July 30, 2009


Got my ring. Couldn't wait, so I opened the package in the parking lot of FedEx. My first impression was WOW, WOW, WOW! Most noticeable are the superior cut and size of the center stone. The center stone sparkled madly in the sunlight giving off all kinds of rainbow flashes. The contrast is just amazing. Love the crisp, sharp look of the center stone. Its large size also helps make the stone sparkle more beautifully. The side pears, although not as sparkling as the center stone, still give off crisp sparkles in their own way. One can tell immediately they are very white and well cut. I am so glad that I took Bob''s recommendation, and the pears are defintely worth the extra cost. The ring is superbly made. With the pear sides, I love the setting even more than the stunning center stone. I don''t know about the magnification (what is it anyway?) of the loupe, but it has excellent resolution. I have no trouble seeing the black inclusions (spots or crystals). Good thing that I cannot see them with unaided eyes, and that they do not affect the light performance. These black inclusions do bother me a bit though. Now I know I shall stay with high clarity next time with VS2 as the limit. As for the color, I did not notice the yellowish tint initially, because I was distracted by the sparkles and rainbow flashes. When I took a closer look at the stone, I couldn''t help but noticed its yellowish tint againt the snowy white F color pears. I guess if the center stone were by itself without any sidestones, its warm color may not be as apparent. Again, next stone I buy must have a color high color grade with H as my absolute minimum. In conclusion, I love my ring, and am glad that I did not go for the 3.08 ct J SI1, because the lower colors and additional inclusions would bother me much more.
Elana, Pennsylvania, USA


August 05, 2020
I think the ring is gorgeous, and so does she! =) I don't exactly remember what I expected when I ordered it, but for sure it has not disappointed me! We both think that the carat size is perfect in relation to the size of her fingers and the ring itself, and she loves that the ring is quite thin. Thank you for your help! I surprised her quite a bit and proposed to her yesterday when we had a picnic up on the mountain overlooking the harbor with the sun setting behind the whole scene, and I had smuggled a bottle of champagne along. Of course she said yes, I knew that she would, but she really loves the ring too =) She was expecting me to pop the question but later rather than sooner and was very surprised and not completely emotionally prepared for it =D
Martin E, Sweden
August 03, 2020
The ring is absolutely beautiful. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. I proposed on Friday and she said yes! She’s in love with the ring and it was exactly what she was hoping for! Thank you so much for all of the help during the process!
Justin H, Connecticut, USA
July 17, 2020
TLDR; If you're in the market for a loose diamond for an engagement ring, do yourself a favor and buy it through Whiteflash. Popping the question during a pandemic (I've learned) can be a real struggle. I knew I couldn't go to a jewelry store in person to view any loose diamonds, so I resorted to online dealers. I looked at James Allen, Blue Nile, Brian Gavin, and I found the transparency of Whiteflash's online sales process to be top notch! I didn't like how some of the online retailers made you call/email their sales team to get GIA/AGS certificates OR to see ideal scope/aset images of a diamond (if they even had them). The resources and education on Whiteflash's website really helped me understand the '4Cs' and how the cut of a diamond can really make or break the appearance of a diamond. With that being said, I reached out to Whiteflash in early April 2020 to buy a loose diamond that was on their website. I got the pleasure of working with Brittany Godin who was excellent! The pictures/videos on Whiteflash's website are generally on a black background and under very bright lights. I asked if she could take pictures/videos of the diamond I was interested in under 'normal' circumstances (white background, normal ambient light). Brittany got right to work with Whiteflash's photography team and got the visuals I needed within 24 hours. She took the time to discuss the diamond with me, how the sales process would work, and was very fair with pricing. The experience I got with buying my girlfriend's diamond from Whiteflash was WELL WORTH it. The face on my girlfriend's face when I proposed made it all worth. In fact, she went to grab the ring before even saying yes because the diamond just draws you in. All of our family and friends comment on how unbelievable the diamond is, pictures don't do it justice. I opted for a cut above diamond from Whiteflash which has an optimal cut & proportions to really make it stand out. I highly recommend the a cut above diamonds and Whiteflash!
George F, Massachusetts, USA
June 25, 2020
Everything went perfectly! She loves the ring and couldn't believe the brilliance!
Matthew H, West Virginia, USA

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