Its large size also helps make the stone sparkle more beautifully. The side pears, although not as sparkling as the center stone, still give off crisp sparkles in their own way. One can tell immediately they are very white and well cut. I am so glad that I took Bob''s recommendation, and the pears are defintely worth the extra cost. The ring is superbly made. With the pear sides, I love the setting even more than the stunning center stone. I don''t know about the magnification (what is it anyway?) of the loupe, but it has excellent resolution. I have no trouble seeing the black inclusions (spots or crystals). Good thing that I cannot see them with unaided eyes, and that they do not affect the light performance. These black inclusions do bother me a bit though. Now I know I shall stay with high clarity next time with VS2 as the limit. As for the color, I did not notice the yellowish tint initially, because I was distracted by the sparkles and rainbow flashes. When I took a closer look at the stone, I couldn''t help but noticed its yellowish tint againt the snowy white F color pears. I guess if the center stone were by itself without any sidestones, its warm color may not be as apparent. Again, next stone I buy must have a color high color grade with H as my absolute minimum. In conclusion, I love my ring, and am glad that I did not go for the 3.08 ct J SI1, because the lower colors and additional inclusions would bother me much more.
Elana, Pennsylvania, USA


It's been 10 years since I first purchased my engagement ring from Whiteflash.
May 15, 2024
When I called to buy an anniversary ring, they were amazing help and found me exactly what I was looking for. The service is seriously top-notch and you always get incredible looking pieces. I will be getting more in the future, thank you!
Michael L, Michigan, USA
Necklace is over the top nice. She Loved It!!!!
May 15, 2024
Thank you so much for the quick shipment, customer service has been over the top and I will certainly return my jewelry business to Whiteflash. Necklace is stunning!
Eric S, South Carolina, USA
The presentation was amazing and the ring itself is absolutely stunning
May 13, 2024
After spending almost 200 hours of research, visiting local jewelry stores, scouring subreddit forums, and reading through different articles, Whiteflash continued to come up as a potential suitor for my engagement ring search. Because this was my first experience in buying a diamond, the amount of research I did was very much needed. However, it was this article - that really helped me understand what it was that I needed to be looking for when analyzing the proper proportions of a diamond. For my fiancée, the size of the diamond was most important, but I soon realized that there was much more to look for besides the carat, clarity, cut, & color. The beyond4cs article mentioned Whiteflash, but I continued to explore other vendors, a few of which I had come across on the r/labdiamond subreddit. There are cheaper options out there, but when making such a big purchase it is important to take into account the comfort in knowing that you're dealing with a reputable company. Whiteflash ultimately provided me with that comfort. They set up their website with the functionality that is required to find the ideal proportions for a diamond. It's incredibly user-friendly and provides one with many options to choose from. When I found what I needed (round brilliant 3.2 carat, F, VVS2, Ideal cut) I had initially planned to purchase the loose diamond and have it set by a local jeweler. Ultimately, I saw that Whiteflash had the exact setting that my fiancée wanted, and their turnaround time for having the ring completed was about 5 business days, which worked out perfectly as I was going to be in Houston on a work trip. Becca stayed in contact with me to anticipate my arrival and met with me during the pickup. The presentation was amazing and the ring itself is absolutely stunning. I know this review is a bit longwinded, but I just want to stress how awesome the Whiteflash team is. I was nervous making such a huge purchase online and buying a diamond that I had not actually seen in-person until it was completed, but this is a great company to work with and go out of their way to make you feel comfortable with the process. Most notably, my fiancée loves her ring and showing it off is now her new favorite pastime.
Alexander H, Ohio, USA
The ring looks beautiful.
May 10, 2024
Beautiful oval diamond engagement ring, shipped super fast (had it in hand in ~ 10 days). Shipped to the store in Sugarland. Shopped all the big and small online stores for lab grown diamonds and White flash had some of the most competitive prices. Liza took care of me at first but multiple staff members were very communicative and helpful.
Marcus H, Texas, USA

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