FABULOUS and Then Some
September 10, 2004

FABULOUS and Then Some

Where do I begin? I contacted several internet companies over the past several months in my quest for a diamond. Many of them did not get back to me, some were rude and a couple were very helpful. I contacted Whiteflash after extensive research on Pricescope. So, the end result is that my husband and I received our custom ring yesterday and it is FABULOUS and then some. We expected it would be great but it goes beyond our wildest dreams. Backing up, I contacted Whiteflash in a general e-mail. We looked for stones and I found one elsewhere on the net. I asked her if she could get it in, she called about it, brought it in, then had it sent to my independent appraiser for me to see in person and then, when I finally found a setting idea that both my husband and I were happy with, I e-mailed that off (even though I had sent others before this final setting choice), received a price, I sent my stone off and voila -- PERFECTION. I cannot say enough wonderful and fabulous things about Whiteflash''s attention to detail, customer service orientation and obvious love of her job. She is a jewel of a person. They also made arrangements for my stone to be sent to the appraiser while she was on vacation spending time with her newborn nephew. I could not believe that she was conducting business and calling me on her own personal time off. Your company is first rate and I will try my best to send you customers. Obviously, I won''t hesitate to purchase from you in the future and the process will be much easier since I know it''s not as scary an experience as I thought. Buying diamonds over the internet is a strange proposition but one that gives great dividends over any regular storefront. Thank you so much.
Trica & Greg T., Arizona, USA


November 16, 2020
Wow we received the ring last week and it is absolutely beautiful! The diamond is amazing and the ring looks great! Was it polished/re-plated? It definitely looks brand new! Thanks for the amazing upgrade and wonderful customer service. Michelle was such a joy to work with and I appreciated being updated every step of the way!
Matthew B, Virginia, USA
November 15, 2020
Received the ring. Amazing thank you so much. Love it
Renu G, New Jersey, USA
November 11, 2020
First let me say that working with Brittany throughout the Whiteflash experience was absolutely fantastic. I started my diamond search back in August 2020 looking at numerous well-known online diamond retailers. Once I made it known that I needed a really tight turnaround, all of the retailers except Whiteflash were not interested in continuing the conversation. Matter fact, it was difficult if not impossible to even speak with someone. I was just merely told to go to their site and I could view the turn around times there for the various diamonds and rings. Personally I did not like that type of customer service so I continued to look and very fortunately stumbled across Whiteflash and Brittany. She was not only willing to discuss turnaround times, but spent a lot of time with me on learning and understanding the 4 c's of diamond purchasing. I told her what I liked and she sent me rings/diamonds that could meet my deadline and we finally arrived at one. My plan was to give this to my lady while on vacation so Brittany even arranged for the ring to be shipped to my vacation destination and I picked it up there. Now that's customer service! It is also worth mentioning that Vera at Whilteflash was also excellent to work with and always responded to my emails and answered my questions. I just got the ring back from them after re-sizing and Vera worked me thru that process. Great team there and I would highly recommend and would even ask for Brittany!
Troy A, North Carolina, USA
November 09, 2020
The ring and diamond look amazing - she was speechless!
Kevin D, Canada

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